Train2Game News Third Game2Give Most Successful Campaign To Date

Hundreds of gamers and thousands of donors worldwide participated in this year’s event, raising an astounding $2M.

Proceeds raised will support Bungie Foundation’s iPads for Kids program as well as Humanitarian Aid and Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity initiatives.

One such humanitarian aid effort has been in response to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. As a result, an incredible $120,000 from the proceeds raised from Game2Give will be divided equally to benefit the non-profits Direct Relief and International Rescue Committee. These humanitarian aid organizations provide life-saving support to communities impacted by the conflict in Ukraine, including over 164 tons of medical aid and refugee assistance.

Game2Give is a forward-thinking fundraising event that unites top gaming, content creators, streamers, and corporations with a passion for the digital space to create positive change and raise significant funds to make this world a better place for all.

“We’re grateful to the entire gaming community for rising to this momentous occasion, both those who fundraised and who supported their favorite streamers through their donations. Our highest individual fundraiser, Trials Report, raised a whopping $78,133, and our highest fundraising team, Garrison Community, raised an impressive $21,350. The event also received support from an impressive list of content creators, including Tamsin WoodT1Riot,  and Leopard.” A representative said.

What’s next for Bungie Foundation?

Stay tuned for details on Bungie Day in July 2022 and the fourth annual Game2Give in November 2022. And check back regularly to their social channels for impact reports on how these incredible funds will be put to work.

Game2Give is a testament to how technology can bring us together and connect us to those we could not otherwise reach. Organizers invite anyone interested in creating change to take part and make a significant change.

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Train2Game News Bungie Brings Back Game2Give

Bungie is excited to announce the highly anticipated third edition of its successful global fundraiser, Game2Give.

Beginning today and lasting through December 15, the campaign will raise funds for the Bungie Foundation, culminating in a Bungie livestream planned for December 15 at 10 AM PT.

This epic online fundraising event aims to mobilize the gaming community and raise funds for the Bungie Foundation’s newly expanded core initiatives to create a larger global footprint. Their work will continue to be headlined by the highly successful iPads for Kids program delivered to children’s hospitals globally. Also, the Bungie Foundation’s two additional core initiatives include funding global humanitarian aid and supporting community programs that impact Inclusion, Diversity, & Equity.

Game2Give proudly unites gamers around the common goal of making positive change happen.

How does it work?

Gamers make donations of any amount to support the cause. Those who donate will be rewarded with a fantastic line-up of brand-new Destiny 2 in-game rewards based on the size of their contribution.

These exceptional rewards include the Light Keepers emblem, the Arc Propellant emblem, the Hi-5 Heart Exotic multiplayer emote and the first-ever charity ship, the Altrux Pura Mk1.

Gamers can also collect donations while hosting their own livestream fundraisers, receiving unique rewards that every Destiny 2 player will be eager to get their hands on!

Game2Give and the Bungie Foundation are proud to once again partner with DonorDrive to enhance gamers’ experience by creating a seamless donation and prize-fulfillment process.

After donating, gamers can redeem their donor prizes, automatically added to their Destiny 2 accounts. These in-game items are awarded based on total donations contributed by each individual donor over the course of the campaign.

“The Bungie Foundation is poised to create our biggest and most successful Game2Give fundraiser to date,” said Christine Edwards, Senior Foundation Manager of the Bungie Foundation.

“We have listened to our incredible community of supporters and have taken this past year to think deeply and align on our company’s core values. Out of that work, we have refocused our foundation’s mission. We are proud to announce the Bungie Foundation’s updated mission: We are a people-focused organization that builds and empowers our community to improve the health and well-being of children, uplift the rights of all individuals and communities, and provide aid in times of crisis.

We will continue to grow strong partnerships with organizations around the world that are best-in-class at creating meaningful impact across these three core areas of support. Funds raised during Game2Give will continue to change lives across the globe throughout the year.

United with the worldwide Destiny 2 community, Game2Give hopes to create a lasting legacy of positive change in the lives of those in need.

Funds raised will allow the Bungie Foundation to make a global impact and put the funds raised into direct action. Organizers hope to surpass last year’s achievement of raising $1.5 million.

The momentous support has already begun with the return of some incredible supporters, celebrities and influencers, including TheMavShow, LeopardStealth, TravelDanielle, and Ekuegan to name a few.

Game2Give continues to provide everyone involved with the opportunity to raise funds, ignite hope and help make the world a better place!

The campaign will run from December 2 through December 15, 2021.

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Train2Game News Bungie Raised $1.6 Million For Charity

Bungie Foundation is proud to confirm the success of its first Game2give charity event with over 1.6 million dollars raised to support Bungie Foundation’s iPads for Kids Program and Children’s Miracle Network benefitting kids in hospitals across the United States and Canada.

Destiny fans proved once again their commitment and generosity through 40,000 individual contributions and the support of 5.5K streamers across 104 countries.

“At Bungie, our purpose is to create worlds that inspire friendship, and we are so very grateful for our community to embrace this so strongly.

We see this play out each and every day as lifelong friendships are forged, Guardians support their fellow Guardians both inside and outside of our game, and when our community rallies together for incredible causes such as supporting kids in hospitals.” declared Christine Edwards, Sr. Manager, Bungie Foundation.

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