Train2Game News Marvel’ Avengers Available Now

On Friday, SQUARE ENIX® made Marvel’s Avengers available worldwide for the PlayStation®4, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia.

Marvel’s Avengers offers players a truly rich experience and combines the single player focused Reassemble story campaign with the ongoing Avengers Initiative’s War Zone missions, which take the Avengers around the world and beyond. Each mission in the Reassemble campaign is designed to showcase one or more hero’s unique abilities, while the Avengers Initiative missions can be played solo with your own custom AI team or with a group of up to four players as any Hero in the player’s roster.
“At its heart, Marvel’s Avengers is a game about hope in a modern Super Hero setting,” said Shaun Escayg, creative director for Marvel’s Avengers at developer Crystal Dynamics. “Our original story campaign features Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel, as the point-of-view focus who is unflappably optimistic, and she uses her passion, natural curiosity, gifted intellect, and emerging powers to expose a conspiracy, leading her on an adventure to re-assemble and re-build the Avengers to their former glory.”
To ensure a continuing heroic experience for all players, the narrative of Marvel’s Avengers will expand over time, with the addition of new stories featuring new heroes, villains, mission types, regions, items, and more delivered to players at no additional cost once they own the core game. These stories move the entire Marvel’s Avengers narrative world forward on a multi-year arc, and all new missions are accessible to the entire roster of playable heroes.
Fans won’t have to wait long for this new content, either. The game’s first post-launch content season, focused on the recently announced Kate Bishop and her iconic mentor Hawkeye, Clint Barton, begins just weeks after launch with mysterious new Tachyon missions. Kate’s Operation, “Taking AIM,” kicks off in late October featuring a new villain and new mystery. Kate, an Olympic-caliber gymnast and master archer, comes with her own distinct set of Heroic Skills, outfits, and takedowns to unlock and master just like the core launch Heroes.
“Taking AIM” begins shortly after the conclusion of the game’s Reassemble campaign and is just the first half of the two Hawkeyes’ Story Arc. Clint Barton’s Hawkeye takes the stage in November to complete the double-feature arc and set the stage for what’s next. All of these new missions are playable with the entire roster of heroes, and all of this content, including heroes, villains, game modes, missions, gear, and more will be made available at no cost to all owners of the Marvel’s Avengers core game.
Players in Marvel’s Avengers are also able to customize Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in a number of ways. While each Super Hero plays true to their unique power sets, each has the flexibility to play differently based on the gear players equip and the skills they enable, so no two player’s heroes play in exactly the same way. Each hero has dynamic combo systems, heroic moves,  intrinsic abilities, and signature move sets to unlock and customize – many inspired by classic moves from over 80 years of Marvel history across all media, while others are crafted as originals just for the game.
Players can also dress the iconic Super Heroes with classic, fan-favorite, and all-new original outfits, including Iron Man’s suit from the 2014 Original Sin storyline, or Thor’s Donald Blake identity, which is a nod to an alias of Thor’s who first appeared in 1962’s Journey into Mystery issue #83.

Marvel’s Avengers will be available on PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series X when the consoles launch in 2020. Players who own the current-gen version of the game will be able to upgrade to the next-gen version at no additional cost, regardless if players are moving from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5 or Xbox One to Xbox Series X. Those moving their saves to next-gen will transfer their player profiles and progression so they can pick up right where they left off. In addition, cross-gen play will be supported so PS5™ players will be able to play with their friends on PS4™ and Xbox Series X players can connect with their friends on Xbox One.

Train2Game News Iron Man Suit part 3


Third instalment of Sheldon Gilman’s journey as he strives to create the ultimate Iron Man suit.

Train2Game student Sheldon Gilman has been documenting his journey to build the ultimate suit, updating the gaming community on his progress through the Train2Game blog.

So far Sheldon has completed three entries to the Train2Game blog, two updates on his progress and an interview at his home, the interview was then featured in his local newspaper.

