Train2game News Microsoft cuts Xbox One Price

Xbox OneMicrosoft have cut Xbox One prices down to £399.99 permanently with a new bundle including a free copy of Titanfall.

The Xbox One price cut comes into effect this coming Friday, the 28th February. Microsoft are trying to boost the sales of their console ready for Titanfall being released a fortnight later.

Xbox’s UK Marketing Director Harvey Eagle said in an interview this morning “It’s about giving gamers in the UK the best possible value that we can,

“We feel the time is right now to do this because Titanfall is coming out. It’s the game that most gamers are looking forward to playing, and we think that this is a great time to offer this new price point moving forwards, and include the game while stocks last.

“Titanfall is a game that has won more than 80 awards so far, it’s incredibly hotly anticipated, and I believe it’s a game that people will buy an Xbox One in order to play. But moving forwards if you think about what I think are the three hottest games of the year to come, Titanfall, Watch Dogs and Destiny, the only place you’re going to be able to play all three of those games is on Xbox One.”

The price drop and new Titanfall bundle are very welcome but they still can’t compare with the PlayStation 4’s price of £349.99. Time will tell how this will affect console sales.