Train2Game News Guinness World Record Bat Suit

GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS, the global authority on record-breaking achievement, reveals an incredible Batman cosplay suit adorned with 23 functioning gadgets. 
The innovative creation has earned the world record for the Most functional gadgets on a cosplay suit and appears in the new Guinness World Records: Gamer’s Edition 2017, out on 8 September.

Created by special creature effects expert Julian Checkley, the ingenious gadgets are concealed and attached to the Batman suit. Devices include smoke bombs, a grapnel gun and ‘bat tracker’, UV lamp, NBC (nuclear, bacterial, chemical) bat respirator and even a bat sign projector for the night sky. A full list is available below. 

The suit, which is based on that from the Batman: Arkham Origins videogame was 3D printed and then moulded and cast in a flexible urethane rubber. The parts were then trimmed, detailed and painted and then mounted on an specially designed undersuit. It was then applied to Julian Chekley’s bodycast, suitably weathered using dirty earthy colours and was then ready to fight crime on the streets of Gotham City.

When fully kitted out, Julian strikes an imposing figure, towering over 6”10’ (208cm), the bat ears make a difference! The 23 gadgets increased in complexity as his project progressed and Julian enlisted the help of an electrical engineer to create the most challenging gadget – the 2000watt EMP Stun Gun.

Julian Checkley said: “There were many long hours trying devising the gadgets and finding ways to store them on the suit. They are classic gadgets but also some are specific to Batman: Arkham Origins. I am immensely proud of my Guinness World Records title and to be part of the Gamer’s Edition is just the next level.”

Stephen Daultrey, Editor of the Guinness World Records 2017: Gamer’s Edition, said: “This incredible cosplay suit is a great example of the eclectic records that appear in this year’s Gamer’s Edition 2017. The detail and imagination behind the gadgets take the meaning of cosplay to a whole new level.”

Batman cosplay suit gadgets include:

1. Fireball Shooter

2. Gauntlet Video Screens x 2

3. Bat Tracking Beacon

4. Bat Sign Projector

5. Folding Batarang

6. Grapnel Gun

7. Cowl Respirator

8. Pneumatic Tranquilliser Gun

9. Ultrasonic Anti Dog Device.

10. Bat Shuriken x 4

11. UV Lamp

12. Ball Bearing Grenades x 2

13. Gauntlet Flashlight

14. Medi-kit.

15. Battery Pack.

16. Laser Designator.

17. Bat-cam.

18. Strobe Stun Gun.

19. Gas Dispenser

20. Smoke Bombs x 2

21. The Bat Flask.

22. Concealed Laryngeal Microphone.

23. Two-way Radio.

The Guinness World Records 2017: Gamer’s Edition is packed with new records, feats and fascinating features. You Tube gamer, Ali-A, highlights the books phenomenal content in his exclusive forward and fellow gamers Dan TDM and Twitch star OMGitsfirefoxx show off their record title achievements in  stunning photo-shoots.

Headlining the 10th-anniversary edition is a special chapter on Star Wars and the records it has amassed over the past 30 plus years, plus there is a detailed look at the e-sports phenomenon and in-depth features on the world of gaming.

The Gamer’s Edition 2017 reveals incredible gaming accomplishments such as programming expert Benjamin Gwin’s record for ‘Most alternative control method’s used to complete Dark Souls’. Nine unique controls including a dance mat, a guitar and his voice were used to complete the classic action-RPG. 

‘PangaeaPanga’ aka Alex Tan,  achievement  for ‘Most difficult level created in Super Mario Maker’ is featured as his challenging level has been beaten just 49 times out of astounding 1,550,870 attempts.

Train2Game News Iron Man Suit part 3


Third instalment of Sheldon Gilman’s journey as he strives to create the ultimate Iron Man suit.

Train2Game student Sheldon Gilman has been documenting his journey to build the ultimate suit, updating the gaming community on his progress through the Train2Game blog.

So far Sheldon has completed three entries to the Train2Game blog, two updates on his progress and an interview at his home, the interview was then featured in his local newspaper.

In this third blog post, Sheldon discusses constructing his workshop in his garden, completing his faceplate, his new 3D printed which he will use to create gloves and other aspects of the suit.

Sheldon Gilman: “I took a week off work last week for my four year wedding anniversary and to do a bit more on this build. So just a quick summery of what I’ve been up to these past few weeks.”

“Recently I’ve been clearing the garden in order to make room for my 14ft workshop and I have finished the faceplate on the Mk20 and begun work on the completing the rest of the helmet. I have completed 95% of the upper body in card stock some parts are missing as I need to fabricate them from scratch out of foam 3D Printed or made using Pepakura. And last but not least. My new 3D printer has arrived, which means once I put it together and collaborate it, I can get started on the hands.”

“So, just a brief mention about my workshop, I have been in desperate need of one for a while as tools and parts have been littered all over my living room for quite some time now and my wife would love to have her dining room table back. This also isn’t good when you have a small toddler who wants to grab anything and everything within arm’s reach. So a “modest” 14” workshop will be built at the end of the garden where I can make as much noise and use as many loud and dangerous tools as I want. But before this can happen, the entire garden will need to be redesigned.”

“Now, moving on to the more Iron Man related news, I’ve finished the faceplate!”


“It took me roughly two-three evenings to get it sanded smooth enough for me to paint it and it came out exactly how I wanted it. The paints I used were bought from Halfords. I used your normal everyday grey primer to first. This allowed me to better see any imperfections and sand them down. I sprayed it again in primer and left it to dry before adding 3 coats of Starburst gold. Most people would be satisfied at this point and leave it there; however I wanted that metallic shine so I added three coats of clear paint. This made the metallic flakes in the paint really stand out. I have now been working on adding bondo to the main part of the helmet. This is a larger area so can be hard to get completely smooth.”

“I have also added resin to the rest of the upper body. All these parts are ready or will be ready for fibre glassing in the next week or so. Most of these parts are small and have minimal detail, which makes the fibre glassing stage easy and relatively quick. The torso on the other hand is large, and extremely complex. All the Nooks and crannies will be a pain to get right. There will be a lot of late nights and possibly a little crying as I struggle to complete this part of the build but it will all be worth it in the end.”


“While I was fibre glassing the parts, I noticed the jaw was not symmetrical. One side curves inwards while the other side curves outwards and for me, this will not do.”

“As this happened while I was applying the fibreglass the part is pretty much solid. Therefore I pretty much have two options at this point. I could either; scrap the part and start again (This time making sure to add extra support), or I could create the part on my new 3D printer. The advantage of this method would be that I could add the teeth in.” 

“And this brings me nicely onto my next update… So lately I have been driven to distraction as my new 3D printer arrived!”

“It’s a Prusa i3 from SunHokey. I ordered it through and it arrived from china in about a week. I chose this particular printer because it allowed me to print objects 200x200x180mm on a heated print bed. I could also print using different materials too this was great as my previous printer was woefully inadequate for the task.”

“My previous printer was a Printrbot Makers kit 2014 edition with an upgraded print bed.”

“While this printer was great to learn on and was capable of printing small things, I needed to print objects larger than what this printer could handle and when you print larger objects; a heated print bed really comes in handy.”

“This printer came in parts which I had to assemble myself. This took me about eight hours, however I’m sure I could have cut that time in half but household chores and family duties kind of took priority, as I’m sure you can all understand. I’ve been spending the rest of the time trying to configure it. SunHokey do a great job making some universal instructions to make it easier for you to configure the printer in a short amount of time, however fine tuning is needed to get those prints perfect.”

“In the next update, I should have completed the helmet. And be well on the way to fibre glassing the rest of this suit.”

“Over the past month or so, more and more people have been hearing about what I am doing here. Just last week I did an interview and a short video with my local newspaper. The article was in an edition of The Herts Advisor. Very excited and nervous about it. So logon to their website if you can and take a look.”

