Train2Game News Guinness World Records Gamers Edition 2015

Guinness World Record Gaming 2015The latest and most astonishing records in the world of gaming have been recognized in the upcoming publication of the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition 2015, available to buy on 6th November 2014.

The eighth edition of the hugely popular Gamer’s Edition – described as the “annual bible of gaming goodness” by MSN Games – is packed full of all the information a gaming enthusiast would ever need, ranging from the most impressive gaming records to behind-the-scenes knowledge from within the gaming industry. It also offers the very best artwork and images from all your favourite titles.

HUNDREDS OF NEW AND UPDATED RECORDS – As ever, the world’s best-selling gaming annual features the world’s greatest gaming records. These include the Longest videogame marathon on Minecraft (24 hours 10 minutes), the Largest collection of Tomb Raider memorabilia (2,383 unique items), the Highest margin of victory against the computer on 2014 FIFA World Cup (German native Patrick Hadler won 321–0), the Most “Game of the Year” awards (249 for The Last of Us), and the Best-selling eighth-generation console (the PS4, with over 10 million copies sold).

TOP 50 GAMES – In this year’s Gamer’s Edition, we present the best 50 games as voted for online by our readers. By giving Gamer’s fans the opportunity to have their say, this allowed us to focus on the titles our readers like best (such as Minecraft, Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto), as well as to include games such as Crash Bandicoot and World of Tanks that we had not featured in such detail previously.

IMPROVE YOUR GAMEPLAY AND BECOME A RECORD-BREAKER – We know that gamers worldwide are always looking to enhance certain aspects of their gameplay. This can take hours of studying YouTube walkthroughs or scrolling through online tutorials. A new addition to this year’s book is entitled “For the Win” and provides handy, at-a-glance top tips on everything from how to beat that boss you’ve spent weeks trying to defeat to how to unlock the trophy you’ve been striving for. This will help you to not only hone your skills, but also to potentially become a record-breaker!

FEATURES, KNOWLEDGE, TRIVIA – This year’s book is packed full of new features covering topics as diverse as the toys-to-life phenomena, gaming firsts, zombie games, Alien games videogame fashion and the big titles you’ll likely be playing over the coming months. We also look at the transformation of handheld gaming from Mattel’s Auto Race in 1976 to the innovative mobile gaming scene of today. Exclusive interviews with a range of industry insiders provide you with a range of perspectives on the gaming world from within. And there’s no shortage of entertaining gaming trivia to build up your gaming knowledge.

Stephen Fall, Senior Managing Editor of the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition, said: “In the all-new Gamer’s 2015 we count down our readers’ favourite games. We cram in facts, figures and features on all aspects of gaming, along with exclusive interviews with leading figures in the industry. We also follow the latest developments in the epic battle of the eighth-generation consoles. And, as always, there are top tips for improving your gameplay. Now in its eighth edition, Gamer’s remains the ultimate videogame guide.”

Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition 2015 is out on Thursday, 6th November 2014

Train2Game News: Worlds Most Expensive Game

Grid 2 special editionCodemasters have announced that the world’s most expensive videogame – the GRID 2: Mono Edition – is available for pre-order with a price tag of £125,000.

This exclusive edition of the game is available for just one customer and includes the highly-anticipated racing game GRID 2, a PlayStation 3 to play it on, a 170 m.p.h. BAC Mono supercar – sporting a GRID 2 livery – and full driver race wear.

The BAC Mono is a British manufactured, road-legal, ultra-high performance supercar which stars in the game. Created from high-strength carbon fibre, the BAC Mono is an unrivalled example of light-weight performance engineering and its 2.3 litre, 280 bhp four cylinder power plant will propel its driver from 0-60 m.p.h. in just 2.8 seconds.

At £125,000, the GRID 2: Mono Edition has set a new Guinness World Records title for the “Most Expensive Video Game Commercially Available – Special Edition” and will include a range of extras for the buyer to enjoy the ultimate experience of racing the car in-game and driving it in real life. The GRID 2: Mono Edition includes:

  • A copy of GRID 2 for PlayStation 3 featuring bespoke packaging artwork
  • BAC Mono supercar in exclusive GRID 2 livery
  • A day at the BAC factory, which includes a factory tour and time spent with technicians, to customise the BAC Mono for size and specifications
  • A GRID 2: Mono Edition branded Bell Racing helmet
  • Race suit, boots & gloves all made to measure in BAC Mono and GRID 2 branding
  • A PlayStation 3

The GRID 2: Mono Edition is available to pre-order at

“BAC is immensely proud and excited at the release of GRID 2: Mono Edition; a game which offers an opportunity for one lucky person to own a truly unique supercar,” said Neill Briggs, Project Director, BAC Mono. “Codemasters has developed a stunning game which focuses on delivering the ultimate driving experience and Mono is the ultimate expression of this, in both the real and virtual worlds.”

The game’s record-breaking achievement has been shortlisted for entry into the next Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition.

