Train2Game News VRTGO 2016 Announced

The organisers of VRTGO have announced the return of their popular future-gazing VR conference and expo.
Entering its successful third year, VRTGO is one of the most established industry VR conferences in the world. This year, VRTGO is going BIG.

This event will see an array of exciting demos that will show the power of VR for business as well as entertainment. In addition, the people who are creating the best hardware and content for this emerging frontier will all be showing their latest and greatest.  Attend and learn about the future potential of virtual, augmented and mixed reality.

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The conference will welcome talks from Framestore, Hammerhead, Epic Games, Rewind Studio, ARM and many more.

“VR is pushing the boundaries of interactive experiences to a level only dreamt of in sci-fi, we are constantly developing magical new ways for people to be immersed in new worlds.  An example includes our award winning “Field Trip to Mars”, where school children were taken to Mars in a school bus.  We will be attending VRTGO to share our projects and meet other VR specialists”, said Karl Woolley, Head of VR Studio, London, Framestore.

Steve Jelley, Joint MD of Hammerhead VR said, “we pick and choose our events carefully and we’re excited to be exhibiting at VRTGO this year as they always have an engaged audience, and speakers that bring lots of insights into our rapidly expanding industry.”

Carri Cunliffe, conference director said, “We are excited to have so many great companies involved and we will be announcing more very shortly.  As always, we will have provocative panel discussions, outstanding speakers and amazing demos. This year, social VR will be a main theme as its emergence is changing the worlds of business and pleasure alike.”

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Train2Game News Hands on with VR at VRTGO


Samsung and CCP Games will be giving all VRTGO attendees the opportunity to get hands-on with the best that VR has to offer.

VRTGO, the annual conference and expo that explores the future of virtual reality (VR) for both entertainment and business applications, today reveals that Samsung will have full retail units of its impending Gear VR headset available for all attendees to try as the event kicks off on Thursday 12th November at the Newcastle Gateshead BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead.

Samsung’s Gear VR headset is released in November, and VRTGO is the ideal opportunity to be one of the first in the country to try out the brand new VR technology that Samsung will be releasing to the wider public.

Jason Lovell, wearable’s senior product manager at Samsung Electronics UK (SEUK) commented, “The VRTGO event is very timely as we will shortly be releasing our first consumer Samsung Gear VR headset, so attendees will get a chance to try out the device for themselves and ask any development questions they may have.” He continued, “Enabling people to use the Gear VR headset in a free and open environment means that VRTGO attendees will be able to not only experience the product, but also engage with the development team behind it and understand many of the nuances that make it a stand out device.”

Samsung will also be joined by CCP Games, who will be showcasing EVE:Valkyrie and inviting attendees to experience a playable version of the hit 2015 trailer.

“At this years VRTGO we’re inviting players to join the Valkyrie and fight alongside the legendary Rán Kavik in our ‘Convoy’ single player mission on Oculus Rift Crescent Bay.” outlined Andrew Robinson, artist and narrative designer, CCP Games. “Built from the ground-up for virtual reality, it’s now possible to experience the visceral combat of EVE:Valkyrie in a completely new way, and VRTGO is the perfect place to showcase this.”

VRTGO will be hosted by respected technology journalist Will Freeman. The conference gives all attendees the opportunity to experience the newest developments in the world of VR, complete with keynotes and panel discussions.

A full agenda of the day’s events can be found at:

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Train2Game News VR Game creating contest


VRTGO launches competition for new & innovative VR titles, sponsored by nDreams and supported by SCEE & Ukie

The organisers of VRTGO Conference and Expo; Secret Sauce are teaming up with nDreams to create a VR contest for students and start-ups in the VR space.  The competition aims to showcase up and coming VR talent through innovative content and technology for games.

The competition winner will get the chance to exhibit their prototype at VRTGO event on 12th November, as well as receiving mentoring by nDreams and spend time with the Sony Computer Entertainment Europe VR team. The winner will also be named in competition press and they will receive a free affiliation to VRTGO Labs. Runners-up will be able to demo their prototypes at the VRTGO after party. 

nDreams, the UK’s largest videogames developer solely focused on creating virtual reality videogames and experiences, are sponsoring the competition. Patrick O’Luanaigh, CEO of nDreams, said, “We’re thrilled to be sponsoring the VRTGO competition and can’t wait to see what fresh ideas and original concepts the VR enthusiast community put forward. Being able to offer mentoring to those behind the winning entry is an incredibly exciting prospect; we’re eager to share our skills and experience from the forefront of the fast-moving world of VR development.”

Ukie, the trade body for the UK’s games and wider interactive entertainment industry is supporting the competition.  Dr Jo Twist, CEO of Ukie, said, “VR technology has huge potential in both games and wider entertainment, and opportunities like this give students and start-ups a fantastic chance to get their innovative and exciting ideas seen. We’re looking forward to seeing entries from the next generation of VR talent and the new concepts that they’re working on.”

Carri Cunliffe from Secret Sauce said, “We are seeing some interesting VR concepts from small companies and students and we thought VRTGO could give them a platform to showcase some of their work.  We are purposely leaving the contest brief very wide, so as to encourage a diverse range of entertainment and serious entries.”

