Train2Game News: Elder Scrolls Online voice cast


Bethesda Softworks, a ZeniMax Media company, today announced the members of the renowned cast lending their voices to The Elder Scrolls Online, the highly-anticipated game arriving April 4, 2014 on PC and Mac and June 2014 for the PlayStation 4 system and Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft.

The Elder Scrolls Online ensemble includes Academy Award nominee John Cleese (“A Fish Called Wanda,” “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”), Golden Globe winner Bill Nighy (“Pirates of the Caribbean”), Kate Beckinsale (“The Aviator,” “Pearl Harbor”), Alfred Molina (“Spider-Man 2”) and Golden Globe nominees Michael Gambon (“Harry Potter”), and Malcolm McDowell (“A Clockwork Orange”). In addition, Lynda Carter (“Wonder Woman”) returns to the Elder Scrolls series to reprise her role from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

The Elder Scrolls Online is the latest chapter of the award-winning franchise and will bring the legendary experience online for the first time. Players can choose their own style of play as they embark upon an epic adventure across all of Tamriel, playing alone on heroic quests as in previous Elder Scrolls games, exploring the huge, rich world with a few friends, or joining with hundreds of others in massive PvP battles to save the Empire.

“This extraordinary group of actors helps bring the distinctive characters in The Elder Scrolls Online to life,” said Matt Firor, game director of The Elder Scrolls Online. “In The Elder Scrolls tradition, we sought world class talent to add a deep and enriching component to the immersive world the series offers players.”

John Cleese plays Cadwell, the cheerful and endearingly mad lost soul who is not afraid of anyone, even a Daedric Prince. Joining the cast as High King Emeric, Bill Nighy portrays a merchant prince whose luck and determination won him the throne. Kate Beckinsale takes on the role of Queen Ayrenn, the leader of the Aldmeri Dominion and Queen of the High Elves who is far more comfortable with a blade than her crown.

In addition, Alfred Molina takes on the role of Abnur Tharn, a wily old wizard and politician who is the head of the Empire’s Elder Council, and the de facto power behind the Ruby Throne. Lynda Carter plays Azura, the Daedric Princess of Dusk and Dawn from Skyrim who is a popular part of Elder Scrolls lore.  Michael Gambon voices The Prophet, a mysterious blind man who guides the player through their journey to retrieve their soul; and Malcolm McDowell plays the key figure Molag Bal, an evil Daedric god from another plane who schemes to enslave the mortal souls of Tamriel.

The Elder Scrolls Online cast also includes:

·         Peter Stormare (“Fargo”) plays Jorunn the Skald King, an unexpected monarch who led his people into an unlikely alliance.

·         Jim Ward (“WALL·E,” “Despicable Me 2”) voices Mannimarco, a renegade High Elf wizard exiled from the realm for raising the dead and the world’s most powerful necromancer.

·         Jennifer Hale appears in the role of Lyris Titanborn, a Nord half-giant, who, along with the Prophet, aids the player on their journey..

·         Kevin Michael Richardson rounds out the cast as Sai Sahan a noble martial artist and master swordsman.

The Elder Scrolls Online has been named one of the industry’s most anticipated titles for 2014 and marks a historic point for the franchise with its multiplayer online play after nearly 20 years of developing these best-selling, award-winning fantasy role-playing games for single player only.

Train2Game News: Wearable headset improves your game

foc.usAn entrepreneur has developed a headset that will improve your concentration and your ability at playing games.

Wearable technology is a burgeoning market as proved by the plethora of goods at the latest CES Tradeshow in Las Vegas this January. Forbes having predicted “2014 Will Be The Year of Wearable Technology” and the battle for space on your body is underway, with a host of wearable inventions to measure and improve lifestyle.

With wristbands that can charge your phone on-the-go, smartwatches that display messages from your smart phone and Internet connected glasses, the possibilities for always being connected are endless. However, most monitor and deliver information whereas one product, the headset, for gamers, is blazing a trail with wearable technology that improves mental skills. The headset amps up the brain, improves memory, vigilance and enables people to think faster.

Developed by entrepreneur Michael Oxley, the headset is the first wearable transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) technology on the market. Gamers are taking up the product in their droves, as it allows them to experience new levels of achievement.

Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) uses a constant, low current, delivered directly to the brain area via small electrodes. Tests on healthy adults demonstrated that tDCS can increase cognitive performance in a variety of tasks, depending on the area of the brain being stimulated. tDCS has been utilised to enhance language and mathematical ability, attention span, problem solving, memory and coordination.

The futuristic headset rests neatly on the back of the head with four space-age electrode pads placed at the front. Michael Oxley says: “The force of controlled electricity excites the brain’s neurons into firing faster, enabling gamers to respond quickly. It’s a smart piece of wearable technology that shows people that you are really serious about your game and in achieving the utmost concentration”.

