Train2Game News: Coming soon in 2013

DeadpoolAs big as 2012 has been, 2013 has more to come.

The first thing of 2013 to be keeping an eye on will be how well the Wii U does following it’s release and the Christmas rush. Will it be as big a hit as Nintendo hopes or will it fail to reach expectations?

A number of new blockbusters are coming next year with a lot of new sequels. For example 2013 will see the release of Rockstars GTA V and 2Ks Bioshock: Infinite. From what has been released of the games so far they both look stunning and both have been pegged as being big hits.

There are also two reboot games coming out next year. The first being the new Devil May Cry, being developed by the English based Ninja Studios and Tomb Raider being published by Square Enix. I played both games at Eurogamer, Tomb Raiders graphics are truly jaw dropping and Devil May Cry looks to be very action packed with good effects.

A new IP that could be a wild card is Deadpool. The game based on the Marvel Comics star.  The game is being developed by High Moon Studios and is due to be published by Activision in 2013. Regular Deadpool comic writer Daniel Way will pen the script, and Nolan North, who has voiced Deadpool in other media, will reprise his role. This could go either way, this is definitely a wait and see game.

There are a lot of big goings on in 2013 that should lead the gaming industry in to bigger and better things. It’s going to be exciting.