Train2Game News: Matty Wyett-Simmonds student diary: Week 42

Week after the big game jam and have been hard at work!

We’ve had to make up for the time off and we’ve all been pretty busy here. We did a few late nights (up to 10pm) as well.

I’ve been churning out art assets at the same time as fixing assets that don’t work correctly in game. I also did my first purely 2D art work in a very long time which was pretty cool I think.

Other than that I’ve not had much of a week. Me, Craig and Amanda went to the pet store at lunch time one day to get some dead mice for her snake, Craig desperately wanted to get hamsters for the office which I don’t think Clive would have appreciated as much as we would.

I was in my first car crash this week too! I wasn’t driving though so I don’t know if it counts, but still it happened.

I also got a new phone which is awesome (Samsung Galaxy sIII), My sII died the night before so I went out and got it on contract. Very worth it if you haven’t tried a Galaxy phone, much better than the iPhone5 I think.

Train2Game News: Ezekiel Morris student diary: Week 15

This week has been very stressful and not the best of weeks. Trying to fix animation errors and getting things to work in Unity, so it’s been annoying.

I don’t like Unity I know some people might find it OK but my experience using it is I hate it. It was simple enough using UDK.

I enjoy animating characters but I never realized how much hard work was involved especially when you’re given a deadline. Learning how to use Maya and Unity at the same time has been tough. So when I import the animation sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, it’s annoying to have to keep on asking for someone to sort the problem. I try doing it myself but still struggling a bit with some issues, the animation works in motion builder.

Finally I’ve found out what’s stopping the animation and it’s working perfectly. I haven’t felt comfortable using Unity I ‘am afraid I will break the game. I know this isn’t my strong point but the good thing about this experience is I now know how to use Maya so great experience. I can’t wait to do my thing soon.

Train2Game News: Craig Moore student diary: Week 44

Its story time kids!

This week has been a bit of a mammoth task for me, it has been a case of completely planning and attempting to organise the full storyline for the game. It’s a bit of a new beast for me, taking to creating a narrative is something I have only really ever lightly touched on.

Being an arcade gamer at heart my story lines tend to start and end at ‘Save the Princess’ so embellishing on that and pushing my narrative skills has been a good exercise. Especially when considering the fact that I am working with quite a strict set of predetermined story lines it certainly stretches the old grey matter.

That has literally been my week, when I look at the work I have done it doesn’t sound like much, but making it all intertwine and essentially work takes up a great deal of time and trying to ensure it’s going to work best for the player is another world entirely!

Apart from that I have been knee deep in my Train2Game work, I’ve moved on to my final few assignments while I am waiting for my first submission to be marked, hopefully I will get the course finished before the end of the year, at least that is my target.



Train2Game QA Tester Daniel Parkes to blog on course progress


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