In this third blog post, Sheldon discusses constructing his workshop in his garden, completing his faceplate, his new 3D printed which he will use to create gloves and other aspects of the suit.

Sheldon Gilman: “I took a week off work last week for my four year wedding anniversary and to do a bit more on this build. So just a quick summery of what I’ve been up to these past few weeks.”

“Recently I’ve been clearing the garden in order to make room for my 14ft workshop and I have finished the faceplate on the Mk20 and begun work on the completing the rest of the helmet. I have completed 95% of the upper body in card stock some parts are missing as I need to fabricate them from scratch out of foam 3D Printed or made using Pepakura. And last but not least. My new 3D printer has arrived, which means once I put it together and collaborate it, I can get started on the hands.”

“So, just a brief mention about my workshop, I have been in desperate need of one for a while as tools and parts have been littered all over my living room for quite some time now and my wife would love to have her dining room table back. This also isn’t good when you have a small toddler who wants to grab anything and everything within arm’s reach. So a “modest” 14” workshop will be built at the end of the garden where I can make as much noise and use as many loud and dangerous tools as I want. But before this can happen, the entire garden will need to be redesigned.”

“Now, moving on to the more Iron Man related news, I’ve finished the faceplate!”


“It took me roughly two-three evenings to get it sanded smooth enough for me to paint it and it came out exactly how I wanted it. The paints I used were bought from Halfords. I used your normal everyday grey primer to first. This allowed me to better see any imperfections and sand them down. I sprayed it again in primer and left it to dry before adding 3 coats of Starburst gold. Most people would be satisfied at this point and leave it there; however I wanted that metallic shine so I added three coats of clear paint. This made the metallic flakes in the paint really stand out. I have now been working on adding bondo to the main part of the helmet. This is a larger area so can be hard to get completely smooth.”

“I have also added resin to the rest of the upper body. All these parts are ready or will be ready for fibre glassing in the next week or so. Most of these parts are small and have minimal detail, which makes the fibre glassing stage easy and relatively quick. The torso on the other hand is large, and extremely complex. All the Nooks and crannies will be a pain to get right. There will be a lot of late nights and possibly a little crying as I struggle to complete this part of the build but it will all be worth it in the end.”


“While I was fibre glassing the parts, I noticed the jaw was not symmetrical. One side curves inwards while the other side curves outwards and for me, this will not do.”

“As this happened while I was applying the fibreglass the part is pretty much solid. Therefore I pretty much have two options at this point. I could either; scrap the part and start again (This time making sure to add extra support), or I could create the part on my new 3D printer. The advantage of this method would be that I could add the teeth in.” 

“And this brings me nicely onto my next update… So lately I have been driven to distraction as my new 3D printer arrived!”

“It’s a Prusa i3 from SunHokey. I ordered it through and it arrived from china in about a week. I chose this particular printer because it allowed me to print objects 200x200x180mm on a heated print bed. I could also print using different materials too this was great as my previous printer was woefully inadequate for the task.”

“My previous printer was a Printrbot Makers kit 2014 edition with an upgraded print bed.”

“While this printer was great to learn on and was capable of printing small things, I needed to print objects larger than what this printer could handle and when you print larger objects; a heated print bed really comes in handy.”

“This printer came in parts which I had to assemble myself. This took me about eight hours, however I’m sure I could have cut that time in half but household chores and family duties kind of took priority, as I’m sure you can all understand. I’ve been spending the rest of the time trying to configure it. SunHokey do a great job making some universal instructions to make it easier for you to configure the printer in a short amount of time, however fine tuning is needed to get those prints perfect.”

“In the next update, I should have completed the helmet. And be well on the way to fibre glassing the rest of this suit.”

“Over the past month or so, more and more people have been hearing about what I am doing here. Just last week I did an interview and a short video with my local newspaper. The article was in an edition of The Herts Advisor. Very excited and nervous about it. So logon to their website if you can and take a look.”