For further details of Sheldon’s project, follow on the Train2Game blog

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Train2Game News Interview with resident Iron Man


In recent weeks Train2Game has been documenting Sheldon Gilman’s pursuit to create the ultimate Iron Man suit.

He’s working on a collection of costumes and hopes to create a pair of Iron Man costumes for next year’s MCM Expo.

This week Train2Game caught up with Sheldon to hear more about the man inside the costume, including his professional and personal ambitions. 

Please tell us about yourself?
“My name is Sheldon Gilman, I am 35 and currently live in a small village called Redbourn in Hertfordshire with my wife and one year old daughter. I was originally born in Jamaica and moved to England with my parents when I was six months old. We lived in south London till I was seven then moved to Luton and now I live in Redbourn with my Wife and daughter.”

“I should also mention it was my very patient, loving and understanding wife who initially got me interested in cosplay and is constantly having to dodge Iron Man parts and tools that are all over the living room.” 

What cosplay does your wife enjoy, do you have photos of you both in cosplay?
I haven’t quite convinced Parveen to dress up yet but that’s soon to change as she’s told me she “MAY” consider dressing as Pocahontas next May. 

What is your regular job?
“I work in the IT department at Aldwyck Housing Group. A housing association.”

How much does the suit cost to create?
“Well I’ve never kept an accurate tally of how much it cost but my last suit was in the region of £200. This current suit, so far has cost me around £400 – £450 and there’s still more things I need to buy like electronics components and paint. However, when it’s completed, I expect it to have cost me £700 – £800.”

Would you ever sell a suit and if so, how much would one cost to buy?
“I definitely would sell my suits. I’d sell them in whole or in part (i.e. just the helmet) Prices would depend on detail. For a raw suit in foam, no paint, animatronics or electronics I’d say around £600 for a fibreglass suit all painted with full animatronics and electronics £1500.”

When will your latest suit be finished?
“I have set my finish date for May next year because I want both the Iron man Mk 20 and the War Machine to be completed for the MCM Expo in London where myself and a few others visit twice a year.”

Do you have a photo in the suit you at MCM Expo last year?
“I attached a pic of me with Rob Ledsom at MCM a few years back. I have to admit I haven’t worn this suit to MCM Expo time. I have also attached a pic of me in my Assassins Creed/ Jango Fett mash-up Costume.”



What does your daughter understand of what you are doing?
“My Daughter Inara is very curious little monkey and likes to be involved in whatever everyone else is doing. My friends at Armour up have made her first costume to wear at her fancy dress party later this month.”


What do you have planned in the future?
“I plan on getting a large shed built in my back garden this summer so I can create more costumes. I have many in mind like Sam Wilson aka The Falcon from Captain America – The winter Soldier, Heimdall from Thor, Batman – Arkham Knight Armour, Jager Pilot Suits from Pacific Rim and some crossovers too like Iron C3PO and Iron Tron. I will most definitely need help with some of these so I will be working with my younger brother and a very good friend of mine who is starting her own company called Armour Up.”

Would you see costume design as a future career?
“Very much so! The course I’m doing is useful, in that it’s showing me design techniques that speed up my design process greatly. However, as I am pretty much a one-man-band, production would be slow. I’m currently working on Iron Man mark 20 and War Machine simultaneously, and hope to have them finished by May 2016. I also have a Heimdall costume to make by May 2016 so I’m already a very busy bee.”

Which course are you studying with Train2Game?
“I am studying Games Artist and Animator.”

How are you finding the Train2Game course?
“The course is great! I actually started learning 3D animation on my own, watching YouTube videos and playing about with the different options in 3DS max but I thought it was time I got a qualification in the industry. The flexibility of the course has allowed me to continue working full-time, take care of my daughter all whilst studying to change to a career that I’d love.”