The headset, available in red or black, is controlled manually by using a touch sensor or people can connect via Bluetooth 4.0 from a compatible mobile device, such as an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. It looks pretty revolutionary too and is available from for £179.00 ($249.00)

Train2Game News: 9 tips for getting a games industry job

Miles JacobsonSports Interactive studio director Miles Jacobson offers advice in this blog on getting a foot in the game industry.

Here at SI the whole area of job applications is something which is very much at the front of our minds at the moment as we’ve just publicised roughly 20 new positions and we’ve been dealing with what can only be described as a torrent of applications ever since.

Here are some learnings we’ve had from this process.

1. Make sure you have both a covering letter and CV – or at least put some text into your email about why you want the role. I was very surprised how many people just sent a CV with a blank email. Which brings me nicely onto…

2. Stand out from the crowd

Getting a job in any business is difficult. Getting a job in a business that’s perceived to be as exciting and (dare I say it) glamorous as games is very difficult indeed. Before you can even think about getting a job, though, you have to get your face in front of the people who are doing the hiring, and to do this you’ll have to find a way to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

In our most recent round of recruitment we had more than 500 applications for what were two relatively junior positions. These came from a massive variety of candidates, but one thing they had in common was that most kicked off by saying how much they loved our game/company and how it was their life’s ambition to work for us. That’s very nice to hear, of course, but you have to understand that if you’re saying it then everyone else is probably saying it too.

There’s simply no way that any employer can take the time to meet everyone that applies for a position, so try to find something that makes your application stand out from the crowd. This won’t get you the job, but it may just get you an interview.

3. Pay attention

All employers have their own methods for hiring new staff, but most will kick off the process in a similar fashion – by sifting through the initial applications in an attempt to reduce the list of candidates under consideration to a manageable number.

In other words, most employers will start off by looking for an excuse to remove as many candidates as they can from the ‘possible’ pile. One easy way to do this is to remove any candidates who didn’t read the job ad properly. So read it once, then read it again and make sure that you deliver everything that’s asked for – and that it’s appropriate for your current skill levels. A DBA is not someone who enters details about footballers into a database, for example.

4. And pay attention to detail

Another ‘easy win’ for employers looking to reduce their workload is a sloppily-presented CV. If your CV is riddled with spelling errors, missing vital information or just badly presented then you’ll be unlikely to make it past stage one.

On its own your CV is unlikely to get you a job… but it could very easily lose you one.

5. Don’t say it… show it

Modern technology offers job seekers so many ways to showcase their abilities that a well-written and well presented CV on its own may not be enough. If you’re really keen on getting into a creative industry, then take some of the opportunities that are open to you to demonstrate your creativity.

For programming positions, let us know where we can see a demo of some of your work – or detail of the kind of work you’ve been doing. Artists or animators need a link to a portfolio. QA roles should point out some issues with our last title, and potential solutions. We don’t have designer roles at the studio, but would expect the same as the QA roles would be a good way to get someone to take notice.

On the comms side of things (which more and more developers have in-house nowadays), write a blog, set up a YouTube channel or even just maintain an active Twitter account. It doesn’t matter what it is, just do something to show that you not only have ideas, but that you also have the initiative to express them

6. Do your research

The internet is a bonus to any employer as it allows them to do a little background research on any prospective candidate before they even meet. That, however, works both ways. If you do manage to make it past stage one and find yourself invited in for interview, make sure that you know every piece of publicly-available information on your prospective employer. If you don’t, one of your competitors will.

Also make sure that you’ve cleared your social networks of any idiocy. Or, even better, don’t be an idiot in the first place. Some of the applicants for our current open roles are people who have been banned from our forums or social networking platforms (which aren’t easy to get banned from) and when we’re looking for people to not interview, those come very high in that pile.

7. Be prepared

If applying for a programming position, it’s likely that you are going to have a programming test at some point. If the studio is advertising C++ positions, and you’ve been using C# for the last couple of years, brush up on your C++.

And always answer the way that you think is the right way to do it, not necessarily what you learnt at school/university. Often with the programming tests there is more than one answer, and they are more tests to find out how you approach issues.

8. Be yourself

When you do eventually find yourself face-to-face with a prospective employer, don’t try to be the person that you think they’re looking for… just be yourself. After all, it was you who impressed them enough to get you to the interviewee’s chair, so why be someone different now?

9. And finally….

Apply for roles at studios whose work you admire and want to be part of. Passion for what you’ll be working on (even if it’s the tech, and not the games) is very important – if you don’t have passion for the work, you may as well get a job doing programming outside of the game industry as you’ll likely make more money that way…

That’s probably enough to start with. Best of luck with your job hunt.

Source: Develop – written by Miles Jacobson

Train2Game News: Amazon leaks GTA V for PC

Grand Theft Auto V Amazon has added fuel to the rumour mill and listed GTA V for PC for pre order. This adds to many strong rumours the port is coming.

The PC version of the high selling Grand Theft Auto V went live on France and Germany’s Amazon pages and I am sure they will get a strong worded letter from developers Rocksteady asking for this not to happen again. Amazon France has already taken the product down. Neither page had a release date for the game so there wasn’t too much damage done.

