Train2Game News: Young Peoples Views on game age ratings

Baseline Team and MembersChimpact, a newly released Windows game which has a PEGI 3 rating, taken to Bromley youth group to hear their perspective in the on-going debate: Which video games are suitable for children?

Videogames are often in the news for all the wrong reasons, with claims games containing inappropriate content are getting into the hands of children and people accrediting acts of anti-social behaviour to things they have experienced in games, but is this the full story?

Read the document below to find out more about what the youth themselves think.

Train2Game News: Chimpact competition!

ChimpactIt could be you! Realise your dream of creating the next big gaming character

Yippee! Entertainment launches competition to design a chimp to join Chuck’s family in Chimpact

Calling all: crayonists, felt tippers, doodlers, painters, artists, designers, games animation enthusiasts and children who like to draw on their parent’s walls. Yippee! Entertainment is launching a competition to design a character to feature in the Windows version of its on-going games series; Chimpact. Entries are required to create a chimp similar to those in the game and any level of artistic ability will be considered for the top prize.

The competition is open from the 25th February to the 12th April. The final judging decision will be made on the 3rd May. Entrants can be submitted in physical form in the UK or digitally; drawings, photos or any type of picture, will be accepted. Though in the US, only digital images can be submitted via the competition’s website.

The competition is open to all ages and backgrounds: enthusiasts, students, gamers, artists, children of any age and even grandparents, anyone in the UK and the US can enter. Winning entries will be chosen from both the UK and the US and will appear in respective versions of the game. The winners will be decided by the Yippee! Entertainment team and the judging criteria will include: Originality, Use of Colour and costume design.

The winning competition entries will be created by the Yippee Entertainment team and put into future versions of Chimpact on Windows 8 and Windows Phone via an update. The UK based winner will have the opportunity to visit the Yippee! Entertainment studio in Manchester, to see how the game is made and to meet the team.

Full details of the competition and submit your entry, here:


Twitter: @chimpact_chuck

Chimpact is currently available on the Windows 8 store here

Train2Game News: Icey Monty visits Yippee! Entertainment

Icey Monty and Yippee! EntertainmentThis week the guys at Icey Monty had the privilege of heading over to Yippee! Entertainment as part of a Train2Game scheme to connect students with established games makers.

Yippee! Entertainment are the creators of Chimpact, the monkey-swinging title which hit number one on the Windows Store. Veterans of the UK’s gaming industry, members of the Yippee! team have worked on games such as: FIFA, Mario Artist Paint Studio, The Simpsons and The Rugrats.

The Train2Game student studio, made up of Lee Sainsbury, Nick Walker and John Esslemont, were taken on the visit to get an insight into the Yippee! team’s experiences as a start-up studio, take a look behind the scenes at Chimpact, see the team’s latest project in development and be given advice on video game design and development.

The visit

Icey Monty sat down with Steve Ruddy, Technical Director at Yippee! Entertainment, to discuss the tech they use for their titles. The Icey Monty boys were blown away by some of the things they were shown, and it really gave them an insight into how professional studios develop tech to manage time scales and repetitive tasks, and how to use tech to really polish a game.

They then met with Kevin Green, Lead Artist at Yippee! Entertainment. Icey Monty then discussed the importance of documentation, how to decide on the best design to proceed with and how to go about creating an interesting and innovative GUI. They learnt a lot about how to make the correct design decisions and talked about making an overall enjoyable title.

Icey Monty, were asked to show a short demonstration of Tamarex, their first title for mobile which is yet to be released. It was well received by the Yippee! Team and they got some great feedback on how to improve the game.

It was a pleasure for Icey Monty to meet the Yippee! team and get to see how a professional studio operates, to see what top mobile developers are currently working on. The students are incredibly grateful and wanted to thank Yippee! for giving up their time.

Special thanks to Lorraine Starr, Commercial Director at Yippee! Entertainment, for additionally giving the team a tour of media city and making sure they were well looked after.

Train2Game News: Chimpact in The Sun

Chimpact in The Sun

Earlier this year, Train2Game covered the story of the Windows 8 game, Chimpact. This morning the national paper, The Sun have reviewed and covered the same game.

The Sun ran the article this morning alongside a review for Sega’s Aliens: Colonial Marines. Chimpact was the second biggest review on the page with a huge rating of 4 out 5 where as Aliens: Colonial Marines only got 3 out of 5.

The review in The Sun says: “Though the iPhone and iPad, understandably have a stranglehold on the market, some games are actually better on other platforms. Chimpact is an example of that.”

The whole review was very positive and ended by saying: “Chimpact is mega-addictive, delivered with impressive graphics and spot-on gameplay.”

This is excellent news for anyone else thinking of developing for Windows 8 as it shows you can get recognition on the platform from some of the top news distributors.

It also shows the Train2Game blog keeps you one step ahead of the rest with us getting to this great game first!

If you want to find out more about the game you can go to

Train2Game News: Monkeytastic action on Windows 8

ChimpactTrain2Game has the pleasure of announcing an exciting new game coming to the Windows 8 and Windows mobile platform.

Chimpact, a brand new title which is taking the mobile market by storm is showing gamers and games developers what is possible on Windows 8 and Windows Phone. The Yippee! Entertainment team have created exclusive features for the latest version of the game, which highlight some of the unique tools developers can utilise when creating games for Windows 8 and Windows Phone.

Gamers will now be able to play through the game, with orientation flipping to increase enjoyment and playability. They can play the game on their desktop, tablet and mobile, with the game being synched across devices, and their current game status updated on Window’s new tile desktop layout. You can also share your game status with friends through: data in text, html and image file formats.

In the game you meet the lovable chimp, Chuck as he springs into action throughout the jungle in this one-touch control game that’s filled with mischief and mayhem. The aim of the game is to collect bunches of bananas in each stage, as well as exploring every nook and cranny to find the hidden gems but beware the nasty jungle critters lurking where you least expect them.

You get the pleasure of discovering secret paths, avoiding obstacles and time your jumps to perfection in this gorgeous jungle adventure. Grab the bonus bananas on your way to enable special abilities in the shop, unlock new costumes and characters to play as one of the other characters in Chuck’s adorable family.

Game features

  • Simple, one-touch gameplay with universal appeal
  • Stunning visuals and character design
  • Four worlds to explore with 12 levels each.
  • Two different game modes to beat: Gem Quest and Totem Trail
  • Bananas and hidden gems to collect and achievements to unlock
  • Eight abilities and four cool chimps to unlock
  • Over 150 challenge medallions to earn
  • Available on all major mobile platforms
  • Exclusive content now available on Windows 8

Exclusive features to Windows 8 and Windows Phone

  • Dynamic landscape or portrait view – for Win8 tablets we still allow portrait mode as well as the new landscape mode and respond to orientation events to dynamically switch between them
  • Landscape mode – reworked levels, camera + rendering to support landscape view for desktop
  • Live tile update showing current game progress
  • Roaming save data – save data stored on cloud (if using Microsoft account) and automatically synced across laptop and tablet devices
  • Share current game status via the share charm (over 60 images, 50 different states – share data in text, html and image files formats)
  • Access in game options any time via Settings charm

As well as the new features Yippee! Entertainment will also be rolling out a PR push for the title on Windows 8 and Windows Mobile, including a major competition and other significant PR initiatives to be announced in the near future.

Mike Delves, Managing Director, Yippee! Entertainment said: “Adapting Chimpact for Windows 8 and Windows Phone we’ve started to see what is possible on these platforms, of particular interest is the ability to seamlessly sync across devices. This multiple platform gaming is going to be the future and Windows 8 and Windows Phone make developing for this market incredible simple. Gamers can now play Chimpact on mobile, tablet or desktop devices, and it’s all saved and backed up with cloud support from Microsoft.”

You can find out more about the game by going to