Train2Game News: Dust 514 Open Beta for PS3

Dust 514CCP Games are doing an open beta on January 22 for their up coming game Dust 514. This is a great opportunity for Train2Game QA Testers to practice what they have learned.

CCP Games have announced that it will merge the servers for its space management simulator EVE Online and Dust 514, the PS3 shooter set in the same universe. By uniting both games, the way has been paved for Dust 514 to head into open beta.

The game is a PS3 exclusive so providing you have one you can download the game and enter the Beta which launches on January 22 for free.

Hilmar Veigar Pétursson, CEO of CCP said in a press release “The launch of the Dust 514 open beta is another step towards our long-term vision for CCP and EVE. But this is just the beginning.  As we have done with EVE Online, in the coming weeks, and for years to come, we will continually improve upon and add to the Dust 514 experience, as well as add deeper integration between the two games and their communities”

There are no character resets planned, so anyone currently participating in the closed beta will be able to continue right as rain. In fact, those who’ve played at least one match before January 22nd will receive a 100,000 skill point bonus to take into the open beta.

CCP are very proud of the fact that this is the first integrated gameplay experience between two games that are not only of a different genre, but also exist on different platforms. Order an aerial bombardment on a PS3 game of Dust 514 and an EVE Online player might marshall the power of his PC to deliver the deadly barrage.

This is a very exciting and interesting new step in gaming. How well they do could see further platform crossing in the future.

Train2Game news: Your chance to join CCP’s DUST 514 closed beta

Train2Game students have the opportunity to join a closed beta for CCP’s upcoming PlayStation 3 title DUST 514, as long as they’re an active subscriber of Eve Online.

Registration for ‘DUST 514: Mordu’s Private Trials’ was announced by CCP via the Eve Online Developer Blog.  Those who are selected for the DUST 514 beta will gain access to early testing and ‘special events’

DUST 514 is a PlayStation 3 exclusive MMOFPS set in the Eve Online universe and is scheduled for a release in Spring. Train2Game students with an Eve Online account that wish to register for the DUST 514 beta can do so here.

Beta testing is an excellent way for Train2Game students, especially those on the Games QA Tester course to practice their bug hunting skills. Not only that, but in an interview with the Train2Game blog, Trion Worlds Senior QA Tester Karl Tars said that beta testing is potentially a way to get into the industry.

The Train2Game Blog will be sure to keep you up to date with the latest beta testing opportunities.

So Train2Game, are you an Eve Online subscriber? If so, will you apply for a place in the DUST 514 beta test?

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[Source: VG247]