Train2Game News Edinburgh Digital Entertainment Festival

Edinburgh Digital Entertainment Festival (EDEF) today announces a spectacular range of panel discussions and keynote speeches, covering Gaming, Virtual Reality + Future Technology and Next Generation in Arts & Entertainment. 
The iconic Assembly Rooms will host the inaugural festival from 4 to 28 August alongside the Fringe Festival. 

Event Cinema and Live Events

In the first major festival of its kind – EDEF will include: 24 days of event cinema, with screenings of world-renowned art exhibitions, theatre, opera and ballet performances as well as special events that bring the “live” experience into the cinema.  Transforming the Assembly Rooms’ iconic music hall into a state-of-the-art cinema, audiences can discover digital theatre screenings, from Benedict Cumberbatch in  Hamlet, to Matthew Bourne’s ground-breaking dance productions, plus art exhibition screenings including a portrait of Ai Wei Wei and the works of Vincent Van Gogh. Special events include sing-a-longs, the cult-hit  Dune with a live electronic sound mix and an interactive evening of gaming weirdness in  Rab’s Videogame Empty.

Virtual Reality, Gaming and New Technology

Audiences are invited to discover the immersive world of virtual reality and explore how technology is shaping the future for art, entertainment and creative minds.  The unique festival will host a Virtual Reality ’cinema’, an exhibition of new technology and interactive arts in the  Tech Hub from broadcasters to independent games, which will be open daily, alongside gaming and coding workshops for young people in partnership with Microsoft, Lego Education, Minecraft and BBC Micro:bit, curated by the Big Learning Company.

Discussions and In-Person Demonstrations

·    Gaming focus 8 and 9 August

·    Virtual Reality + Future Technology focus 15 and 16 August

·    Next Generation Arts & Entertainment on 22 August

The festival’s  Ideas Studio presents keynote speeches and panel discussions from industry leaders from gaming, virtual reality, and performing arts.

Speakers announced today include NASA-funded scientist Peggy Wu, who will discuss her cutting-edge work in using VR to help astronauts as they embark on deep space missions. 

Sol Rogers, CEO and Founder of REWIND:VR, who will introduce the possibilities of VR across different industries having recently worked with Björk, Lexus, Rolls Royce and BBC home. 

Joe Stevens, CEO of Whispering Gibbon, will explore the future of the 3D printing for virtual worlds, while Tanya Laird, Director at Digital Jam Ltd, convenes Scotland’s first ever VR Writers Room.  

Sarah Ellis (RSC) and Tawny Schlieski (Intel) give insight on their upcoming collaboration with The Imaginarium Studios for RSC’s November production of  The Tempest; 

Flo Buckeridge, General Manager at National Theatre Live, will discuss how the theatre industry is embracing digital innovation; and 

Will Saunders, Creative Director, Digital at BBC Studios presents  Thinking Outside the Box – exploring the battle for attention in an online world.  

William Burdett-Coutts, Festival Director EDEF, Assembly and CEO Riverside Studios said:

“Our ambition is to bring together the world of arts and entertainment with digital technology – to show the best of what is happening right now and provoke the conversation about what comes next. The festival offers a diverse range of activities, allowing audiences to explore the future of the entertainment industry in an ever-growing digital world.“ 

Outside the festival, Edinburgh’s George Street comes to life with food stalls, a bar and the innovative Picturehouse Travelling Cinema, hosting a classic film programme of science fiction, musicals, short films and a selection from the BBC Series, Play for Today.

For more information or to book tickets, please visit or call 0131 623 3045.

Train2Game News: What’s inside the cube!

curiosity-whats-inside-the-cube-22 Cans’ debut project, the iOS and Android title Curiosity, has finally come to an end, with the UK-based winner receiving his life changing prize.

Since November 6 last year, the intriguing mobile and tablet game has drawn in about five million users, according to creator Peter Molyneux. If you are unaware of Curiosity: What’s inside the cube, the game asked players to tap away at tiny cubelets which together formed layers of a massive cube.

Now, some seven months later, user Bryan Henderson from Edinburgh has reached the centre of the cube and received what Mr Molyneux said would be a “Life changing prize”.

Once Bryan tapped the final cube, a video was revealed to him detailing his prize and in my opinion, it certainly can be life changing.

The video revealed that he will be granted the role of God in 22 Cans’ next project for PC and iOS, Godus.

“As God, the Curiosity winner will decide the rules under which the Godus game is played by and even share in the success of the product” said Molyneux.

“Every time people spend money on Godus, you will get a small piece of that pie,” he explained.

“It means that you will decide on how people will play a game. You will accrue riches from that game, from the start until the finish of your reign. That, by any definition of the word, is life changing.

“You will have fame, you will have fortune and you will have the power to introduce morals into a game.”

Molyneux went on to say the idea of having a single player act as god over an entire game genre came to him many years ago, but “it’s only now when we’re all connected that we have the power to do it.”

Molyneux also confirmed that 22 Cans may undergo another gaming experiment that’s “even more intriguing” in the future.

You can enjoy the video Bryan shared after clicking that final cube, below: