Train2Game News: Paid C++ Job Opportunity

Top job opportunity for Train2Game students with raw talent who want to join a London based indie that is going places.

A friend of Train2Game is looking for a C++ coder to work in Soho for a contract which runs until January that could then become permanent.

The details of the job can be found below, if you are interested contact and he will put you in contact with the studio.

Role Purpose
Looking for a skilled and experienced Server Developer to join a small, creative, indie team working in Soho London.

Team/Department Mission
This role is part of a larger team creating games and entertainment services influenced by changing consumer consumption and emerging business models. Part of its purpose will be to showcase functionality of specific platforms but the primary goal is to establish new entertainment franchises. The ethos of this team is to be distinctive, deliberate and disruptive. It has large ambitions.

Key Accountabilities

  • Develop and maintain software services to support gameplay, data sharing, and title instrumentation.
  • Develop and maintain client (game) side library’s to interface with server/cloud hosted services.
  • Work with IT infrastructure engineers to onboard and maintain services.
  • Affect gameplay engineers to ensure game supports synchronous, remote multiplayer modes.
  • Implement game state synchronization.
  • Understand and refine game & customer behaviour requirements by working with non-engineering disciplines.
  • Implement in-game telemetry and reporting mechanism.
  • Understand and create data storage and reporting system to deliver relevant game & customer behaviour reports to non-engineering disciplines.
  • Affect IT infrastructure decisions to support the above.

Knowledge, Skills and Experience

  • Have shipped something really cool that is networked/online/connected to a cloud or datacentre

– could be a AAA game or an indie game or both,

– could be a streaming service, peer-to-peer BitTorrent-like system, anything web-service on the backend. It just needs to demonstrate that you can design and implement web services in a game-like environment

  • Have good understanding of caching, queuing, naming, and data structures, especially how they’re key to making backend systems work
  • Have designed and implemented working modules (ie cache server, proxy server, leaderboards, authentication, chat systems)
  • Experienced, willing and eager to work with cloud platforms and services. You’ve got to have a bit of sys-admin in you!
  • Proficient in Java, C++, C#, Node.js or whatever language you need to get the job done well
  • Very strong problem-solving skills.

Personal Attributes/Interpersonal Skills

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Outgoing and pro-active personality who thrives on working within a team.
  • Self-motivated with a drive for excellence.

If you are interested in applying for the position then email Harry at