Train2Game News Xbox Game Streaming


Arcadia is the name of Microsoft’s in-development streaming games tech.

That’s according to ZDNet, which says Arcadia is being developed by a new streaming team in Microsoft’s Operating Systems Group and is designed to replace the ‘Rio’ streaming tech demonstrated last year.

Arcadia, which is being built around Microsoft’s existing Azure cloud network, will not just stream games but also apps – the site even says that the company at one stage saw Arcadia as a way for Windows users to access Android content. This idea has now apparently been put on hold, although recent job ads for the Arcadia team do ask for candidates with experience with iOS and Android.

ZDNet doesn’t believe Arcadia will be demonstrated at the upcoming Windows 10 reveal next month, although Xbox boss Phil Spencer will be talking.

Sony became the first console platform holder to branch out into game streaming. It acquired streaming firm Gaikai in 2012 and this year launched its PS Now service in North America. Other streaming games firms, such as OnLive, have struggled to gain traction.

Train2Game News: Windows 8.1 bringing back Start button

Windows 8Reports have emerged that with the update of Windows 8, the missed Start Button will make its return.

Since Windows 8 launched many have complained that there is no Start button for the system, with Windows 8.1 this will be rectified. Microsoft and Windows have heard the complaints and changed their system for you. The revived Start button still won’t open a Start menu, however, just offer a way to access the Start Screen.

Microsoft will also include the option to boot any Windows 8 device to its classic PC desktop and allow this to once again become the default view.

These features aren’t in the current Windows 8.1 beta but are expected to be included in its final release, due later this year.

These details were revealed by The Verge and are backed up by an identical report from ZDNet, posted earlier this month.

The decision to backtrack on these features shows Microsoft do listen to their customers and are trying to get the best system out for everyone. Windows 8 has, so far, had mixed reviews from Developers and Train2Game students a like.

Time will tell if this back track of features will increase the popularity of the operating system.