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Train2Game student studios Shopping game Sweet Life now available.

Laurece Brown and the team at LxBGAMES Games have released Sweet Life which is now free-to-pay on the Developer’s website. Sweet Life is a point, click and drag style game with a shopping theme. It can be played on a PC or laptop.

This is the first release from the Train2Game student studio, the team are pleased with their game and have plans for further titles in the future. Sweet Life has been launched with a trailer on YouTube which shows in game footage.

Laurece Brown, CEO & Founder, LxBGAMES: “The objective of Sweet Life is to serve as many customers as possible in a time limit (three minutes). Players will collect shop stars when they serve a customer; each customer is worth one star. However to bump up the gameplay experience players can get combos by severing three different customers in seven seconds.”

“The collected items are all displayed on the shelves; chocolate bars, canned drinks, lollipops, ice creams and cupcakes (I think that’s it). Players need to look at the customer order displayed in a speech bubble, and then they will need to drag the requested item into the customer’s shopping bag. Players will start to form a rhythm and get great high scores.”

“It’s a simple game and it has great potential if improved.”

Find out more about Laurece, Sweet Life and LXb Games at and

Play the game here  and view the trailer

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Train2Game News LxB Games hiring

LxB GamesIndependent studio created by Train2Game student offering paid contract work to Train2Game students

In yet another Train2Game success story, a student has setup her own professional studio and is now looking to the Train2Game community to service the studio. Students are invited to apply for paid contract work creating games. At this time LXBGAMES are looking for a Programmer but have many more projects planned in the future.

Laurece Brown, CEO & Founder, LxBGAMES, is on the hunt in the Train2Game community to find suitable people to work with her independent studio. Laurece, who is set to complete the Train2Game course in January 2015, is looking for support for students who will complete work on projects for a fixed fee. The games planned are not going to be huge and each project won’t take long to complete.

LxBGAMES is currently working on Sweet Life, details can be found on the team’s website ( and social media. The team has a lead programmer and lots of artists available. They are now looking to compliment the team with a hard working programmer, who has skills in: Animation, Action Script and Flash. Budgets are not huge at this time but students will be paid to complete the work. LxBGAMES are currently looking for support on Sweet Life but any applicants interested in contract work will be kept on file for future projects.

If you are interested, contact:

Laurece Brown