Train2Game News D3t Partners With UK Unity Centre of Excellence

d3t the award-winning, co-development studio within the game technology sector is delighted to announce its partnership with the UK’s only Unity Centre of Excellence at HOST, the Home of Skills & Technology.

Based at MediaCity and operated by IN4 Group, the centre promises a mixture of guidance and supported learning for games programming students, with industry professionals on hand to ensure that they are provided with the tools and knowledge to enable them to flourish within the industry or their existing roles. 

d3t, with its combined 450 years of industry insight and experience, will be supporting the centre through a combination of workshops, roundtables and guiding new start-up projects. 

Cheshire-based d3t is also part of Keywords Studios, the international technical and creative services provider to the global video games industry and beyond.

Commenting on the partnership, Phil Owen, Head of Engineering at d3t said: “We have a close relationship with the team at HOST and we were keen to be a part of this project right from the get-go. Entering at such an early stage ensures that both students and members alike can start to get the advice and support they need without delay. 

“At d3t, supporting and mentoring the next generation of games programmers, on a wide variety of game development environments, including Unity and Unreal, is a key focus of ours. We also work with universities and initiatives both locally and nationally to ensure that students get the support they need to enter and thrive within the games industry, and we are excited to continue this with HOST.”

Simon Benson, Director of Immersive Technology at HOST, said: “d3t has a wealth of industry experience and we’re excited to bring their knowledge and expertise of gaming technology to the HOST community. The support on offer will be vital towards developing digital pioneers with the technical skills they need to innovate and grow in their careers.”

The Unity Centre of Excellence at HOST offers cutting-edge, industry-relevant skills development and fast-tracks students into leading professional roles in the technology sector. 

To find out more information on the Unity Centre of Excellence and HOST, please click here

Train2Game News Shenmue reboot comes from UK

Growing Cheshire company revealed as the software developer studio resurrecting classic video game Shenmue and Shenmue II.

d3t Ltd has confirmed that it is the development studio responsible for resurrecting the 20 year old games, that pushed boundaries on their original release, the classic and hugely popular Shenmue and Shenmue II. d3t Ltd take client confidentially extremely seriously and the project remained top-secret until the news was announced in April at SEGA Fes 2018, in Tokyo.

Noel Austin Operations Director said, “We can finally reveal that the d3t team have been resurrecting Shenmue from the original source code written over 20 years ago! We are bringing Shenmue and Shenmue II to modern platforms: Playstation4, Xbox One and PC. It’s been a journey of discovery, delving into the original code, also an honour and a privilege to work on such high-profile titles, delivering this classic franchise to new platforms and new audiences.”

d3t is a growing tech company in the northwest of England. d3t is only 6.5 years old, founded with just 3 people, it has grown year on year to its current team of 50. d3t was created by Stephen Powell and Jamie Campbell in 2011 and acquired by Keywords Studios last year. The company is forecasting continued expansion and has recently upscaled to a larger HQ in Cheshire.

d3t stands out in the UK game development sector because it strategically does not develop its own IP, instead it exclusively delivers game and interactive projects on behalf of international clients. Household names like SEGA, Sony, the BBC and independent studios worldwide regularly engage d3t on projects and d3t provides invaluable, confidential support across the games and interactive media sectors.

This technical port of Shenmue I & II represented an enormous technical challenge for the team at d3t. Piecing together the 20-year old archives of code and source data could be termed “digital archaeology”. The re-release of Shenmue 1 and 2 will be available together as a single package later this year and will remain true to the originals.

Studio Head Richard Badger added, “A lot of the work we undertake stays under wraps, so it’s great that we can actually talk about this amazing project. The global Shenmue gaming community have shown us incredible support and we are really excited about the launch of the games later this year. We are extremely proud of our team and being able to showcase the remarkable software development talent that can be found right here in the northwest of England.”

d3t does not just deliver when it comes to resurrecting well-loved cutting-edge games. The company also provides the same level of expertise to the museum and heritage sector and have recently been involved with real life archaeology. Working as a technology partner for the amazing installation which was opened at Yorkshire Museum, by Sir David Attenborough. d3t Ltd worked with lead designer Bright White Ltd, to develop a set of digital museum exhibits for the highly esteemed “Yorkshire’s Jurassic World” d3t animated a lifelike raptor, and an augmented reality window giving visitors a unique opportunity to view some of the world’s most amazing extinct dinosaurs and sea creatures as they would have looked when they lived on earth.

To learn more about d3t you can visit their site