Train2Game News Dan Houser Resigns From Rockstar Games

Dan Houser has parted ways with Rockstar Games!

Mr Houser co-founded the studio behind GTA and Red Dead in 1998 with his brother and a couple of other games developers.

And now, Dan will be officially parting ways from the company at the beginning of March.

Rockstar’s parent company, Take-Two Interactive, said it was “extremely grateful for his contributions” but stressed in a statement that his brother Sam continues to work for the business.

The reason for Dan’s resignation has not been confirmed but reportedly, he has been taking an extended break since the beginning of Spring 2019.

What this means for the companies future, and games like GTA 6 remains to be seen.

Train2Game News GTA V devs on rich brits list

GTA VDan and Sam Houser have been named among the 1,000 wealthiest Britons, along with a number of other notable games industry names.

The list was compiled and published in The Sunday Times, as spotted by Polygon. The Houser brothers, best known for co-founding Grand Theft Auto firm Rockstar Games, were ranked at No.947, with a combined fortune of £90m ($151m).

However, the richest games industry entry to the list is Mel Morris from Candy Crush Saga creator King. Morris reached No.238 on the list with wealth of £407m ($684m).

This is the first time in six years that The Sunday Times has run its wealthiest Brit list, raising the minimum value of entrants from £80m to £85m.

The Housers’ latest title Grand Theft Auto V made $1bn after just three days on sale when it was released in September.

The games industry is ever growing and I imagine we will see more and more UK games industry personal appearing on the list in the future.

Source: Develop

Train2Game news: GTA developer criticises money focused mobile games

Train2Game students have seen a huge rise in studios producing mobile games in recent years, and will be aware that it’s potentially a great way to get a product into the market. (Just ook at how well micro studio Hogrocket has done in this Train2Game blog interview)

However Grand Theft Auto developer Dan Houser believes a lot of publishers and studios have turned to mobile only to make money, with less focus on developing quality titles.

“This is my personal opinion, but I think a lot of people in the general mobile industry are more focused on making money than making good products,” the Rockstar man told Japan’s Famitsu Magazine.

And Houser revealed he believes the focus on making money ‘depresses’ him, and thinks games are more than an exercise in making money.

“We’re a business, too — we have to think about how to build revenue and we value the knowledge you need for that, but we want to conduct business with superior products. Focusing on nothing but business is depressing to me; it’s boring. I want people to understand that we make games for more than just to make money.”

“Our mobile strategy is not at all different from our console strategy — in other words, we don’t have one,” he said.

“Our focus is purely on making games that we can be confident on the quality of. We’ve never made something because we felt it was a business opportunity or because we thought there was some niche in the marketplace we could fill.”

Big developers including Bioware and Activision have recently looked into the possibility of developing for mobile.

Some believe mobile, and Apple in particular, are a threat to consoles, Houser argues that while an important area, in won’t swallow up the entire games industry.

“I don’t think mobile is going to swallow up video games, but it’s an important topic. The massive phenomenon we saw when portable game systems came out has already spread over the mobile market, but we’ve experienced successes and failures in portables in the past.” Houser concluded.

Rockstar have had a high profile week, with the Train2Game blog reporting that the developer finally officially revealed Grand Theft Auto V. See what Train2Game students want from Grand Theft Auto V here on the Train2Game blog, or on the Train2Game Facebook page.

So Train2Game, what are your thoughts on Housers’ comments? Are some developers focusing on making money from mobile rather than producing quality products? What’s your opinion on Rockstars commitment to making quality games?

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