What are your thoughts on T2G?
“Train2Game have been a godsend. Courses of this type are very hard to find, As I work full time to support my family, I cannot afford to take three years out to get a bachelor’s degree from a normal university and no other university in this country has a program where you can study 3D animation totally from home, in your own time and get a portfolio as well as a recognised qualification out of it.”

Can you tell me more about your friend’s venture, Armour Up, and how you will be involved?
“I am getting James and Serena to write a few lines about what they do for you, but just briefly, they are both cosplayers. Alongside Serena’s regular job, she is an awesome seamstress and is very good at making period clothing. James and I both work for the same housing association but he is also a part time actor.”

“At the moment we’re just exchanging creative and business ideas and sharing expertise as I know nothing when it comes to cloth and Serena is eager to learn how to use the harder materials. James is the brains behind the operations and has good business head on his shoulders. He’s almost finished putting the Armour Up website together. I’ll update with more shortly.”

Further details of Sheldon’s project will follow on the Train2Game blog
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Train2Game News EGX 2015 Cosplay


Gamer Network, the world’s leading network of independent video games websites and producer of the UK’s premiere video games events, and European Cosplay Gathering (ECG), Europe’s premier cosplay competition, today announced the UK Preliminaries will be held for the first time at this September’s event.
With 11 European countries participating, the internationally recognised European Cosplay Gathering is one of the largest cosplay events on the continent. The UK Preliminaries – held on the dedicated EGX cosplay stage – will take place on Sunday 27th September, and are open to UK passport-holders and permanent residents aged 17 and over. Whether passionate about video games, comics or anime, ECG encourages all styles of cosplay and costuming. The overall winning individual and group will be selected to represent the UK in an ‘all expenses’ trip to the finals at Japan Expo – held in Paris in July 2016. Those wishing to enter the European Cosplay Gathering will be able to enter via the EGX website cosplay section (available through ) from June.
Further to the EGC UK Preliminaries, EGX 2015 will see the return of the firmly established EGX Cosplay Championship – in association with cosplay organiser Zonic Productions – on Saturday 26th September. Now in its third year, the EGX Cosplay Championship is the UK gaming community’s largest cosplay contest, attracting scores of entrants. With high profile judges invited from the cosplay community, plus a high value mystery prize, this year’s cosplay contest will be – in keeping with the rest of the show – the largest and most impressive EGX has seen. Cosplayers can register for the competition at the show’s cosplay desk at least two hours prior to the competition. More information on the entry requirements will be available on the EGX website ( ) or by emailing
In addition to these two headline events, the EGX 2015 cosplay stage has activity throughout the four days of the show, including panels, mini masquerades, photo shoots and the return of the hilarious timed cosplay show ‘Beat The Cosplay Clock’. More information, as well as a full activity schedule, will be revealed in the coming weeks and months.
For more information about the European Cosplay Gathering, please visit the following links:
ECG website:

Train2Game News: BioShock Infinite Review

BioShock Infinite I realise that this is about a month late but I had to make sure I had played it properly and let it sink in, just to make sure BioShock Infinite was as good as I thought it was.


The lovely people at 2K sent me a copy of the game and I must say straight away this game was incredible, since playing it at the start of April it has still been running around my head. One of the signs of a good product is one that you keep on thinking about once it is finished.

So what made this game so good and stand above all the rest?

From the moment you start the game rowing to the light house, it reminds you of the first BioShock beginning. You don’t know it yet but it is giving you little teasers of the story and what is to come. The game is full of little snippets of information all through out. The levels are crafted beautifully to subtly display these teasers.

Speaking of the levels and the world, after you get fired up to the city of Columbia you are blinded by the beauty of the world and this detail continues in every section. Walking around the early areas of the game through the peaceful beginnings gives you a true sense of being in 1912. This is shown by finding young children smoking and posters with racist tones around the place.

The era is a strong presence in the game, again much like that of the first BioShock but because of the games story, which I will try not to give away too much, you can hear bits of music that don’t belong in the time zone. Songs such as Cyndi Lauper’s – Girls Just Want To Have Fun can be heard at one point.

