Train2Game News Downloadable Gaming Platform Kartridge

Kongregate, a leading publisher of mobile, console, PC, and web games, has revealed that Kartridge, the upcoming downloadable gaming platform, currently in closed beta, will become available to the public on November 1, 2018.

The Kartridge Open Beta will launch with several distinct features; most notably, it will reward playtime by providing tangible perks to those who level up their account.

Players accrue experience by completing game-specific achievements and collecting unique badges, co-designed by Kartridge and selected development teams.

As players earn experience, their Kartridge account will increase in level. As a reward for their progress, they’ll receive substantial benefits at specific levels that allow them to purchase any game at a discount or receive a game of their choice for free.

“For over a decade, we’ve cultivated an environment where players not only care about their in-game accounts, but about their entire platform persona; we’ve found that players respond well to empowerment and choice,” said Alison Huffman, Director of Product at Kongregate. “We hope that players will find the substantive benefits of gaming on Kartridge to be a personally rewarding experience.”

With over 200 games from a total of 100 founding developers, Kartridge’s debut will feature content from industry headliners such as Double Fine, Versus Evil, and Thunder Lotus.

The inaugural platform release will also provide an effortless content upload process, expanding developer tools and analytics, and core community features, including a global platform chat system.

“We want Kartridge to feel like an investment that pays off for both developers and players. Developers will gain a bigger and expanded audience through purchases subsidized by Kongregate and players will get more of what they want: games,” Alison continued. “We hope Kartridge accounts will become a point of pride for players, with a lot of completed achievements, a large library, and a place where community investment, health, and longevity are encouraged.”

Kartridge is currently in closed beta and will be released as an open beta on November 1, 2018. Players and developers can learn more about the Kartridge platform, and sign up for the ongoing closed beta, at

Train2Game News Online Game Pioneers at Work book


Entertainment Media Council, the association for business leaders in the video game industry, today announced that the leading history of the online game industry, Online Game Pioneers at Work.

The book is now available in print at, Barnes & Noble, and bookstores around the world and the ebook will soon follow.

In Online Game Pioneers at Work, bestselling author and celebrity interviewer Morgan Ramsay speaks with 16 creative and business leaders in the online game industry, such as astronaut and Ultima creator Richard Garriott, Supercell CEO Ilkka Paananen, and Kongregate CEO Emily Greer.

“They tell things just the way they are, without any spin, and with insights freely flowing,” wrote Richard Bartle, the co-creator of the first virtual world, MUD, in his foreword. “That’s either a feature of successful game developers or a testament to Morgan’s interviewing skills. I suspect it’s a combination of both.”

The 412-page book of 15 interviews takes readers behind the curtains of industry titans, like BioWare, CCP Games, and King, to reveal the strategies, sacrifices, and long hours that lead to success in online, social, mobile, tablet, and serious games.

Through every story, Online Game Pioneers at Work ultimately provides a unique look at leading, managing, and growing small businesses into great businesses.