Multiple industry sources had already said a PC version of GTA5 would happen, and they said by 31st March 2014 – roughly six months after the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions. Grand Theft Auto 4, by comparison, added a PC version eight months after the console release.

With the game being all but confirmed for PC what does this mean for an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 port? Will it happen so they can take advantage of the higher processing power or will Rockstar start work on something else? Time will tell.

Train2Game News: Train2Game on Instagram

T2G InstagramTrain2Game have now launched their very own Instagram page! This social media outlet will display the pictures of our students and their achievements.

The Instagram page will be updated with all the latest pictures of what Train2Game is getting up to and what the students have accomplished recently. The account will also be full of past pictures so you can catch up with what we have done if you are a new student or you can relive old glories if you are a veteran student!

You can find our brand new Instagram page at

Train2Game News: Norwegian class using game to teach ethics

The Walking DeadThe teacher of a high school ethics class in Bergen, Norway is using Telltale’s the Walking Dead to help drive discussion about morality and choices.

Tobias Staaby is certainly not the first to notice that the Zombie game forces players to make some gut-wrenching decisions, but the religion lecturer may well be the first to make it part of a curriculum for an ethics course.

“I thought I would get angry phone calls from a mother or father,” Staaby told Norwegian news publication, “but so far I have not gotten it.”

Students at the Nordahl Grieg school vote on which path to take when a moral quandary presents itself in the game, discussing both the theory behind their decision and the results their actions have within the game.

“I want a good catalyst for discussions about ethical theories or ethical dilemmas,” Staaby explained.

“This game provides students with a space they can navigate and discuss within according to the curriculum.”

Students say that the shared experience of the subject matter as presented in the game has helped them to learn the complex subject of modern ethics

Staaby says he hopes other instructors will follow on his classroom successes.

“In five years I hope there are more people who use this similarly,” he said.

This is a great example of games being able to do more than just bring enjoyment. Video games can challenge each of our moral ethics if done well and much more.

Train2Game News: Indielicious

IndieliciousIndieMedia officially launches, a website dedicated to promoting small independent game projects.

Founded by Chris Shrigley, a veteran game developer, the site aims to provides free, promotional coverage to small independent game developers, hoping to publicize their games to a growing audience. The site is a mixture of previews, reviews, interviews, news, and editorials, aimed at smaller developers, who often find it difficult to find a voice.

The site will focus on smaller indies and students, trying to get their small projects noticed. There are so many fantastic and creative games out there that just don’t get the publicity they deserve, and Indielicious wants to change that. The site will give these passionate, creative individuals a platform to publicize their projects, from the initial early stages, all the way through to completion, totally free of charge.

Indielicious will also feature interviews and editorials from established independent developers, hoping to inspire new developers just setting out to pursue their game making dreams, and offer advice and their thoughts on making those dreams a reality.

This could be an excellent tool for some of our Train2Game Students to get their work the attention that it deserves!

Train2Game News: Derp Studios release Spectrum style game

DerpmanTrain2Game Student Studio, Derp Studios, has released a game on Windows 8! Derpman and the Code Monkey conundrum.

The game is an endless runner, similar to Temple Run and Subway Surfers, where you must run, jump, slide and attack the Code Monkeys that are attacking you to get as much score as you can get. It has a good nostalgia trip for those slightly older gamers among us who remember playing the ZX Spectrum as the graphics and soundtrack are made in that style.

The game was created in a single week for an online event known as a Speccy Jam. The rules of the jam were simple, create a game in the style of a ZX spectrum, simple yet different!

The studio has recently been creating a series of comics, in what little spare time they have, known as Derpman which is a parody series of your favourite superheroes. Following on from the comic series it seemed a logical step to create a game on the bumbling green clad hero.

Chris Ledger, CEO of Derp Studios said “The team really enjoyed Speccy Jam, one of the most fun jams we’ve participated in so we’ll definitely be up for the next one!  The time limit was a week and we worked virtually.  Everyone performed really well!  We’re hoping to get our candidate on all the major mobile stores as soon as possible for all to play!”

The game is out now on the Windows 8 mobile store and downloadable for your PC. If you wish to find out more about the studio or read the comics that lead to this game you can visit

Congratulations on the games release guys.

Train2Game News: Train2Game Winners Facebook page

For all of those who asked, Train2Game Winners now has it’s own Facebook page! You can follow the page and get updated with all the new students that are updated.

If you want to see what your fellow students have accomplished head over to the Facebook page and give it a like!

The link for the page is here.

Train2Game News: UK Top 20 Games – 20.01.14

FIFA 14Another new week and another quiet week in the charts, FIFA 14 still holds the number one spot with Call of Duty: Ghosts just behind. There is a new entrant this week, Mario Party: Island Tour which has entered the charts at number eighteen.

All formats
Week ending 18 January 2014

14 WWE 2K14 2K SPORTS 15
16 NBA 2K14 2K SPORTS 19
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