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Everything you know about PC games development is wrong… or at least it soon will be.

In 2019, the PC games industry is going to change significantly and forever.

Steam’s dominant position is starting to wane with challenges from multiple directions, including renewed competition from the likes of Origin and GOG, newcomers including Discord and Tencent’s WeGame as well as publishing giants like Activision, Bethesda and CD Projekt deciding to go it alone.

Thought to be dead, the streaming market has received a new lease on life with big players like Microsoft, EA and Google adding their considerable weight to this sector, with speculation from top publishers including Ubisoft that this is the industry’s future.

Fellow tech giants Microsoft promise the advent of Netflix for games with new rental models. New cloud tech innovations such as Improbable’s SpatialOS will make it easier than ever to make bigger, more immersive games, whilst other technology such as blockchain will offer new ways to engage and involve users.

Investment and consolidation will continue so we’ll see more companies acquired like Jagex or floated like Team 17.

Meanwhile, the volume of games flooding the market will put ever more pressure on discovery, old-school premium games will be challenged by free-to-play and service-based projects that demand more player time, marketing is more of a challenge than ever and channels will continue to evolve, while the Asian markets’ rise to dominance continues unabated.

PC Connects London
On January 21st and 22nd, 2019, PC Connects London will shine a light on all of these trends and more. It will explain the realities of the current markets, and offer developers, publishers and the whole industry essential strategies to survive and thrive. Plus the continuation of IPOs, acquisitions and new splintered startups.

We’ll bring together representatives of key players from across the ecosystem – the marketplaces, both triple-A and indie publishers, the indie developers, the tool makers and the analysts. We’ll have representatives from the biggest and best companies from all around the world.

500 delegates will hear from 50 speakers from the world of PC gaming as they deliver five conference tracks covering everything from getting your game to market to 2019: The PC Revolution.

Five conference tracks
Kicking things off is the returning State of Play, which will be taking the pulse of the market as it is right now, with our lineup of speakers and overall smart people sharing data to give an indication of what the current zeitgeist is.

Digital Discovery also makes a comeback, giving attendees insight into how to get games noticed in a saturated marketplace where consumers have more choice than ever.

Codeshop: Design and Development replaces last year’s PC Games University, providing technical talks that will take the audience behind the scenes on the biggest games to give them an edge over the competition.

Finishing off the first day is The Long Game which charts the shift from fire-and-forget retail releases and gives insight and advice into running a service-based project – both from a development standpoint and a community/marketing one.

And now the main event – The PC Revolution. This will be looking at the shifts happening in the market right now and looking at what impact they will have on the PC games space. We’ll be covering new tech, changes in the retail space, shifting business models and how to capitalise on emerging markets such as China.

Indies, mobile and blockchain too
As well as the vibrant indie showcase expo space, PC Connects London is also the setting for the first PC Indie Pitch of 2019, kicking off another hot year of competition around the world.

Your ticket will also give you full access to Pocket Gamer Connects with all the benefits of insight from the mobile development ecosystem, as well as our first iteration of Blockchain Gamer Connects on UK soil, shining a light on another disruptive technology.

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Train2Game News CODE_n Connecting game studios


Startups need to be visible to customers and investors in order to find the right partner for the next step in their development.

This is precisely where CODE_n CONNECT ( comes in by providing a platform that brings founders and established companies together. CONNECT is the latest element in the CODE_n innovation platform. Worldwide, startups are able to register for matchmaking with CODE_n CONNECT and simultaneously apply for the global CODE_n CONTEST. This year’s theme: “Into The Internet of Things”.

CODE_n has been around since 2012: More than 1,100 applicants from more than 60 countries, 150 finalists, over 50,000 visitors to the CODE_n Hall at CeBIT, thousands of conversations with investors, partners, customers and countless reports and interviews in international media. In brief, CODE_n is the stage for innovative startups. And now it’s digital too: With CODE_n CONNECT, founders have the opportunity to present themselves to established companies and investors all year round, find suitable development partners and network with each other. Simply register, upload a company profile and regularly post updates about your business – and the attention is guaranteed.

Ulrich Dietz, initiator of CODE_n and CEO of the GFT Group, says: “Our CODE_n partners and finalists to date have been inspired by the cooperation opportunities that CODE_n has offered them during the five days of CeBIT. We now want to offer this to our partners and startups all year round – in a centralized, flexible and no-hassle way.”

Startups wishing to take part in the CODE_n15 CONTEST can register for the innovation competition via CODE_n CONNECT. The deadline for applications is November 30, 2014. The competition is open to startups founded in 2009 or later who develop innovative business models relating to the key theme of “Into the Internet of Things” – divided up into the areas of DIGITAL LIFE, SMART CITY, FUTURE MOBILITY and INDUSTRY 4.0.

50 finalists will be selected from the entries to present their company and their business idea at CODE_n, part of the CeBIT fair in Hanover (March 16-20, 2015), free of charge – with their own stand area, a feature in the conference program and much more included. A panel of high-caliber judges will choose the winner from the finalists during CeBIT, awarding them EUR 30,000 in prize money and the CODE_n Award. More information can be found at

By the start of CeBIT 2015, CODE_n CONNECT will have expanded its functions for established companies. Anyone looking for exciting startups with innovative ideas will be able to set up ‘newsfeeds’ from March onwards. These provide regular information about trends and developments from the digital founder community. These messages allow interested companies to follow all of the startups specifically that are of particular interest to them.

“The digital economy has fundamentally changed the demands on companies when it comes to dealing with innovation. Completely new constellations are arising, new innovation ecosystems,” says Dietz. The interface between young and established companies especially promises tremendous potential. “Startups bring dynamism, courage and new stimulus to the relationship of innovation. The established companies bring expertise, financial backing and professional structures designed to scale business ideas. All of this remains dry theory, however, if they do not learn from each other. And this is where CODE_n CONNECT comes in. This is CODE_n logically thought through and implemented on the next level,” says Dietz.