The contest is also supported by SCEE and nVidia, who will be taking part as judges and offering feedback to contestants.

For details on how to enter the competition, plus further information, please follow this link: For any queries about the contest, please e-mail .

Train2Game News VRTGO Laboratories


Virtual reality (VR) is set to become a mainstream technology next year as Oculus and Sony release their consumer VR headsets in Q1 2016. The North East is well placed to cash in on its strength in this exciting immersive technology.

At the heart of VR innovation is a rapidly expanding cluster of tech companies in the North East, working on everything from virtual showrooms for world renowned car makers to awe inspiring documentary content, immersive games and sub-sea training.

VRTGO Laboratories in Gateshead, is a dedicated virtual reality business cluster, created to bring together a growing number of researchers, entrepreneurs and businesses working in the sector. Backed by Gateshead Council, the VRTGO Laboratories cluster has set itself the goal of ensuring that Gateshead remains at the centre of the VR revolution. Working with leading games and serious VR technologists as well as buyers the centre aims to be a central focal point for VR.

This cluster was born as a result of Britain’s first VR conference and expo, VRTGO, held locally and delivered by specialist digital consultancy Secret Sauce, in September 2014. This international VR event is set to return on 12th November.  ( )
VRTGO conference director, Carri Cunliffe, said: “There is no better place to locate if you are a VR company. The region is home to innovators working in both entertainment and serious applications for big brands. VRTGO Laboratories and the VRTGO conference will attract leading buyers to the region and encourage university research. We are also hosting a free VR demo day on 10th September for anyone who is interested in seeing how VR solutions can improve their business – sign up today”

Global leaders Oculus and digital studios like Atomhawk Design, CCP, ZeroLight, Vector76 and HammerheadVR all delivered presentations at the VRTGO conference and it rapidly became clear that companies in Gateshead and the North East were playing an increasing role in exploring the exciting opportunities of VR.

Cutting edge technology and visualisation firm ZeroLight is among them. Jason Collins from ZeroLight said: “There is a key role for VR to play in creating commercial consumer experiences as well as in fields such as training and design. We’re looking forward to sharing some of our learning about design and building compelling VR experiences with other companies and being part of this growing community.”

Other important sectors in the North East such as the automotive and offshore industries show great potential for commercial VR uses, as well as huge consumer potential, and Gateshead Council is confident that the cluster will lead to extra highly skilled jobs in the region.

The future of everything from video games to sub-sea exploration could be set to change during 2015 as virtual reality technology takes hold. VR is moving ahead at a lightning pace.

Gateshead Council’s technology sector specialist, Marissa Brindley said: “The potential of VR technology is phenomenal. VRTGO Laboratories is ensuring that the North East is in the right place at the right time to take advantage of the revolution that looks set to take place.

“The facilities, expertise and support that are available here are second to none in the sector; businesses are already really feeling the benefit of being a part of VRTGO Laboratories. It’s impossible to predict the future but it’s clear to see just how exciting and important the developments we’re seeing in Gateshead could be.”

Train2Game News VRTGO 2015 Conference


This November will see the return of the popular future gazing VR conference and expo -VRTGO in Gateshead. 

Following last year’s sell-out event the organisers will be introducing new features and encouraging more buyers to attend the break-out sessions to meet technologists and developers.

ZeroLight, headline sponsor of VRTGO 2014 believes attending the event this year is valuable for any company exploring the potential of virtual reality, “VRTGO helps those inside and outside of the technology industry to explore the opportunities that virtual reality brings.  As well as being a showcase of VR applications, it provides real value to anyone thinking of using VR in their business”, said Jason Collins Marketing Director.

The conference and expo will feature companies such as nDreams, CCP, Coatsink, Crossrail, Microsoft, Atomhawk, Hammerhead Interactive and the list goes on….

Patrick O’Luanaigh, CEO of nDreams said, “We spoke at the inaugural event last year, and were hugely impressed by the professionalism, speaker quality and general feeling of excitement. This year’s event should be bigger and better, and we’re looking forward to sharing the lessons that we have learnt releasing titles on the Gear VR and developing launch games for the Morpheus, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.”

Carri Cunliffe, Secret Sauce MD and VRTGO producer said, “It was a great event to work on last year; so many exciting new questions about how VR will impact not just the entertainment industries but how we live and work. We will see more diversity of attendees as buyers look to see how VR can improve their business.  We are thrilled to be working on this exciting event again this year.”

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Train2Game News VRTGO Conference

VRTGOThe North East of England will be host to the first major VR conference in Europe on September 11 2014 at the Baltic Centre in Gateshead.

The conference will be looking at both entertainment, commerical and serious applications for Virtual Reality. In addition attendees will have the oppotunity to go hands on with both Sony’s Project Morpheus and the Oculus Rift.

The conference will look at where the future of VR is taking the entertainment and games industry and see what this cutting edge technology can do for serious applications for automotive, modelling, training, marketing etc.

There will be speakers from a number of different companies talking about the different features of VR and how it can be used to create new exciting experiences. Speakers from SCEE, CCP and Zerolight with plenty more that are yet to be announced.

An after-show party is planned which could be excellent for networking and discussing ideas with other like minded individuals.

So attend and witness the future of interactive entertainment first hand. You can sign up using the eventbrite link here.