Train2Game News: Trailers from the Video Game Awards

VGAThe Video Game Awards were held over the weekend and a number of new trailers were shown for some of the big games coming next year. The Train2Game blog has rounded them all up for you here.

The first one is for the new South Park game, The Stick of Truth. This game looks stunning and it is going to make a lot of South Park fans very happy. It looks so like an episode it is hard to see where the cut scenes end and the game play begins.

This trailer is obviously 18+. Do Not Watch if easily offended.

Next up is the trailer from Tomb Raider: Survivor. This game is again stunning to look at and looks to be action packed and innovative in it’s adventure. You get to see Lara Croft grow up from a girl fresh out of school to the Archaeologist we are familiar with. I haven’t played many Tomb Raider games personally but I am looking forward to this one, even more so following this trailer.

Finally it was revealed last night that a sequel is coming for one of the most brutally difficutly games their has been in recent years. Dark Souls 2 is coming and it is going to be as ruthless as ever

Train2Game News: South Park creators on the research going into their RPG

South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker have spoken of the difficulty they’ve had bringing their show accurately to a video game, revealing that a lot of research has gone into the game design of South Park: The Stick of Truth, the upcoming RPG being developed by Obsidian.

“The funny part was writing it and saying, ‘Ok, maybe you’re here, and then you’ve gotta go from Stan’s house to Kyle’s house,’ and after fifteen years of doing the show it was the first time that Matt and I were like, ‘where is Kyle’s house?'” said Parker, speaking at E3

“The only thing that really interested us was if we could make a game where it felt like you were in an episode of South Park,” added Stone, saying that despite South Park’s simple look, a lot of R&D went into it.

“To do that you had to get the look right; it had to look like an episode of South Park- which is pretty crappy. So we worked with Obsidian, and we said we wanted to do this, and you would not believe how hard, how many hours of R&D, how much work went in to really making that distinctive, crappy South Park look, but they did it.”

You can see how South Park: The Stick of Truth is coming along after all that research in the trailer below, right here on The Train2Game Blog.

There’s more news from E3 2012 here on The Train2Game Blog.

What are your thoughts on the research going into South Park: The Stick of Truth? How important is research to game development as a whole?

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