Train2Game News N64 Goes Modern

The EON Super 64, the first-of-its-kind, plug-and-play solution connecting the Nintendo64 with modern televisions and monitors, is available now at CastleMania Games, Amazon, and other retail partners.
EON, the creators of the acclaimed GCHD and GCHD Mk-II,
upscales N64 classics by delivering gorgeous 480p — double the N64’s
native resolution — and truly lagless input with the EON Super 64. The
optional “Slick Mode” even smooths jagged edges, making classics look
sharper than ever. EON delivers the first device that respects the
original hardware without risky modifications and external power
Connect the N64 to a high-definition TV via HDMI and forego heavy CRT televisions and risky console modifications, unlocking a pure retro experience.

EON’s attention to detail provides an elegant, modern solution for the
32.9 million N64s sold that are unable to play on today’s displays.

With reverence for the Nintendo hardware legacy, EON designed the Super 64 as a natural extension of the console itself by following the N64’s
design aesthetic.

The Super 64 looks like it was always meant to be

“Because the Nintendo 64 impacted our lives and the lives of so many others, honoring the original hardware with a look and quality level to match was crucial,” said Justin Chou, Justin Scerbo, and Allan Chou, founders of EON.

“We designed the Super 64 to bring our favorite games to modern
TVs, and not just be playable, but beautiful. We hope our device lives
up to your memories.”

The EON Super 64 is now available in North America for $149.99 USD on Amazon, CastleMania Games, and other EON retail partners. Check out EON’s mission and quality standards on their website and celebrate the N64 with them on Twitter.

Train2Game News launches March 1st will launch its new gaming industry platform on March 1st and starts a completely new streaming talk show at the same time.

Devs Talk is a new gaming industry talk show hosted by

The first show of the first season will be streamed on March 1st at

The date is carefully picked to coincide with a National Futures Day in Finland. Great industry leading panelists will talk about the future of games and what are the key trends of the gaming industry in 2020-2030.

Devs Talk is a free monthly streaming show with new themes and guests each month. The show is produced in Helsinki, Finland at Studio.

The first show’s panelists are Adnan Selimovic (Founder of Data United and researcher in data science and user psychology), KooPee Hiltunen (Director of the Finnish game industry hub NeoGames), Natasha Bulatovic Trygg (Game developer, Entrepreneur, Academic & Teacher, Chairperson of IGDA Finland) and Vesa Raudasoja (Chairman of and Founder of The host of the show is Björn Lindholm (Game Dev Company).

The first show’s agenda on March 1st is the following: 10.00 EST / 15.00 GMT / 17.00 EET: Welcoming words 10.05 EST / 15.05 GMT / 17.05 EET: Panel Introduction 10.15 EST / 15.15 GMT / 17.15 EET: Panel Discussion 11.30 EST / 16.30 GMT / 18.30 EET: Q&A with the panel 12.15 EST / 17.15 GMT / 19.15 EET: End of the stream will be the primary resource and toolkit for anyone interested in the gaming industry. More info will follow on March 1st.

Train2game News Gaming Comedy Show


Comedian-led TV show for gamers Console Yourself , produced by GINX TV, is set to return for a third season this week on Sunday April 10th at 8 p.m. on Virgin Media channel 290 in the UK.

Building on the trend to rally gaming to TV audiences, the show will see the return of Host Neil Cole (award-winning comedian & broadcaster) and some of the UK circuit’s favourite comedy talents dissecting the common ground of video games. The show is like a stress-busting therapy session for gamers – but funny.

Guests in the new series include comedians and gamers  Inel Tomlinson (CBBC, Virgin Radio),  Steve McNeil (Go 8 Bit), Ellie Gibson (Eurogamer), Bec Hill (Sky’s DC Fancast), Jim Smallman (BBC Radio 5 Live), Bisha K. Ali, Archie Maddocks, Matthew Highton, Sam Golin and Simon Feilder.

Series 3 of the comedian-led show will see Host Neil Cole and stand-up favourites chat the loves  and loathes of videogames, with every episode focusing on a range of popular gaming themes from the PlayStation 4 console and the Street Fighter Franchise, to Pokémon, the Zelda series and the SNES.

Neil Cole commented: “When I first started performing stand-up comedy, it was a relief to realise that I wasn’t the only comedian who spent as much time playing videogames as writing jokes and driving to gigs – so this show is as natural a meeting-place for funny gaming chat as the arcade at the services on the M6 Toll Road” 

Console Yourself will be co-produced by Adam Mason and Neil Cole. For a look at previous episodes of the series, see

The brand new season 3 of Console Yourself will premiere on Sunday April 10th at 8 p.m. in the UK on Virgin Media Channel 290 and on GINX TV worldwide.

Train2Game News Be on Train2Game TV


Train2Game Students do you want to advertise yourself whilst supporting Train2Game? The newly launched Train2Game.TV will give you the opportunity to do just that. is looking for some students with good quality webcams or video recording equipment to record a short video of yourself, maximum ten minutes, advertising yourself to future employers who may come looking.

As some of you know the best way to break into the games industry is to get yourself out there and be noticed by those who you admire. This will give you the perfect opportunity to do just that and will help support Train2Game at the same time.

If you are interested, please send your video via to

Train2Game News Live eSports on TV


For the very first time, GINX brings live eSport to TV with ESL, the world’s largest eSports brand, at MCM Comic Con for the UK Premiership Grand Final in London this weekend.

Watch GINX TV Saturday 23rd of May, 9AM to 2PM on Virgin Media channel 286 in the UK for live coverage from the MCM eSports Arena during the League of Legends Grand Final of the ESL UK Premiership, including commentary, interviews with pro players, and expert analysis of the best moments from the event.

ESL UK’s hotly anticipated League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Grand Final Premiership will take place during MCM London Comic Con from the 22nd of May, with the UK’s best LoL and CSGO teams. The MCM London Comic Con eSports arena boasts 800 seats and two projector screens to watch the professional players in action, competing to dominate the arena for glory and £12,000 prize money.

The League of Legends Spring 2015 UK Semi-Finalists include Choke Gaming v. Rift Gaming and Team Infused versus FM-eSports; while Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Semi-Finalists include XENEX opposite FM-eSports, and EZskins v. Team Infused.

Further information about the event is available at, on MCM London Comic Con eSports page and