Columbia is a beautiful place with a dark under tone which becomes increasingly more obvious as you progress through the game.

The next thing I love in this game are the characters, particularly the interaction between main protagonists Booker Dewitt and Elizabeth.

From the beginning Booker has an air of depression around him. This is nicely balanced out with the introduction of his companion Elizabeth. I always felt that Elizabeth was like a Disney Princess for an adult audience, her facial expressions are beautifully animated making her all the more real.

I also enjoyed the way Elizabeth’s character evolved from the scared girl who ran for her life the first moment Booker had to take someone’s life, to realising it needs to be done for the world they live in. She does always keep a small bit of innocence which can be heard as she gasps whenever you decapitate an enemy with your Sky Hook.

The relationship that grows between the two as the game progresses is a heart warming experience and adds to the immersion of the game. From a game play point of view, Elizabeth was a very helpful addition. She would keep you well stocked on the things you needed with, at times, some very impressive throws. Her ability to pull things through was also a nice addition but possibly could have been expanded on a bit more, I found myself not using it ever so much.

The other incredible characters of note, who since the games release have become Cosplay favourites, are the Lutece twins. These are the first characters you see in the game and play an incredibly important part in the story.

They are more than that however, they are part of the very world you play in and without them the game wouldn’t have been as good in my humble opinion. Their interaction and bickering shows a deep caring between the two. One of the only other heart warming parts to this dark universe.

The main antagonist of the game is Lord Comstock, a figure who you see constantly through the game but never meet until close to the final moments. He is very similar to the antagonist of the first BioShock in the way he is often heard and not seen. He does a good job of making you hate him and want to work through the game so you can get at him.

Finally to the actual game play itself.

I love this game and it is one of my favourites but the game play was nothing overly new or exciting. The game play was the same as the previous BioShock’s with your gun in one hand and ability in the other.

This has evolved slightly with different guns to try and seeing which works for your personal preference and like wise with the now called Vigors.

My personal weapon of choice was a Machine Gun with a Sniper Rifle back up and the “Ram” Vigor as in games I personally like to get up close and personal. I felt these choices complimented each other nicely.

The Sky Hook as a melee weapon was a good choice, it is one I enjoyed throughout the game. I would say this is where the majority of the gore from the game comes from.

As a travel system though, riding the rails with the Skyhook, it was very easy to get disorientated and lose where you were going. Without the helpful pressing up on the D-pad navigation system I imagine I would have been very lost a few times in the game.

The enemies in the game were nicely varied. Starting off against standard guards running around shooting, moving on to a couple more super natural ones. These I will let be a surprise. The Patriots were a good enemy, having their hard to hit weak points on the back of the American President robots made them quite a challenge.

The hardest enemies were the Handy Men, who are this games equivalent of the Big Daddy. Their ability to hurt you on Sky Line’s was constantly challenging when trying to get a better vantage point to shoot them. I did feel they weren’t used enough though.

In conclusion, the story and universe of the game is incredibly astounding and these alone will keep it as one of my favourite games for some time but to make the game truly perfect I would of liked to have seen perhaps a bit more evolution of the combat.

This is only a small section of how I personally feel and what the game is about, I have done my best to do justice to this incredible game but the only true way to find out what this game is like is to pick up a copy and play it!

Train2Game News: Train2Game Student running for SpecialEffect

Wahib Yousaf meets Miles Jacobson

Wahib on the right and Miles Jacobson in the middle

Train2Game student, Wahib Yousaf, is going to run for SpecialEffect in the British 10k in London this year. There is still time for you to sign up and join Wahib!

Wahib has been a Train2Game QA student since February 2012. Since joining the course Wahib has made sure to put himself out there and network as much as possible. He has a desire to make a real impact on the games industry and has decided the best way to start is to network with some of the games industry big hitters.

