Train2Game News Let AI look after your community

Spirit AI, a leader in Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Science and Machine Learning, today announced significant updates to its customer intelligence tool, Ally.

Designed to keep online forums healthier, Ally allows Customer Service and Data Science teams to understand the general tenor of the online community and predict problems before they escalate.

Ally considers context, nuance and the relationships between users versus seeking and blocking keywords. The software uses Natural Language Understanding and AI to identify the intent of a message, and then analyzes the behavior and reactions to determine its impact. Ally intelligently assists CS teams to identify users and user behaviors, and then provides data and customizable tools to improve the overall state of online play and forums.

“Online harassment has increasingly become an issue, both in-game and in other online forums, but it’s a challenging problem to solve. Not all communities have the same culture, rules, and norms, so one-size-fits-all solutions aren’t the best answer,” said Mitu Khandaker, Creative Partnerships Director at Spirit AI.

“It’s important to be able to consider the context; to be able to discern harassment from smack talk, in order foster safe, healthy communities. Ally looks beyond language to context and behavior to provide intelligence to help head off trouble.”

Spirit AI recently introduced a host of new features, some of which were unveiled at this year’s Game Developers Conference, and as part of the new Fair Play Alliance Summit. Product improvements include new Smart Filters, an updated and customizable web-based front end and intuitive node-based interface, and GDPR compliance.

· Smart filters – Using proprietary machine learning technology, Ally groups language classifications such as profanity and sexual content in ways that help avoid the common pitfalls of current technologies. Rather than taking a redactive or ‘censoring’ approach, Ally determines game-specific slurs to create robust word groupings that are easily identified as helpful or harmful.

  • Natural Language Classifiers and Sentiment Analysis – Ally looks at the words in real time and in context to detect upset users.
  • Bot Detection – Because Ally’s system looks at every message it can find patterns in language that reveal the bots and bad actors who are targeting your community.
  • Case File – Detected behavior is permanently stored so a Community Manager can understand an actor’s case file and identify repeat behaviors
  • User Insight – Ally can reveal how your users are interacting with each other and highlight the bad apple before the barrel is spoilt.

· User Interface – Ally‘s UI allows customer intelligence teams to monitor behavior across the community and automatically highlight repeat offenders. Customer service teams can rapidly identify both positive and negative behaviors and either promote or demote their users immediately.

· GDPR – Ally is GDPR compliant to better protect user privacy and data.

Spirit AI is expanding the Company’s customer roster, with several major companies both in and outside the games industry, using Ally.

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Train2game News Game Marmalade game jam needs students


Game Marmalade gathers momentum but needs more participants

Train2Game Game Jam organised by students has secured a major prize and support but needs more students to make the Game Jam a huge success

Train2Game student Slinks is organising the first ever online Game Jam for Train2Game students. She’s done incredibly well in setting up the event, four teams have signed up so far but the Game Jam could certainly get bigger.

Prizes have been secured and a theme will be decided at the beginning of the event. The Game Jam takes place on the 27th May. Students have heard about the jam and starting to sign up but more are needed. It’s a great networking opportunity, a way to improve skills and a great way to create more portfolio work.

Train2Game has provided a gaming laptop for the winning team. A student at YoYo games could also be providing a prize. Students will make a full game during the event and be able to use any games produced to impress future employers.

The organisers are on the lookout for more participants from all Train2Game disciplines and ideally want to source a Dev for the judging panel.

Train2Game student and Game Jam organiser, Slinks, said:  ‘It’s certainly a slow burner and although I’ve put a lot of hard work into getting the message out there, it’s been more difficult than expected to get people involved. However I haven’t given up and I will continue to work on making Game Marmalade a success, as I believe it is important for students to have contact with other students, especially on a distance learning course, as it can feel very isolated studying on your own. This is something I experienced in the second year of my course and what prompted me to start the Team speak channel and now organising Game Marmalade.’

‘Train2Game are still top of the stack when it comes to prizes, with their generous donation of a gaming laptop for the winning team. I’ve also been contacted by a fellow student, Ryan Pearton of YoYo Tech, who has some interesting ideas for prizes which will be confirmed in the next couple of weeks. When I have more information I will update the website. We currently have 4 teams of 4, with a good mix of people in each, so we should be able to get 4 great games together at least.’

‘There will be a theme for Game Marmalade, as the aim of the event is to make a working game which uses the theme in some way. Teams have been asked to put forward their suggestion for a theme and at the beginning of the event all the suggestions will be put into a hat and one will be picked out at random. Whatever is picked out of the hat will be the theme for the entire event and teams will need to incorporate it into their game in some way. For instance if the theme was yellow you might make the UI buttons yellow, or you might use yellow in the title, but points will be awarded for how creatively the theme is used.’

‘I would really like to get a Dev on the judging panel as it’s totally artist heavy at the moment, the teams are going to have to come up with some good looking games if it stays the way it is lol. But yes, we are looking for as many people to get involved as possible. The more teams we have, the more interesting it’ll be to see the different art styles and the different ways the theme is used and interpreted.’

People can get involved by visiting the website which also has all the information about Game Marmalade, or contact Slinks directly by email  and can also pm her on either of the Train2Game forums.

For more information contact:
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Train2Game News Student artwork gallery

Dan CableDan Cable is coming to the end of his course with Train2Game and we have every confidence he’ll go on to do some incredible things in the gaming world.

We’ve highlighted some of our favourite pieces of his work, but if you’d like to see more art and 3D Gifs then visit his work thread on the forum.

In a post Dan wrote on the Train2Game forum and said of the course: “I gotta say, I’m partly sad it’s over (or nearly) but it’s been a long road to get here. I’m a little disappointed I took so long (3 Years) as I think I committed too much time to things like BF3/4 and iRacing rather than get my head down with this. For the money spent I think I’ve got a great value education and a great understanding of the core principles involved in game art.”

We’ve approached Dan for an interview and he’ll be getting back to us as soon as he finishes his course work!

You can view some of Dans artwork in the gallery below

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Train2Game News: Train2Game Radio revisits Muir Halleron

Muir HalleronWe spoke to Muir a while ago when he had not long started the Train2Game course and now we have revisited him. Muir told us all about the work he does now with 22Cans forums.

You can listen to the interview here:

Or read the transcript below:

Hello I’m Muir Halleron, I’m taking the Train2Game developer course and I’m from Widnes.

Hiya Muir, how you doing?

I’m just fine thanks

Excellent! So what have you been up to since we last spoke?

Oh, loads of things! Since we last spoke; I’ve been to Eurogamer, I started making my own game but it’s very slow going. It’s basically an extreme in my spare time thing. I am also the forum moderators for not only Train2Game but also 22Cans on their steam forums.

Excellent. How did that come about?

Oh I backed GODUS on Kickstarter last December, became active in the forums and through that the community manager, Sam Van Tilburgh, approached me to become a moderator.

Excellent. So have you been enjoying it?

Yeah it’s fun! It can be a bit stressful at times and hectic, especially right after an update of the game, but yeah, I’m really enjoying it!

Very nice and do you get to hear some industry secrets that we’re not allowed to or anything?

Oh not really! I do get a bit of background information just pertaining to my moderator duties.

So have you always been a fan of 22Cans and Peter Molyneux?

I like Peter Molyneux’s Fable series. My first game of his that I actually played was Black & White, sadly I didn’t actually finish that game!

The important question is though, were you a good god or were you a bad god?

I was actually middle of the line!

Oh yeah? Tried to please everyone?

Yeah, straddle that fence!

So have you been finding that all this forum moderation will help you in the future with your career?

I’m hoping so yeah. It’s allowed me to see how things in the industry works a little bit and I’ve got a little bit of contact with a few of the devs on different social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Steam. They’ve been really nice and they answer questions that I have pertaining to the industry.

Excellent, that’s nice. Do you think you’ll perhaps get a job with them as well now that you’ve got contact with them?

That would be nice but they’re a little bit too far south for my tastes.

Oh yeah I forgot you live fairly north. So finally, what are you hoping for the future then?

Well in the future, I’m actually looking to relocate to Leeds because right now I live up near Liverpool but I’m wanting to move to Leeds because my boyfriends live there and with my Son being closer to my boyfriends would mean a bit more support with him so that I could actually get a job and not have to worry about being home to meet him after school.

Yeah that certainly would help a lot wouldn’t it.

Yeah. It’s my hope that once I move to Leeds and get settled in I’ll be able to get a job placement in a company over there.

Excellent well I wish you all the luck with that

Thank you

And I will talk to you again soon Muir!

Alright, thanks Mark.

Train2Game Do you have what it takes to be a T2G Forum Moderator

Here’s the message just posted on the Train2Game Forum by EricW


Dear All,
Tony and I are keen to have the Forum, on a daily basis, run by T2G Students. Currently, we only have a couple of students within the Mod Team and we’d like to encourage YOU to apply for a moderator position. This is a volunteer position and the only thanks you’ll get, LOL, is probably from Tony and I.

The roll of moderator can be difficult, just to warn you, as we all read things differently what could be seen as something bad to one person could be seen as a simple joke by another – something to consider when applying.

Moderators also have the difficult task of making the Forum a very warm and conducive place for all users, whilst ensuring topics don’t go so far off topic as to be ridiculous. Also keeping an eye out for spammers!!!!!!

So if you would like to be considered, share with TonyB and I why you think YOU should become a Forum moderator. As a moderator, you’ll also need to read thread messages carefully. Therefore, you will fail if you don’t read this – there should be no comments under this open thread and as such all applications should be sent jointly to TonyB and I via a PM.

Thanks in advance

Do you have what it takes to be a T2G Forum Moderator