For further details of Sheldon’s project, follow on the Train2Game blog

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Train2Game News Sheldon Gilmore in The Advertiser


Train2Game student Sheldon Gilmore featured in local newspaper

Iron Man enthusiast interviewed in Herts Advertiser newspaper and online video

After originally appearing on the official Train2Game blog, Train2Game’s resident Iron Man has received a write up in his local paper and a video interview on the paper’s website.

Sheldon Gilman has featured many times on the Train2Game blog and even contributes regular blog updates charting his progress in creating awesome Cosplay. His local newspaper in Hertfordshire has now featured him in the newspaper in a story all about his cosplay ambitions and also interviewed him at his family home for the paper’s website.

Sheldon has been working with the Train2Game Communications team who are regularly charting his progress on the blog. The Train2Game team bought the story to the attention of The Herts Advertiser as part of Train2Game’s ongoing commitment to supporting students and their development as professionals in the video games and related industries.

If you would like to hear more about Sheldon and his progress creating the ultimate Iron Man suit, make sure to keep an eye on the Train2Game blog.

Read the full interview and watch the video here


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Train2Game News Interview with resident Iron Man


In recent weeks Train2Game has been documenting Sheldon Gilman’s pursuit to create the ultimate Iron Man suit.

He’s working on a collection of costumes and hopes to create a pair of Iron Man costumes for next year’s MCM Expo.

This week Train2Game caught up with Sheldon to hear more about the man inside the costume, including his professional and personal ambitions. 

Please tell us about yourself?
“My name is Sheldon Gilman, I am 35 and currently live in a small village called Redbourn in Hertfordshire with my wife and one year old daughter. I was originally born in Jamaica and moved to England with my parents when I was six months old. We lived in south London till I was seven then moved to Luton and now I live in Redbourn with my Wife and daughter.”

“I should also mention it was my very patient, loving and understanding wife who initially got me interested in cosplay and is constantly having to dodge Iron Man parts and tools that are all over the living room.” 

What cosplay does your wife enjoy, do you have photos of you both in cosplay?
I haven’t quite convinced Parveen to dress up yet but that’s soon to change as she’s told me she “MAY” consider dressing as Pocahontas next May. 

What is your regular job?
“I work in the IT department at Aldwyck Housing Group. A housing association.”

How much does the suit cost to create?
“Well I’ve never kept an accurate tally of how much it cost but my last suit was in the region of £200. This current suit, so far has cost me around £400 – £450 and there’s still more things I need to buy like electronics components and paint. However, when it’s completed, I expect it to have cost me £700 – £800.”

Would you ever sell a suit and if so, how much would one cost to buy?
“I definitely would sell my suits. I’d sell them in whole or in part (i.e. just the helmet) Prices would depend on detail. For a raw suit in foam, no paint, animatronics or electronics I’d say around £600 for a fibreglass suit all painted with full animatronics and electronics £1500.”

When will your latest suit be finished?
“I have set my finish date for May next year because I want both the Iron man Mk 20 and the War Machine to be completed for the MCM Expo in London where myself and a few others visit twice a year.”

Do you have a photo in the suit you at MCM Expo last year?
“I attached a pic of me with Rob Ledsom at MCM a few years back. I have to admit I haven’t worn this suit to MCM Expo time. I have also attached a pic of me in my Assassins Creed/ Jango Fett mash-up Costume.”



What does your daughter understand of what you are doing?
“My Daughter Inara is very curious little monkey and likes to be involved in whatever everyone else is doing. My friends at Armour up have made her first costume to wear at her fancy dress party later this month.”


What do you have planned in the future?
“I plan on getting a large shed built in my back garden this summer so I can create more costumes. I have many in mind like Sam Wilson aka The Falcon from Captain America – The winter Soldier, Heimdall from Thor, Batman – Arkham Knight Armour, Jager Pilot Suits from Pacific Rim and some crossovers too like Iron C3PO and Iron Tron. I will most definitely need help with some of these so I will be working with my younger brother and a very good friend of mine who is starting her own company called Armour Up.”

Would you see costume design as a future career?
“Very much so! The course I’m doing is useful, in that it’s showing me design techniques that speed up my design process greatly. However, as I am pretty much a one-man-band, production would be slow. I’m currently working on Iron Man mark 20 and War Machine simultaneously, and hope to have them finished by May 2016. I also have a Heimdall costume to make by May 2016 so I’m already a very busy bee.”

Which course are you studying with Train2Game?
“I am studying Games Artist and Animator.”

How are you finding the Train2Game course?
“The course is great! I actually started learning 3D animation on my own, watching YouTube videos and playing about with the different options in 3DS max but I thought it was time I got a qualification in the industry. The flexibility of the course has allowed me to continue working full-time, take care of my daughter all whilst studying to change to a career that I’d love.”

What are your thoughts on T2G?
“Train2Game have been a godsend. Courses of this type are very hard to find, As I work full time to support my family, I cannot afford to take three years out to get a bachelor’s degree from a normal university and no other university in this country has a program where you can study 3D animation totally from home, in your own time and get a portfolio as well as a recognised qualification out of it.”

Can you tell me more about your friend’s venture, Armour Up, and how you will be involved?
“I am getting James and Serena to write a few lines about what they do for you, but just briefly, they are both cosplayers. Alongside Serena’s regular job, she is an awesome seamstress and is very good at making period clothing. James and I both work for the same housing association but he is also a part time actor.”

“At the moment we’re just exchanging creative and business ideas and sharing expertise as I know nothing when it comes to cloth and Serena is eager to learn how to use the harder materials. James is the brains behind the operations and has good business head on his shoulders. He’s almost finished putting the Armour Up website together. I’ll update with more shortly.”

Further details of Sheldon’s project will follow on the Train2Game blog
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Train2Game News Iron Man Costume part 2


Train2Game student Sheldon Gilman has made it his mission to create the ultimate Iron Man suit. He also has plans to create more suits from the popular Iron Man series of films.

He’s recording his journey in creating these wonderful creations via the Train2Game blog.   Posting updates on his own creations while giving advice to other aspiring costume makers.

In this latest entry to his blog, he discusses software used to create his design, mould creation and some of the setbacks he has encountered.

Sheldon Gilman: “Files to create an Iron Man suit are all available through various forums like The 405th and the RPF Forum, and even through Facebook groups. However, you need to be familiar with a program called Pepakura to access these files. Pepakura is a paper modelling program. Essentially, it will take a 3d file and lay it out flat on an A4 sheet for you to cut out and glue together. It is much like the UVW unfold feature in 3DS Max (if you are familiar with that), with the added function of being able to print what you have unfolded.  Below are pictures of the helmet I designed in 3DS Max, then imported and unfolded in Pepakura.”


3DS Max 2013


Pepakura Designer 3

“On my first attempt, I made the helmet out of foam. My thinking was to cover the helmet in latex rubber, then plaster to make a reusable mould. There are some great tutorials on how to do this process on YouTube. However, my first attempt turned out to be quite costly and failed spectacularly.”


“The mould was flaky and crumbling when it was handled, when I put fibreglass on the inside of the mould there were huge air bubbles, and the latex mould was too thin, which meant that whenever I added fibreglass to the inside, it kept collapsing in on itself.  Worse yet, even though I was doing it outside, the smell was quite potent and lingered for about a day or two, which wasn’t good around my one year old daughter. Due to all of that, that idea was abandoned for the next method, and I went down the cardstock route.”



“This process involves printing the parts out from Pepakura onto cardstock, cutting them out with a craft knife, and glueing them together. While this at time was mind-numbingly boring, with all of those teeny tiny intricate pieces, overall, it is great fun seeing your work slowly come to life.”

“Next, the part will need to be covered with fibreglass resin both inside and out. This gives the part more rigidity. Then, the fibreglass can be added to the inside. Bondo or car body filler is applied to the outside to fill in any imperfections, and then sanded down to make it smooth. Primer is applied and, lastly, paint.”

