Train2Game News Cliffy B’s new game

Project_BluestreakBosskey Games plans to partner with Korean online games publisher Nexon to create the title, Bleszinski announced on his Twitter account.

Friends, @BossKey will be working with Nexon to publish a Free2Play Sci-Fi PC arena shooter code named #BlueStreak. #BossKey #UnlockTheFun— Cliff Bleszinski (@therealcliffyb) July 8, 2014

He added that the studio will not release a “fake CG trailer showing ‘Gameplay’ because that’s not how Bosskey does it.”

Guerrilla Games co-founder Arjan Brussee has joined Bosskey as its chief operating officer. Brussee and Bleszinski collaborated on the Jazz Jackrabbit platformer series.

Back in December, Bleszinski told press that he wants to make a “proper” arena shooter. “It will be a PC experience that will harken back to a certain type of game that we cut our teeth on,” he said. “A first-person shooter. It’s in my DNA.

“I want to get funding, I don’t want to do a Kickstarter. I’ve shown [the project] to various parties, and there are nibbles,” he added.

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Train2Game News: GamesAnalytics report assess GTA Online

GTA VPredictive analytics specialists GamesAnalytics, has today published a special report which explores the Free-2-Play (F2P) potential of Grand Theft Auto Online.

The latest release of the game took Rockstar’s blockbuster franchise in an ambitious new direction, with a multiplayer world and in-game economy and the Benchmark report assesses whether GTA Online would also make a successful standalone F2P game.

The report has been produced using GamesAnalytics’ evidenced based research methodology, where 50 game design aspects across six main categories including Monetisation, Retention, Engagement and Virality are assessed against industry best practice F2P game design from over 80 F2P titles.

The report found that GTA Online surpassed the best in genre scores for categories including Retention, Game Mechanics and Engagement. However, if the game was released as a standalone F2P title then the report identifies mechanics that it would benefit from improving key mechanics to achieve high levels of Monetization and Virality.

Based on the reporting findings, GamesAnalytics highlights five recommendations in the report to help achieve best practice F2P design:

1. Improve the currency structure with first / second payment structure
2. Introduce a VIP structure to fast track progress and reward members
3. Develop a trading mechanism to help increase community aspects
4. Utilise no lose gambling mechanics
5. Build in reward mechanics for social sharing

Mark Robinson, Co-founder and COO GamesAnalytics, commented on the report: “GTA Online is clearly a quality bestselling premium game and this Benchmark report shows its F2P potential as a standalone game. The assessment does however highlight when designing F2P games all areas of Player Relationship Management need to be taken into consideration in particular mechanics that maximise virality, monetization and retention.

F2P game design is evolving across multiple platforms and genres. GamesAnalytics’ tools and services help publishers and developers understand best practice game design and integrate learnings upfront in the design and development process.”

These could be helpful suggestions to bear in mind for your own F2P game if you choose to take that route.

Train2Game news: Trion Worlds on why free-to-play is the best strategy for End of Nations

Train2Game students have differing opinions on free-to-play titles, with some regarding them as a great way to get a game out there, while others worry that they encourage a “pay-to-win” culture.

Trion Worlds say the reason their upcoming MMORTS End of Nations uses the free-to-play model is because it’s the best way to make sure the game gets the numbers of players it needs to thrive.

“For a premium strategy game like End of Nations, we really want to bring as many players as possible into its massive-scale strategic warfare.” End of Nations Executive Producer David Luehmann told VideoGamer.

“And as we looked at the enormous battles and huge persistent world, we realised that the success of End of Nations would be driven by having thousands of players from around the globe battling daily in the world’s biggest strategy game, and that is why it made perfect sense to be free-to-play!” he said.

Luehmann also pointed out that End of Nations might be free-to-play, but Trion Worlds is being careful this doesn’t become “pays-to-win” with microtransactions mainly being for cosmetic items.

“We are very sensitive to the concept of pay to win. In End of Nations at similar experience levels, player skill will determine the outcome of battles, not player wealth.” said the Trion Worlds Executive Producer.

“From that precept the monetisation elements must adhere, therefore anything you purchase in the game with real money with focus on vanity or convenience item type. Examples being skins, or boosts the increase the players experience or wealth generation rates.” Luehmann concluded.

You can find out much more about End of Nations in The Train2Game Blog’s huge interview with Senior QA Tester Karl Tars.

So Train2Game, what are your thoughts on End of Nations take on free-to-play? Do you think it’ll prove successful for Trion Worlds?

Leave your comments here on The Train2Game Blog, or on the Train2Game forum.

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Train2Game news: Free-to-play Ghost Recon Online will be AAA quality say Ubisoft

Train2Game students will be aware that some see free-to-play games as somewhat controversial, or perhaps not as well developed as AAA titles.

However, Ubisoft believe that their upcoming free-to-play title Ghost Recon Online will change these perceptions. Train2Game students can apply to be part of the beta test here.

“As a player, it’s difficult for me to accept that business models are relevant criteria to judge the quality of a video game.” Ubisoft’s Thomas Seris told [a]list.

“Some MMOs switched from a subscription to a free-to-play model, so it’s purely a perception issue. Because of this, Free is sometimes synonymous with low quality products, games that publishers cannot charge for.” he said

“The real question is to understand how the free-to-play model is impacting gameplay. The development philosophy behind Ghost Recon Online is to ensure payers are not given a specific advantage over players. This is great, because the game is all about competition, and it requires fairness. As a consequence, Ubisoft Singapore is focusing on providing players with a great AAA Ghost Recon game, regardless of the way it generates revenue.”

“We simply won’t hide from our free-to-play nature and this message will be prominent in our campaign.” Seris continued.

He added that Ghost Recon Online would get the same PR push as any other title in the series.

“We’re also looking forward to leveraging a franchise history made of various memorable extremely well-reviewed games. Ultimately, the promotional support behind the game, the quality of PR and advertising assets, or just simply the type of campaign behind Ghost Recon Online will definitely be on par with a AAA boxed product campaign.” said Seris.

The Train2Game Blog spoke to Ubisoft about their upcoming title Ghost Recon: Future Solder at GamesCom last year. Find out more about it here on The Train2Game Blog.

So Train2Game, what are your thoughts on Ghost Recon Online? Will it be able to match the experience of a AAA title? And what are your thoughts on free-to-play in general?

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