Train2Game News: Nintendo 2DS

Nintendo 2DSEarlier this week Nintendo announced a new addition to it’s hand held family. The Nintendo 2DS, the child friendly alternative to the popular 3DS.

The new Nintendo 2DS system gives you all the features of the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL, minus 3D viewing and the price makes the world of Nintendo games even more accessible. The 2DS is compatible with all Nintendo 3DS and most Nintendo DS games; has wireless connectivity for multiplayer and co-op play and has access to the Nintendo eShop, with digital games, free demos, and special offers.

The 2DS has a similar design to the 3DS with the dual screens but it has no hinges. This is to help the console last in the hands of over excited children who may have trouble with the hinges of the 3DS.

It will be available in “White + Red” or “Blue + Black” from 12th October, the same day Pokémon X and Pokémon Y comes out. Nintendo of Europe doesn’t set the price of hardware in the UK, but GAME has set its price as £109.99.

Nintendo of America chief Reggie Fils-Aime said “Nintendo has one of the strongest and most diverse video game lineups in our history,

“Today we’re making those unique Nintendo experiences more accessible and affordable. However you play and whatever you play, Nintendo has you covered.”

You can view an introduction video to the 2DS below:

Train2Game News: New Zelda 3DS Game announced

Legend of ZeldaNintendo have announced in there latest Nintendo Direct video that a new Zelda game is coming to the handheld 3DS. It will be a sequel to the SNES classic, A Link To The Past.

After announcing how much he loves A Link to the Past, Nintendo of America COO and president, Reggie Fils-Aime confirmed that Nintendo is now developing a new game that will take place in the same game world for Nintendo 3DS. While the setting for the game might prove familiar to fans, Fils-Aime confirmed that it features an original storyline and entirely new dungeons.

Fils-Aime said “What our developers want to achieve in this new Zelda game is to reinvigorate the flat, 2D world of A Link to the Past with a sense of height and volume using the three-dimensional display in Nintendo 3DS. With it, it’s easier to differentiate levels in the environment and our developers can utilise height differences in dungeons as a puzzle-solving mechanic.”

In the few brief seconds of footage shown, link can be seen springing upwards to access the higher reaches of the game’s multi-tiered dungeons.

One of the most intriguing new features of the game is the ability to turn Link into a drawing, enabling him to navigate across walls and zooming the camera down into the game world.

There is not yet an official release date but the video from Nintendo Direct informs us that it will be released this holiday season.

You can enjoy the trailer for the new Zelda 3DS game below. A 3D version of the video is being shown on the console.

Train2Game News: Nintendo Wii U is the “Swiss army knife” of gaming

E3 saw Nintendo reveal more about the Wii U, with one analyst dubbing the upcoming console the “Swiss army knife” of video games.

The one hour presentation saw Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime and Shigeru Miyamoto discuss how the tablet controller can be used in conjunction with the current Wii-remotes and how a “social window” allows new ways to play while allowing users to connect with others.

“For 30 years, game machines … couldn’t take on a more important role than the TV itself,” said Miyamoto  “We knew our next system was going to have its own dedicated screen even if it had to be small. We wanted it to be the first screen people went to when they went into the living room.”

Using the mini-monitor on the game pad was demonstrated by Pikmin 3 and how it uses it to monitor your strategy and the game world as you play through a TV, along with showing off a variety of other things the Wii U can do.

Nintendo has made the console a “Swiss Army knife” said P.J. McNealy of Digital World Research. “Nintendo has a history of creating hardware devices that it takes advantage of over time, whether it was voice commands, the touch panel, the accelerometer, or the gyroscope.”

As of yet there are no price or release date details for the Nintendo Wii U. Games shown for the console however include Nintendo Land, Pikmin 3 and a Wii U version of Batman: Arkham City.

What are your thoughts on the Nintendo Wii U? Do you have a clearer idea of what its about after the E3 presentation?

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Train2Game news: Wii U audience will be ‘different’ to Wii consumers say Nintendo

Wii U controllerNintendo believe that their Wii U console will appeal to a different type of audience than the Nintendo Wii.  At least that’s according to Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aime.

“The consumer buying Wii hardware today is going to be a different consumer than the one who will be buying Wii U in the future,” he told TIME.

“This is the first holiday that the Wii is available at $149.99 or below, so its an expanded demographic we’re reaching. These are consumers who have heard about Wii for the past couple years, but at $199 or $249 it was economically out of their reach.

“We haven’t announced pricing for Wii U, but you can definitely expect that pricing is going to be different and that the games are going to be different.” said Fils-Aime, in an interview that should provide interest to Train2Game students.

As reported by the Train2Game blog, Nintendo have previously claimed that their Wii U console will attract core gamers.  The company revealed the Wii U during their E3 presentation, and you can find out more about it here on the Train2Game blog.

Nintendo haven’t revealed a release date for the Wii U, but in an interview with the Train2Game blog, We Sing Rock producer Kevin Leathers revealed that they’re already looking into developing for the new console.

So Train2Game, what do you make of Fils-Aime’s comments? Do you believe the Wii U will appeal to a different kind of audience? Is the new Nintendo console on your radar?

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