Train2Game News Petition For Gamer Emojis

Love them or hate them, emojis have arguably become as important as the written alphabet, essentially becoming a language of their own!

From the age-old classic smiley face to cute pictures of animals, the list of emojis has been growing since the first one was released way back in 1997!

The Unicode Standard (the officially recognized library of emojis) hosts a staggering 3,521 emojis, but as of yet, gaming characters have so far been refused entry into this prestigious list.

However, fear not as this is set to change! Ebuyer has released a list of downloadable gaming character emojis, as well as creating a petition to get them added into the official Unicode Standard.

The new emojis – which can be downloaded from , hosts everything from Mario, Sonic and GTA to Halo emojis. So, gamers will never have to go without again.

Furthermore, a petition has been set up to raise awareness of this issue and demand change for gamers globally.

The petition can be seen at

Commenting on the petition and newly released emojis Andy Roberts, E-Commerce Director of stated:

“With over 3,500 emojis to choose from, its hard to believe that our favorite gaming characters have yet to make the list. Hopefully, our petition will encourage change whilst our online library allows users to access their favorite emojis immediately.”

Train2Game News Top Rage Inducing Games

A new report from Ebuyer reveals which of our favourite games creates the most ‘gaming rage’ – the blind anger gamers experience whilst playing a game.

Gaming became an escape for plenty of gamers during the last – but despite offering a diversion from the daily dreariness of lockdown, it hasn’t stopped people online voicing their frustration and angers about certain games on social media.

From severs being down, to gameplay being slow or generally feeling hard done by, a new report from Ebuyer reveals the top 15 games that have received the most negative energy online over the last year.

To calculate the index, Ebuyer used the social listening platform Linkfluence.

The platform scanned social media for negative mentions of the games over the course of a year.

Ebuyer have managed to uncover the biggest culprits behind controllers flying across the room and people screaming out ‘HOW’ and ‘WHY’ at the screen.

Which games receive the most negative energy?

It’s no surprise to see some of the usual suspects, with FIFA and Super Mario making the list – but taking the top spot, and wearing the crown, is Grand Theft Auto V. Despite having the freedom to rush around the map and literally do anything you fancy, the game has received over 26,000 negative posts over the last year… probably due to those unbearable loading times.

Predictably, also sitting high up on the list is Fortnite. Over the last few years this game has started to feel impossible, thanks to people building 90s faster than you can blink and it always feeling like your shots aren’t hitting.

The top 15 games from first to last can be seen below:

Grand Theft Auto V



Super Mario

Animal Crossings: New Horizons

The Last of Us



Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Assassins Creed Valhalla

Pokémon GO

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

NBA 2K20

The Sims

Which game makes you RAGE?

Train2Game News Ebuyer Joins Forces With Make-A-Wish UK

Leading online retailer Ebuyer has joined forces with Make-A-Wish® UK as their official tech gaming partner.

Every day, the lives of 10 families in the UK are changed forever when a child is diagnosed with a serious illness. From that moment, childhood takes a backseat to medical appointments and worry.

When children with serious illness or life-limiting condition are referred to Make-A-Wish, they really do make a wish, and the charity does everything it can to make it come true. The charity, established in 1986, works with partners around the world to help fulfil those wishes.

Ebuyer E-Commerce Director Andy Roberts said, “We’re really excited about being the official tech partner of Make-A-Wish. They do such an incredible job creating life-changing wishes. Ebuyer is playing a small part by providing the tech that the children and young people wish for, yet this small gesture can make a huge difference to them and their families.”

The East Yorkshire based online retailer has over 6 million registered customers and supplies tech to consumers, businesses and educational establishments throughout the UK.

Make-A-Wish Corporate Partnerships Manager Gina Fuoco said: “Ebuyer has been helping us grant our gaming and tech wishes since August 2020. Their support came at a vital time – making 54 wishes a reality when so many had to be cancelled or postponed because of the pandemic.

“That included 21 wishes for PS5s which were like gold dust to obtain! Gaming enables young people to interact, improve their motor skills and have fun. It often creates a level playing field online that contrasts with a seriously ill child’s real life experience so these wishes have a long-term impact.

“Ebuyer’s support has also included gifts-in-kind worth £22,636 which is incredible. We are hugely grateful to Ebuyer and excited to grow our partnership to grant even more wishes together this year.”