Train2Game Fabble’s Adventure Development Update


Train2Game student James Mahon updates on Fabble’s Adventure, his progress on the course and plans for the future

James Mahon and team are working on Children’s platformer Fabble’s Adventure, and its progressing nicely. He plans to use his experience making the game to learn more about creating games and as a platform to develop more games in the future.

The development of Fabble’s Adventure is going really well. In the game Fabble and Minx are on a quest to find lost rice grains. It’s a traditional platformer aimed at young players with a cute yet exciting storyline. There are now six worlds for players to explore. Rewards have been introduced and replay-value added.

Current focus is programming and getting levels right, which has taken a great deal of time. The team is finding it a challenge making a game but ultimately very rewarding. At this point James is working with another Train2Game student who has taken up a position of head of QA and they are not looking for any additional help until the game launches.

James is enjoying the course, he sees it as a great chance to learn and socialise with people that have a common goal. He’s now working on portfolio projects having successfully completed course work. In the future wants to continue making similar games that have a positive effect on kids.

Train2Game student James Mahon: ‘We’ve made massive progress on the game’s environments and challenges. It’s a platformer that embraces traditional gameplay in with a cartoon look and feel. There are six different worlds for players to explore. In them, collecting items is a major part of the game flow and finding the hidden objectives are the main goal. When goals are accomplished, the player will set their own personal achievements for them to beat again, allowing for replay-ability and extended gameplay time.’

‘The game story features Fabble and Minx who are on a quest to find the lost rice grains throughout the different worlds in their universe. Their ultimate goal is to defeat Ghosthead, a mutant bug that terrorized the lost rice grains into fleeing their home. There are a variety of monsters, big and small, to defeat and a good range of challenges to overcome on their quest.’

‘The current focus is in programming to make the game’s challenges work as planned. There a numerous obstacles and pitfalls that we have to get functional in order start creating levels. We’re a small team with a big project and it’s very time consuming especially programming so that’s where a large part of the workforce is currently.’

‘The journey so far has been challenging but a lot of fun nonetheless. Taking a concept from paper to a working product is hard work but a rewarding experience. I’ve learned to appreciate game-making much like playing a game. There’s always a personal sense of accomplishment when overcoming a challenge and that’s what motivates me to continue.’

‘I’ve successfully interviewed a candidate who is also a student of Train2Game on the QA game tester course. He’s currently providing much needed support with the programming tasks and has the major role as head of QA throughout development.’

‘The recruitment drive is over for now. We have enough workers to get the project done and on time. There will be a new recruitment drive when the game enters QA in the later stages of development. We’ll be on the lookout for beta testers and even testers that fit within the game’s target audience. The most preferable skill is a working knowledge of programming concepts to be able to break the game and find bugs that could ruin the game experience.’

‘Level design is next on the list for the game, as soon as the game’s challenges are implemented. My studies as a designer will help out with this most important aspect. I want to create simple but fun gameplay with a variety of challenges while embracing the traditional platformer gameplay style.’

‘I’m currently halfway through with my Train2Game portfolio projects after having successfully completed my tutor marked assignments. I enjoy reading through my course work and applying what I’ve learned. Also, being a part of Train2Game’s community seeing as I have somewhere to hang out and socialize with people that have a similar passion. There’s also the much needed support for students from staff to help make our ambitions become a reality.’

‘In the future, I want to start an independent videogame company to specialize in creating mobile and PC games for kids. Fabble’s Adventure is the only game I’m committed to at the moment. I have other games for kids in the concept stage waiting to be created. I want to finish what I’m doing with this game before I take on another project.’

‘It’s still important for me to create games for kids. I wouldn’t want to turn down a good opportunity to create video game products, I believe, they will love. I also believe video games are a great learning tool and that means a lot more for me to create games that have a positive influence on kids.’

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Train2Game News Student creating studio for kids games


Train2Game pupil creating cartoon games for kids wants students to join his team and get hands on experience making games

James Mahon, 25, from Birmingham wants students to join him in making awesome games for kids. James is on the Games Design course, is coming to the end of his studies and has so far created two games. The latest title he’s working on is a traditional platform game, with cartoon style graphics and comic book sequences. He’s specifically looking for is looking for level design and QA.

James Mahon, Train2Game student: ‘I am studying Game Designer course and enjoying it, I have almost finished it. I’m using everything I have learned and have created two games in the last year.’

‘I am looking for team members that enjoy working in a team and can work towards a common goal. I hope to make good connections with other designers and create some team spirit to help make better games. I am looking for a level designer to work with as a team. I am just a designer that can conceptualize art and implement features. Unfortunately, designing levels is outside of my area of study.’

‘I have finished prototyping a simple platform game and looking for a QA Level Designer to help design linear levels and test that they are fun to play. I have concept art of the two heroic characters and the villain.  The aim is to create a game with mass appeal in its characters and long-lasting value as a sustainable franchise.’

‘This is a traditional 2D platformer featuring lovable characters that will appeal to boys and girls. This children’s game features, a rice grain on a mission to find the lost rice grains with the aid of his companion, a pixie. Their ultimate objective is to defeat the mutant bug that terrorized the rice grains into fleeing their home.’

‘Another, concept on paper is an educational game featuring a ‘cool’ narrative character on duty to teach kids the importance of safety. This game will be created for school kids and in web browser for accessibility.’

‘Both of these concepts will have HUGE levels to design. That’s what I want help with. Above all, these concepts need some team spirit to help make a better game.’

‘Having played many kids games when I was younger, I still can understand what makes them fun to play for kids. I was a kid once and some kids have negative influences so the aim would be to create a positive influence through entertainment in a video game.’

‘I plan on making video games for kids/teenagers from 7 to 18. I have a few concepts on paper that are perfectly viable. Kids games aren’t as mainstream as adult games i.e Grand Theft Auto, but games don’t have to involve gratuitous violence to be fun – cartoon violence can still be fun, or even, no violence.’

‘I plan to start of small and grow big in the future with better games. I have big plans for my team to create big games that have a lot of value. I enjoy playing hardcore video games the most. Ubisoft inspire me.’

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