He also contributed to the ‘From Bedrooms To Billions’ IndieGogo campaign last year and one of the perks was an invitation by Creative Director of the ‘Football Manager’ series, Miles Jacobson, to come down to the S.I Games developers’ studio, meet their team and take part in a Q&A session. It was during this conversation that Miles Jacobson informed Wahib that he was a SpecialEffect ambassador.

On hearing about SpecialEffect, Wahib researched the charity and was moved by what he saw. Last December he made a sizeable donation and after reading about the SpecialEffect run on the Train2Game blog he saw another way in which he could help.

When asked why Wahib decided to run for the charity he said “It’s a Gaming Charity and I get to wear a costume! So, I have started doing 10K Training at my local Virgin-Active gym and endurance training every week for 30 minutes”

The costume that Wahib is so excited to be wearing during the run is his Assassin’s Creed 3 Connor Kenway CosPlay he wore previously to Excels’ Comic Con Expo last year. During the run Wahib will be running with the Flintock Musket and Tomahawk replicas that the character uses through the game.

If you want to run with Wahib and the SpecialEffect team you can still sign up by going to

You can watch a quick promotional video on the event below:

If you would like to sponsor Wahib and help him get to his goal of £200 you can do so by going to

Train2Game wishes Wahib all the luck in running for SpecialEffect and hope he has a great time in doing it!

Train2Game News: A day at Eurogamer Expo: Part 1

On Saturday I was sent to the Eurogamer Expo held at Earl’s Court in London. I am going to give a recap of my day for anyone who couldn’t be there.

My first clue that the day was going to be a good one was seeing The Mask queuing to enter. I was surrounded by hundreds of other early entry ticket holders all eager to burst through the door and get their hands on the up coming games.

As the doors opened and we all filed in. I knew exactly what I wanted to play. I walked straight to the over 18 area to finally get my first taste of Arkane Studio’s Dishonored.

The demo gave you a good taste. I got to use the possession skill, walking around in guards bodies to sneak around, before falling out and assassinating them. The blink skill is a good mechanic, similar to that of Nightcrawler from Xmen, you can teleport short distances without being detected and get to hard to reach areas. The world its self looks beautiful and the level design is so versatile. I can not wait to get my hands on this game.

Next up I had a shot at Hitman: Absolution. Everyone who played the Square-Enix game got a little Agent 47 model, who now sits proudly on my desk. The graphics are of a very high standard and the game play is typical Hitman from what I could see. Having only played Hitman:Blood Money previously, I was happy to see the ability to peak from hiding places, which was seriously lacking in earlier games. This will probably be another one I end up getting.

After seeing highly amusing stickers that were for the iOS game Carmaggedon I had to hunt down the stand. It is a remake of the game released fifteen years ago that had so much controversy surrounding it. When the game was first released the public didn’t like the fact that you had to run over people. They had to change it to zombies or face the game being banned. Now that times have changed the game is back in all its glory, the way it should have been.

I then visited the Train2Game stand to say hello. I was happy to see many students and potential students attending. Royal Rush, the winning game from the world record winning Game Jam, made by RetroMetro, was playable at the stand. Train2Game held competitions daily, who ever got the highest score on the game was awarded a prize later in the day.

At midday it was time for the Dishonored developer session. We all took our seats and were introduced to Christophe Carrier and Dinga Bakaba from Arkane Studios. They took us through the story and some of their development ideas before doing two demos for us. The first time through they demonstrated the stealth aspects of the game, using the blink mechanic and distractions to get to the end of the level. No one was killed and he was only spotted once before disappearing out of sight. The second time was much more brutal. Killing everyone he could find using different methods. The highlight of which being the moment he froze time with a bullet in mid air, possessed the guard who had fired it and walked in front of the shot before leaving his body and unfreezing time, making the guard shoot himself.

That covers my morning at Eurogamer. There was so much to do and see through out the day I am going to have to split this in to two blogs across the day. Check back later for the continuation.