Train2Game News Power Up Manchester

Retro gaming festival Power Up is set to return to Manchester with more consoles than ever before.

The two-week extravaganza will be at the Museum of Science and Industry from August 3rd.

Household names PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch sit alongside iconic retro consoles including the SNES, SEGA Dreamcast and the original educational computer, the BBC Micro. There are also specialists areas for Pacman, Minecraft and – for the first time in Manchester – multiplayer online game Fortnite.

Visitors will be able to relive the 80s and 90s with classics including games from the Mario Brothers and Sonic the Hedgehog series, plus movie games such as Batman, Robocop vs Terminator, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and Lord of the Rings – Fellowship of the Ring.

For those who love driving games, there’ll be Destruction Derby and Road Rash, or players can try their hand at the ever-popular Lego series, a host of football games and – of course – Pac-Man.

It’s not all about solo play – visitors can tackle multiplayer classics of the retro and modern era like Goldeneye, Mario Kart 8 and Minecraft; immerse themselves in the world of virtual reality; play on the latest big releases, or tackle some arcade classics on special bartop arcade machines like Metal Slug, Frogger and the Street Fighter series.

Visitors to Power UP can see for themselves how far gaming technology has advanced in the four decades since early games like Pong carved out their place in pop culture. Modern innovations like PlayStation VR will provide a glimpse into what the future may hold.

Evening-only sessions will take place on Friday, August 10 and Friday, August 17, giving the opportunity to play 18-only games including DOOM, Resident Evil and Grand Theft Auto.

Ticket prices vary, visit for more information.

Train2Game News Grandia 2 remastered


Classic Dreamcast game and personal favourite of mine, Grandia 2 is being remastered.

After an overwhelming response to an April survey asking players for future PC releases of Game Arts’ portfolio,  GungHo Online Entertainment America (GOEA) announced today that  Grandia II Anniversary Edition, theremastered version of the classic JRPG originally released for Dreamcast ,  is now availableon  Steam and for Windows PC. As part of this celebration,  Grandia II Anniversary Edition  is available for a limited sale price of $14.99, a 25 percent discount from the SRP of $19.99.

Developed by Game Arts, creators of the  Lunar and  Grandia  series, and published by GOEA,  Grandia  II is considered a high point for the developer with the game’s unique characters, mature storytelling, memorable music and fantastic battle system. In this classic tale of a band of adventurers destined to save the world, players take the role of Ryudo, a hardened mercenary, and go on an epic journey filled with magic, new friendships and surprises as the party seeks a legendary weapon once wielded by a deity.

Grandia II Anniversary Edition  features numerous technical improvements from the original, such as visual upgrades to textures, lightning, and shadows through anti-aliasing, as well as game controller support, Japanese voice acting, and a new difficulty level for a hardcore experience. Other features for the title include:

    Steam Trading Cards
    Steam Achievements
    Steam Cloud Save Support
    Selectable Video Options
    Remapable Keyboard and Gamepad Support
    PC Resolution and Aspect Ratio Support
    UI Updates to Reflect New Control Schemes
    Dreamcast VMS Save File Support

You can enjoy the trailer below

Train2Game News Retrotainment Bar


REZtron Ltd., today announced it will be launching a new pop-up Retrotainment bar,480ft up at The Attic at Pan Peninsula,Canary Wharf…

Legendary consoles require legendary settings.There is no greater setting than retrogaming high in the sky with a 360° panoramic city view skyline around you that will sure to keep your phone busy.

Guest will be transported into the golden era of SEGA gaming with legendary blue sky titles on all four generation of SEGA consoles…Master System! Mega Drive! Saturn! Dreamcast! mixed with drinks,music and networking….all on top of London’s highest DJ bar….and second highest sky-lounge…

•Golden Axe,Rastan, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter II, R-Type, Streets of Rage 2,Alien Storm, Sonic 2, Road Rash II,Thunderforce III, Super Monaco GP,Virtua Racing,Shadow Dancer,Italia ’90, 8 – player Micro Machines 2, Virtua Cop,Virtua Fighter 2,Fighters Megamix,SEGA Rally, Virtua Tennis,Virtua Striker 2,Crazy Taxi, House of the Dead 2,Power Stones,Soul Calibur,Marvel Vs Capcom and many more will be there to keep you retrotained…

•Games displayed on Retro CRT TVs and Projector screens on the ceiling

•DJ playing some of the greatest Hip Hop and House music from the 80s/90s.

•2-4-1 drinks between 6pm-8pm


Retrotainment will take place on Wednesday June 10th,6pm til 11pm. Tickets must be registered through Eventbrite

8,16,32 and 128-BIT Blue Sky Retrotainment awaits you….

Train2Game News SEGALives


REZtron Ltd., have announced its move into London’s club scene with its first Friday night pop-up retrotainment at the most immersive (and sexiest) venue to date, BonBonniere club in the heart of Mayfair…

Guests will be transported into the sexy golden era of SEGA gaming, mixed with drinks, networking,music,sprites,vectors,polygons,3D,CRT TVs, projector screens, sexy LEDs and much more…all under the roof of a sumptuous Tron-esque nightclub for to indulge all of your senses…

The interior is inspired by the infamous Fabergé Egg which paints the perfect backdrop for a timeless, priceless and exquisite experience.The enchanted sweet shop will sweep you into a state of youthful bliss dusted with elegance.

Attendees will also be given the chance to entertain the crowd by showing off their gaming/music skills on the artistic electro-trance fuelled game Rez via the SEGA Dreamcast, whist standing inside a Fabergé Egg DJ Booth.

The LED fuelled retrotainment will take place on Friday 10th April,6pm til 11pm. The FREE tickets can be registered through Eventbrite.

It will be a night of 8-16-32-128-BIT retrotainment like no other…

Further details on REZtron’s upcoming events or for corporate bookings please visit  or email

Train2Game News: DFS Competition Winner

DFS WinnerThe Train2Game student who won the DFS home set up competition is Luke Marchese from Stoke on Trent.

Luke was chosen as the winner of the competition as he is clearly an avid gamer. In his entry picture we can see: Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, Game Cube, SNES, Dreamcast, Wii U, N64, PS3, Megadrive, a NES, A gamegear, three monitors and countless games. He also has Sonic figurines and loads of games memorabilia.

When Luke was told that he won the competition he said “It feels great to win a prize for showing off my collection. I have been collecting Video Games and consoles almost all my life and if I remember correctly I have a total of 19 consoles plus well over 250 games.  Gaming has always been a passionate subject for me and there is nothing I love more than designing games.”

Train2Game would like to wish Luke a big congratulations and we hope you enjoy your £50 Amazon voucher.

Thank you as well to all the other entrants, you all have great gaming set ups! You can view a gallery of the other entrants below.

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