Train2Game Return of the Tamagotchi

Tamagotchi is back! After the first launch of the iconic toy over 20 years ago, your virtual friends are back.

Today, they come to your mobile phone in a beautiful game from Bandai Namco and Paladin Studios. Hatch an egg and take good care of your little friend to keep them healthy and happy. My Tamagotchi Forever is now available worldwide on iOS and Android.


Meet Mametchi, Kuchipatchi and many more of your old friends in Tamatown. When you take good care of your Tamagotchi, they will evolve to adulthood. Help them achieve their dreams – from being an astronaut to science teacher or mayor. Each Tamagotchi has a place in Tamatown, and with your proper care and dedication, Tamatown and its adorable residents will thrive. With some diligence and love, you get friends for life!


Bathe, feed, play, and sleep – there’s always something to do to keep your Tamagotchi happy. Your Tamagotchi will let you know what they need. A warm soapy bath gets them clean. Shopping for food and feeding your little friend revitalizes them. With their energy restored, head to the arcade and play minigames to earn coins – from Match-3 puzzles to Hide-And-Seek. Then get out to Tamatown to decorate the village and create Memorable Moments. After a day of fun, when everyone’s tired, it’s time to head to bed and rest a bit. Turn off the lights and say goodnight – and rest assured that your little pal will be waiting for you when you get back.


From a tiny egg to full-grown Tamagotchi, your pet will go through several stages of evolution, each containing unique characters and evolution paths. Your actions determine which characters you get. There’s a lot of unique Tamagotchi, and each requires a specific kind of caretaking. Can you hatch them all?


Decorate Tamatown with playgrounds, trees, boats, swimming pools and dozens of other playful objects. Your Tamagotchi are happy to join in on the fun! Snap pictures to create Memorable Moments, and collect these memories in your photo album. You can then share the photos with your friends and compare notes on evolution and other game tips. When you want to connect with other Tama-fans, you can join the thriving community of Tamagotchi enthusiasts to chat about the game.


Whether you are a Tamagotchi veteran or this is your first encounter, My Tamagotchi Forever has plenty of fun and love for everyone. The game is available now for smartphones and tablets, on the App Store and Google Play Store. Get it now – your Tamagotchi is waiting for you!

For more information, check out the Paladin website at or the My Tamagotchi Forever website at

Train2Game News: Train2Game Radio talks to Lee Sainsbury

Lee SainsburyEarlier this week I got the pleasure of talking to Lee Sainsbury, Game Designer of Icey Monty who are hoping to release there first title, Tamarex, this Sunday, Lee talks about how Train2Game has helped him and how the idea behind Tamarex was formed.

You can listen to the interview, here:

Or read the transcript below:

Hi I’m Lee Sainsbury, I am 24 from Manchester and I am studying the Game Design course.

Hi Lee, how you doing?
I’m not to bad Mark, how are you?

I’m very well ta buddy! So tell me a bit about yourself, how did you get to where you are now?
Well I started the Train2Game Course in 2009, I really wanted to study Game Design all my life. I’ve always been a gamer and Train2Game just popped up and it was a perfect opportunity to study in my own time and yeah really give me the opportunity to grow.

What sort of things are you doing with it now?
Well since I’ve been on the Train2Game course for so long, I’ve made a lot of contacts, worked on a few personal projects and recently I’ve just joined Icey Monty, where we developed Tamarex.

How did the idea for Tamarex come about?
Well, before we worked on a project that ran into some circumstances and we had to stop. So really we wanted to come up with a really easy fun idea that we could just sit down and work on. The idea for a Tamagotchi game came around and of course, my generation, everyone had a Tamagotchi! I thought it would be fun to make a fresh take on the Tamagotchi genre. That’s where the idea for Tamarex came around.

So what’s the idea behind Tamarex?
Ah, the idea behind Tamarex. OK well, the idea behind Tamarex is that you take care of a pet Dinosaur. We didn’t really want to go for the usual Cats and Dogs. We found that the Dinosaur was a bit funny, a bit quirky. So yeah you have to take care of a pet Dinosaur, you can feed it, you have to wash it, you have to clean up after it, you can play with and yeah that’s it.

Were you a big fan of the Tamagotchi when you were younger then?
Oh definitely! I think every kid my age, at the time, had a Tamagotchi and we all used to palm it off on our parents when we went to school.

Yeah I remember doing the same thing! So how’s the course helping you get to making the game?
Well there’s no bounds, it’s helped me massively! Just understanding game design and game development was a help too. I think that if I hadn’t done the course, I wouldn’t be where I am now. It’s just helped me so much, it’s unbelievable!

Is that where you met the other members of Icey Monty?
Yes! John and Nick, both Train2Game students and they’re both programmers. We met through the forums, we did a couple of projects together and then decided we would go for a commercial release eventually, which was Tamarex!

Where can people find out more about the studio?
We’ve got a website which is we also have a Facebook page at IceyMonty. Or you can come and chat to us on the forums at we are all on there.

Excellent, so it’s all going pretty well then?
Yeah, it’s going fabulous actually!

When is the game going to be out?
We have scheduled the release for this Sunday! If everything goes well with Apple, and they decide the game’s going to be released then it should be this Sunday, hopefully, fingers crossed! It will be on the Android store as well.

Excellent, brilliant news! Thank you very much Lee
Thank you very much Mark

And good luck with everything

Train2Game students invited to take part in Tamarex Beta

TamarexStudents studying with Train2Game are invited to troubleshoot title created by student studio Icey Monty.

Remember the Tamagotchi? Well Train2Game student studio Icey Monty are inviting you to try there take on the classic virtual pet, only this time the pet isn’t so cute and cuddly. On this title which is soon to be available on iOS, you take care of a hungry T-Rex; feeding, playing and also cleaning up after it, as it grows! Train2Game students will be the first to play the game in an online version which will be available to all students who register an interest and are kind enough to give the team feedback on what they think.

The Beta

The Beta testing stage will be the final step towards releasing the game on to iOS and will be open to students for around two weeks. Those who sign up for the Beta will be asked to create their own pet dinosaur and reply to the Icey Monty team with their feedback over the period.

This is a great chance to see what students on the course are producing and also to take part in a closed preview where you can contribute to a game soon to hit the market.

To sign up to the Beta, contact:


  • Tamarex is a fresh new take on the Tamagotchi games, combining enticing 3D environments with an engaging and unique pet dinosaur.
  • Bring your Tamarex to life through feeding, various forms of play, and even cleaning up after it!
  • Customisation options! Choose the name, and unique colour of your Tamarex.
  • Your Tamarex lives persistently, even while you are offline.

Icey Monty

The team is made up of three Train2Game students: Lee Sainsbury, Nick Walker and John Esslemont.

To find out more about Tamarex go to:


Tamarex will be released for iOS early in 2013