“If you would like a more in-depth tutorial on how to do this process, please take a look at Boochieboy’s youtube channel. Evil Ted Smith also has some useful videos on how to build costumes using foam.”

“I am now making the parts out of 160g card stock. Many people wonder, “why not just make it out of normal printer paper?” That would be a big no no!  For this process to succeed, the parts need to be made from card stock as it is thicker and can absorb fibreglass resin with minimal warpage.”


Iron Man Mk20 Chest and Back                                  


War Machine Chest and Back


Iron Man Mk20 Helmet                                                  


War Machine Helmet

“As I mentioned, the parts will need to be covered both inside and out in fibreglass resin. This helps make it more rigid before applying the fibreglass. Once all the fibreglass is on, the part will be rock hard.”

“If you have never worked with fibreglass resin before, it comes in two parts: the resin and the hardener. Once the hardener is added to the resin, you have a very short window of opportunity to apply it to your project; roughly three to five mins depending on if you’ve mixed it right.”

“An unfortunate drawback to this method is once you’ve used a paintbrush, it can never be used again as the resin will solidify within a matter of minutes and make the brush rock solid, and there is no way I know of to clean a brush off so this means I have to buy paintbrushes in bulk. However, it’s not too bad as I get about twenty-four 12mm brushes for about £6 from eBay.”

Further details of Sheldon’s project will follow on the Train2Game blog.

Train2Game News Student creating Iron Man Suit


Train2Game student Sheldon Gilman is a huge fan of Iron Man and he’s decided to make it his mission to create the ultimate replica Iron Man suit.

Sheldon has kindly agreed to document his build and has agreed to document his suit creation journey in a series of Train2Game blogs entries. This is Sheldon’s second attempt at the ultimate suit.

In this first blog piece Sheldon gives some detail of what he’s working on and what he’s created in the past. As you will find out, he’s got some pretty grand plans for his second design.
“About two years ago, I had the idea to make a wearable Iron Man suit for Comic-Con. I had lots of fun building it and decided I wanted to do it again with some major improvements as my first attempt was very basic.”

“My first suit I made was the Mark 7. It was made out of high density foam and it took me approximately six months to build; however, I was not satisfied with the result. The foam acted as insulation and got very hot very quickly and, without a helmet with an opening faceplate, it quickly became uncomfortable to wear.”

“So, ever the perfectionist, I vowed to make a better suit. The materials would be more suited to the job and I would design some of the parts myself. There are already many versions of the iron man suit available on the web, They are all free for anyone to download and require a minimal knowledge of 3D design to understand the plans and use the program Pepakura. It also requires a creative and patient mind to put it all together and make the parts fit comfortably.”

“So after much research and deliberation, I decided to attempt to build both an Iron Man Mark 20 (Mk 20 code name: Python) and a War Machine suit.”
“I chose to make the Mk20 mainly because I loved the colours. The black and gold seemed to work really well in pictures I found on the web and on the hottoys website. Elements of the suit were already available. Many people are unaware that most of the iron man suits have parts that are interchangeable e.g. the Mk20 is made up of the Mk7 and Mk17.

There are minor changes on it that make it unique but essentially, it is just these two suits amalgamated into one. The minor changes are on things like the helmet and the upper chest and neck pieces. These parts I will be attempting to make myself.”

“Both suits will be made mainly from fibreglass but will also have 3D printed parts as well as foam parts for comfort.”

“The helmet itself will be a vast improvement on my first one. While the first one was made of foam, extremely hot and wouldn’t open, the new one will open and close with the help of servos, and a micro controller mounted to the top of the helmet.”

“The eyes will turn on and off and will be made from electroluminescent panels , it will also house a tiny pinhole camera (aprox. 1cm x 1cm) and this will be connected to two tiny screens on the inside of the visor taken from a Virtual Reality visor.

