Train2Game News: Games Industry News – 17.05.13

Batman and DeathstrokeIt’s the end of the week so it is time for the Train2Game round up of Games Industry news from across the week!

First of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment released a teaser trailer for Batman Arkham Origins. This most certainly is a tease! The full trailer is scheduled to be released on May 20, the day before the big Xbox reveal. You can enjoy your teaser here,

To continue our trailer theme, a trailer for Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag was also released earlier this week. This is following comments made by CEO Yves Guillemot who stated that they don’t expect AC4 to do as well as it’s predecessors. This cautious approach is a refreshing change. You can enjoy the PEGI 18 trailer here,

2K and Gearbox Software today announced that the sixth playable character for Borderlands 2, Krieg the Psycho, is now available via digital download across all available platforms for $9.99 or 800 Microsoft Points. The Psycho Pack offers fans a chance to play with one of the most iconic personalities in the Borderlands universe. The sixth playable character for Borderlands 2, Krieg the Psycho, harnesses his psychotic multiple personalities to give the bandits and baddies of Pandora a taste of their own medicine. Vault Hunters can use the new character class to shoot and loot their way to new heights in Borderlands 2 with the recently released Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack. The pack raises the level cap to 61 for all six characters, unlocks a third play through called Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, and is available now for $4.99 or 400 Microsoft Points as a standalone purchase. It is also included as part of the Borderlands 2 Season Pass.

Valve has announced the Steam Trading Card beta is available for sign up now. Fans participating in the beta can unlock virtual trading cards by playing selected titles including CS: GO, Portal 2,  Dota 2 and more to come. The cards can be turned into game badges and trade-able Steam community items, according to info on the Steam site. Full sets of cards can be combined to earn Steam badges, all of which will contribute to your overall Steam level. “Up to half the card set is dropped through game play, the other half is earned through your collecting prowess,” says the blurb. Collecting prowess means that you can get more cards by interacting and trading with fellow Steam community members. Images on the Steam Trading Cards page indicate that these could entitle you to money off purchases on the Steam store. If you’d like to sign up for the beta, you can do it here.

Tech website The Verge is reporting that Microsoft is about to kill off its points system, the method by which we use to buy products off Xbox live, and is moving instead towards using real world prices, and allowing gift cards to pay for its services. These gift cards will supposedly work in the same way as Apple iTunes vouchers do, and the change will also allow users to buy with normal credit or debit cards. This comes after Windows 8 was changed late last year to reflect real-world prices rather than points. This should be confirmed to be true or not at this years E3.

Train2Game News: Borderlands 2 additions on additions!

Borderlands-2-KriegExciting news for all you Train2Game Vault hunters out there! 2K and Gearbox have announced a new Downloadable character for Borderlands 2.

The new character is based on one of the in game Psychos! The character, Krieg, rewards players for high-risk behaviour such as running into crowds, with skills allowing him to, among other things, regain health while attacking enemies.

The new character will be available in May for 800 Microsoft points or $9.99

In addition to the new character, on April 2 the level cap will be raised from 50 up to 61. This is the same level rise the original game saw. This addition will cost $4.99 for console and PC but those with the season pass will get the level rise for free.

That’s not all however! A new level of gun rarity is being introduced. Pearlescent gun’s will be added making them the rarest loot in the game to date.

Finally, in a free update, an Ultimate Vault Hunter mode will be added which will be playable by anyone who has completed the True Vault Hunter mode. Giving you plenty of time to rise those extra 11 levels. In simple terms this game now has a Game Plus Plus!

With this plethora of additions it will give you another game play experience for a very low price.

Gearbox confirmed that a fourth DLC campaign is still set to arrive before the end of June.

You can enjoy Krieg’s reveal trailer from PAX below (Mature audiences only):