Train2Game News EVE Pilots Raise Money For Australian Bushfires

CCP Games, creators of the in-depth and uniquely player-driven spaceship MMO game EVE Online, are proud to announce that over $100,000 has been raised by the pilots of EVE Online for the Red Cross and their relief work on the Australian Bushfires.

Raising $107,454 (£83,299.95) in just 11 days, PLEX for GOOD is a charitable program operated by CCP Games on behalf of EVE Online players.

It provides a way for EVE players to donate to a charitable cause through the use of the in-game digital currency PLEX – allowing for charitable donations by those who otherwise might not have the means to donate real money.

This equates to 2,687,693 PLEX, which is equivalent to:

448 years of game time

9.14 Trillion ISK at current market prices

CCP Games and the Icelandic Red Cross came together at CCP’s headquarters in Reykjavik to officially hand over the cheque for the money raised on behalf of the capsuleers of New Eden.

The money will be delivered to their Australian Red Cross counterparts where it will in turn find its way to the relief services that are being provided on the ground to those affected.

Starting in 2005 to raise funds for the South East Asian Tsunami, PLEX for GOOD has now raised a total of $578,000 (£448,033.81) for charitable causes over the years, an incredible feat for which all EVE Online players can be proud.

Players who donated a minimum of 100 PLEX will receive a piece of in-game apparel in March as a ‘thank you’ for their generosity. This will consist of two t-shirts (one men’s and one women’s) featuring the logo of the Reserve Frontier Safeguard (RFS) for pilots to wear proudly.

EVE Online can be downloaded for free by visiting

Train2Game News Hands on with VR at VRTGO


Samsung and CCP Games will be giving all VRTGO attendees the opportunity to get hands-on with the best that VR has to offer.

VRTGO, the annual conference and expo that explores the future of virtual reality (VR) for both entertainment and business applications, today reveals that Samsung will have full retail units of its impending Gear VR headset available for all attendees to try as the event kicks off on Thursday 12th November at the Newcastle Gateshead BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead.

Samsung’s Gear VR headset is released in November, and VRTGO is the ideal opportunity to be one of the first in the country to try out the brand new VR technology that Samsung will be releasing to the wider public.

Jason Lovell, wearable’s senior product manager at Samsung Electronics UK (SEUK) commented, “The VRTGO event is very timely as we will shortly be releasing our first consumer Samsung Gear VR headset, so attendees will get a chance to try out the device for themselves and ask any development questions they may have.” He continued, “Enabling people to use the Gear VR headset in a free and open environment means that VRTGO attendees will be able to not only experience the product, but also engage with the development team behind it and understand many of the nuances that make it a stand out device.”

Samsung will also be joined by CCP Games, who will be showcasing EVE:Valkyrie and inviting attendees to experience a playable version of the hit 2015 trailer.

“At this years VRTGO we’re inviting players to join the Valkyrie and fight alongside the legendary Rán Kavik in our ‘Convoy’ single player mission on Oculus Rift Crescent Bay.” outlined Andrew Robinson, artist and narrative designer, CCP Games. “Built from the ground-up for virtual reality, it’s now possible to experience the visceral combat of EVE:Valkyrie in a completely new way, and VRTGO is the perfect place to showcase this.”

VRTGO will be hosted by respected technology journalist Will Freeman. The conference gives all attendees the opportunity to experience the newest developments in the world of VR, complete with keynotes and panel discussions.

A full agenda of the day’s events can be found at:

Tickets for the event can be purchased from:

Train2Game News: Dust 514 Open Beta for PS3

Dust 514CCP Games are doing an open beta on January 22 for their up coming game Dust 514. This is a great opportunity for Train2Game QA Testers to practice what they have learned.

CCP Games have announced that it will merge the servers for its space management simulator EVE Online and Dust 514, the PS3 shooter set in the same universe. By uniting both games, the way has been paved for Dust 514 to head into open beta.

The game is a PS3 exclusive so providing you have one you can download the game and enter the Beta which launches on January 22 for free.

Hilmar Veigar Pétursson, CEO of CCP said in a press release “The launch of the Dust 514 open beta is another step towards our long-term vision for CCP and EVE. But this is just the beginning.  As we have done with EVE Online, in the coming weeks, and for years to come, we will continually improve upon and add to the Dust 514 experience, as well as add deeper integration between the two games and their communities”

There are no character resets planned, so anyone currently participating in the closed beta will be able to continue right as rain. In fact, those who’ve played at least one match before January 22nd will receive a 100,000 skill point bonus to take into the open beta.

CCP are very proud of the fact that this is the first integrated gameplay experience between two games that are not only of a different genre, but also exist on different platforms. Order an aerial bombardment on a PS3 game of Dust 514 and an EVE Online player might marshall the power of his PC to deliver the deadly barrage.

This is a very exciting and interesting new step in gaming. How well they do could see further platform crossing in the future.