“It will also have a fan inside taken from old PCs I had around the house. Cooling is a must when you are walking around in your own personal oven. I am also toying with adding a voice modulator but I’m not sure yet. Any opinions on this would be really useful to me.

“I’m also thinking of adding Bluetooth headphones or earpiece in the helmets ear pod. As Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory says, “Everything is better with Bluetooth”. This would mean you could either listen to music from your phone or use the hands free function on your Smartphone without having to take the helmet off to answer your phone. If this idea fails drastically, I can always come back to my idea to add a motorcycle helmet walkie-talkie so the Mk 20 can talk to the War Machine suit.”

“Most of this will require electronic project kits from places like and Sparkfun. These kits are for people who want to make their own circuit boards and are a fun way to get into soldering components onto PCB boards. The kits come in all shapes and sizes and perform a variety of tasks from turning lights on and off and activating servos to creating GPS receivers and robots follow the links if you wish to learn more about that. As you can see from what I’ve written so far, I sure do love to challenge myself lol.”

“As for the rest of the suit, I will be adding moving flaps (flight stabilisers) to the back of both suits. They will also both have working Arc reactors (the light in the middle of the chest), 3D printed gloves, and working hand repulses (light on the palm of the hand).”

“The War Machine suit will also “hopefully” have a shoulder mounted gun that will move up, down, left, and right depending on where the person is looking. This will be controlled by an accelerometer in the helmet but more on that at a later stage in the build.”

“In the next instalment, I will cover the software I used, the design and test phase. I will also be showing you what I’ve done so far, the fibreglass and foam build process as well as my failures.”

“Comments, questions, and suggestions are also most welcome.”

Train2Game News: Games Industry News – 03.05.13

GameStickIt’s the end of the week and it is time for the Train2Game news round up!

Playjam, the team behind the much anticipated GameStick have released a new product ´explainer´ video. The product came under attack when people felt it didn’t live up to expectations. The console is not yet released however and only developers have had hands on. You can see their explainer video here:

Gazillion Entertainment will be kicking off a Marvel Heroes “Iron Man 3” Open Beta Weekend beginning on Saturday, May 4 through to Monday May 6. This is to coincide with the release of the film. As part of the “Iron Man 3” Open Beta Weekend, new players who participate will be able to select an Avenger as their starting hero – including Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Captain America and Black Widow. In order access the Marvel Heroes “Iron Man 3” Open Beta Weekend, players should register now at As the weekend approaches, an email will be sent with download instructions.

In further Marvel news prepare to Hero Up this autumn, when LEGO Marvel Super Heroes puts players in control of their favourite Super Heroes from the Marvel Universe. With more than one hundred memorable characters to choose from, each with their own unique powers and abilities, players are in for a brick-smashing adventure. In a new video released today, you’ll get a sneak peek at a few members of the Amazing, Mighty and Uncanny (hint) team who join forces to stop an array of Marvel villains. You can enjoy the trailer, here:

Now for further LEGO news, The LEGO Group proudly announce that their latest, action-packed free mobile game LEGO Star Wars The Yoda Chronicles will be available to play on iOS devices as well as on the official LEGO website from May the Fourth 2013. This is of course, unofficially, Star Wars Day. Questing with Yoda or Count Dooku, players can choose to join the Light Side or the Dark Side in this new game. The LEGO Star Wars The Yoda Chronicles story and game intertwines with the 2013 LEGO Star Wars novelty products in a mix of real time laser battles, intricate dungeon crawling, lightsaber duels and tense space combat high above Coruscant.

Finally, Perfect World Entertainment Inc. and Cryptic Studios are proud to announce that one of the most anticipated free MMORPG’s of 2013, Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter, is officially in Open Beta. Free to download and play, Neverwinter is built for gamers who crave more action combat, adventure and glory out of MMOs. The major milestone of Open Beta marks the beginning of unrestricted access to Neverwinter and its content creation system, the Foundry, along with no further character wipes. For more information about Neverwinter and to begin playing the Open Beta now, please visit the official website: