Train2Game News Parkour VR Game STRIDE Now Available

Developer Joy Way is delighted to announce its parkour and combat game STRIDE on the Oculus store is available now.

Called “A worthy Mirror’s Edge VR tribute” by UploadVR, STRIDE is a high octane VR game which fuses parkour and combat to create one of the most nail-biting virtual reality experiences available. Joy Way wants to put players in the shoes of a master free-runner as they vault, swing, roll, and shoot through an intense, action-packed adventure.

STRIDE has been available in Steam via the Early Access program, but has now launched in full on the Oculus store. The game is due to leave Early Access on Steam on November 4th.

STRIDE launches on Oculus with three game modes:

  • Endless mode: Infinite procedural level generation provides unlimited challenging terrain to traverse.
  • Arena mode: A spacious arena with waves of enemies. Perfect for practicing tricks across a varied terrain and refining shooting skills.
  • Time Run. Perfect for testing parkour-at-speed skills in a race against the clock.

A full story mode update is planned for release in 2021.

Joy Way has painstakingly crafted an homage to parkour which feels incredibly close to the real thing. Designed specifically for virtual reality play, the rush of leaping across impossibly wide gaps over dizzying heights is replicated perfectly in STRIDE

Players can navigate city rooftops like a pro, grabbing ledges, jumping from roof to roof, vaulting through windows, sliding down cables, swinging from hooks; with a near unlimited skill ceiling, anyone can put on their running shoes, but it’ll take some work to truly master the city.

STRIDE is now available on the Oculus store for Oculus Rift devices with Oculus Touch support.

STRIDE will leave Steam Early Access on November 4th.

Enjoy the trailer below…

Train2Game News Ubisoft update movement in new Assassins Creed

Assassins Creed UnityThe unthinkable has happened. Ubisoft has changed Assassin’s Creed’s long-extant parkour systems for Assassin’s Creed: Unity, reconfiguring the control scheme while introducing a selection of unlockable abilities.

That’s according to game designer Max Spielberg – son of Steven Spielberg – who has outlined the revisions in a blog post for the official site.

“In previous games, you were either running on your feet from object to object, or you were climbing,” he began. “What we did is basically create a transition between the climb system and the navigation system.

“So now, you no longer have to drop down from climbing a wall to an object to continue running. You can, from your climb, perform a transition into a direct run, or swing, or any move possible in the game.”

There are also new modifiers when you’re navigating the city. “There’s the standard Right Trigger control method, where we tried to emulate previous AC games as best we could,” Spielberg observed. “So if you’ve played any previous AC game, you should feel at home with the Right Trigger.

“The A button [Parkour Up] will start trending you upwards. If you are on a façade or have a wall next to you, and there are props along the wall, holding A will use the façade itself – the actual wall – to scramble up to the next object that’s nearest to your current position.

“On the other hand, the B button [Parkour Down] will start dropping you down objects until you reach the ground. This all happens very quickly. In fact, at one point we were toying with the idea of not even needing the leap of faith, because the player can get down facades so quickly with the B (down) option.”

Ubisoft has avoided the “flashier” free-running moves, preferring to focus on ease and efficiency of movement. “Parkour is the fastest way to get from Point A to Point B using the environment, whereas free running is the same concept, except using flashier moves to complete that sequence, like doing tricks with your body.

“We have elements of free running in AC Unity, but we focused more on the parkour aspect of keeping the flow, and keeping some sense of realism. That being said, all these moves are possible since our mocap actors did all of them for us at some point.”

Perhaps most interestingly of all, you’ll now be able to unlock new skills as you progress through the game. “There is a skillset that you learn as you progress through the game. Arno starts out with basic moves and learns more parkour moves along the way. But there are also a few skills that you can purchase, that add some flair to the moves.”

“One of my favourite new moves, and one of the coolest ones I think you’ll see in the game is called the Base Jump,” Spielberg concluded. “The player jumps out, arms outstretched, almost looks like he’s going into a Leap of Faith and then catches a pole right at the last second to swing off. That’s very impressive.”

The game isn’t coming to Xbox 360, but Ubisoft has hinted that another unannounced Assassin’s Creed game will.

You can view a single player demo of the game below which demonstrates the new movement style.

Train2Game News: Games Industry News – 09.08.13

Call of Duty Black Ops IIIt’s the end of the week and time for the industry news round up!

The epic climax of Activision and Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Black Ops II Downloadable Content (DLC) Season Pass culminates with Apocalypse. Available first on the Xbox Live online entertainment network from Microsoft on August 27, the game’s fourth and final DLC Pack delivers four thrilling, diverse multiplayer maps and the all-new wildly creative Zombies experience – “Origins”. In addition one of my favourite bands, Avenged Sevenfold, will be again lending their musical talent to the game with their song, Shepherd of Fire, from their upcoming album Hail to the King, featuring in the opening cinematic.

Marvelous Games, the European division of the Harvest Moon publisher MarvelousAQL, has today unveiled more details on RunBot – the first title to emerge from the recently announced five-game publishing agreement with Touch Racing Nitro developer Bravo Game Studios. Due for release worldwide on iOS on August 22nd, RunBot is a brilliant Parkour/freerunning twist on the endless runner genre, offering phenomenal 3D visuals across a constantly evolving course.

Sources say that Amazon is working on producing its own android based games console, for release later this year possibly around the US thanksgiving season. There’s no real news about what the console will consist of, other than ‘it’s coming’, but given that Amazon has a pretty healthy stock of games and a download service already in place, it could already be one up on the Ouya, whose exclusive developers have been struggling to turn a profit on the system.

The Suikoden Revival Movement has launched the next phase of its campaign entitled ‘Operation Blinking Mirror.’ Between December 10 and December 12, 2013, the Suikoden Revival Movement will be inundating Konami Japan with Suikoden-related paraphernalia such as letters, artwork, cosplay photographs and sculptures. Operation Blinking Mirror – an ode to a teleportation device found throughout the series – has launched its own Facebook page where fans can find out more.

Finally videos have surfaced from Microsoft and Sony unboxing the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. You can view the Xbox One – here and the PlayStation 4 – here.