GRID 2 is the long-awaited sequel to the BAFTA-award winning, critically acclaimed Race Driver: GRID and will invite players race only the world’s most exciting racing cars on city streets, licensed circuits and open-roads. From Paris to Dubai and Barcelona to California, gamers will journey from rookie to racing superstar as they blaze to the top of World Series Racing, a new world of professional motorsport.

While the GRID 2: Mono Edition is a one-off, the standard edition of GRID 2 will race into retail on Friday, May 31. Fans can keep up with all the latest updates straight from the studio by speeding over to and or follow the team at

Train2Game News: Train2Game Students helping Help for Heroes

Help for HeroesA few of our Train2Game Students have taken it upon themselves to help out Help For Heroes. They will be attempting to break the world record for a gaming marathon.

Christopher Edwards and his friends contacted me a while ago with their plan and they have since got in touch with Guinness. They have had their record accepted and they have the support of Help For Heroes.

They are planning on playing Battlefield 3 for a total of 150 hours, beating the current record of 135 hours. In total, there will be five people competing to beat the time, the game will be played online so other members of the public can join and play with them.

They will rent a server where they will place a banner and a friendly message for players to see before they enter the game, mentioning their pledge to Help for Heroes and the fact it is a Guinness World Records attempt.

The Guinness World Records rules state that the group are allowed a 10 minute break every hour which can be saved up to use when they choose. The location is not yet decided, however, where ever it is staged the attempt is going to be live streamed online and will include a link to make donations.

Chris said “I hope that you find my cause a worthy one and that myself and my friend’s can count on your support and sponsorship. We hope to make a lot of money for charity, if not we may just make it over the hundreds, however we believe any amount could be a great asset to Help for Heroes.”

If you wish to support Chris and his friends you can do so by visiting

You can also like and follow their progress at

I wish Chris and his friends the best of luck!

Train2Game News: Train2Game Radio interviews Matthew Greenwood

Little Green DudeTrain2Game Radio interviewed Matthew Greenwood, the developer for Road Hog Games. He tells us his coding experience and how he got together with Road Hog Games.

You can follow Road Hog Games on Facebook here or on twitter @roadhoggames

You can listen to the interview here:

Or read the transcript below:

Hey I’m Matthew Greenwood, I’m from Surrey and I’m doing the Developer course with Train2Game.

Hello Matthew, how you doing?
I’m not to bad

So tell me what’s your story? What are the past experiences that have shaped your life?
Right well from a very young age I have kind of been forced, as it were, in to programming. When most people were getting their first CD’s, I got my very first Spectrum +2, 48k BASIC and if ever I wanted to do anything I have always had to write it myself. Pretty much had to grow up and effectively write my own things since I was about 8 years old and of course at that age, games. Everyone else was playing Super Mario Brothers and I was playing my own version of it.

So you have always been making games then and have always been interested in that?
Yeah, I started off at a young age playing games and making my own versions of them. I kind of got more in to developing websites and doing all the background server programming stuff for various different companies. I’ve pretty much been solely into programming really since a very young age.

What is it you do for a living now?
I’m actually a software engineer for a brand management company. We do an online brand management system for the likes of various big companies.

Do you think that helps your game development at all or is it a completely different sort of thing that you have to keep swapping between?
Programming wise, most of it is very similar. The work that I do in the actual Train2Game course has actually helped me greatly with a lot of new stuff that I have had to take on at work. It’s kinda helped both ways

What is the most dramatic and/or exciting thing you have done in your life?
I think the biggest thing so far is attending the Game Jam with Train2Game.

Is that the most recent one, the one with Microsoft?
Yeah that was the World Record attempt.

Yeah, how did you find that?
That was an absolute nightmare! It was brilliant fun, I met lots of great people but I didn’t eat, I didn’t sleep, I was pretty much behind that computer non stop. For the few times I did leave the computer I had a few people staring at me because my eyes were just getting redder and redder over the weekend.

So was it at the Game Jam you met the other people of Road Hog or was that a different way you got together?
Yeah, Terry and Gareth were both part of the same team for the Game Jam, Team 46, and we came up with a game called Monumental but we never actually had an artist at all during the Game Jam, so we spent most of the time getting photos off Google I think it was and various other places. We became really good friends and now we are off to do this and I think either Gareth or Terry found Amy, who is now our resident artist and it’s helped us greatly in lots of ways for the new game.

Excellent. So finally, what is your greatest ambition for your career. Where do you want to go with it?
That’s a big one. I think I would actually like to be able to work for myself and to be able to pick and choose what sorts of projects I want to work on rather than having to work on everything because you need the money in the door.

Excellent! Well thank you very much for your time Matthew!
Thank you very much.

Train2Game News: Game Jam on the Guinness World record site

Train2Game’s World record Game Jam has a story on the Guinness World Record official website.

There are some great pictures from the weekend in the story.

You can read the story in the link below:

Train2Game News: Students featured in local papers

Train2Game Students Dan Hawkins, Richard Scott-Jones and Jason Teefey have been featured in their local papers. The students talk about their time at the World record breaking Game Jam.

You can read the articles in the links below:

Games Sudbury Mercury September 2012

Redhill games industry student

The Surrey Comet September 2012