Train2game News Student working with Theory Studios


Ezekiel Morris gaining valuable experience by volunteering with studio and working on film projects.

Student Ezekiel Morris is working with animation collective Theory Studios to gain valuable experience as he embarks on his games making journey.

Ezekiel is working as a concept artist for the US team and not currently employed. He has been working on film projects and hopes the experience will be another string to his bow as he looks to gain full time employment in the future.

Theory Studios is an award-winning studio with a team based around the world, producing: commercials, cartoons, and high-quality visual effects.

Ezekiel Morris, Train2Game student: ‘I’m working as a Concept Artist for the Theory Studios but not employed at this time. I am finding it alright actually.  The people are friendly, down to earth; they have a lot of passion and respect. I’m learning some new stuff, it’s a new opportunities with new people.’

‘I’m experiencing good things. My ambition is to break my own records to outpace my yesterday by being better today, to do my work with more force and power now more than ever. I got the position by networking and volunteering. My advice for others is start networking, volunteering and collaborating on small projects.’

‘Studying with Train2Game I’ve learnt how to use different modelling techniques in 3Ds max to speed up my workflow. I am concentrating on other projects at the moment so my work on the course has slown down.’

‘I’m not working on any games at the moment just Film Animation. But I can’t tell you what the projects are, watch this space.’

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Train2Game News: Make Something Unreal Live winners game comes to app store

Warlock of Firetop MountainTrain2Game Student studio and Make Something Unreal Live 2012 winners, Commando Kiwi, have released their first game on to the app store.

The game, Warlock of Firetop Mountain: Lost Chapters, was created by the students in their spare time for last years Make Something Unreal Live contest, held by Epic. The game was created using the UDK software and is based on the very first Fighting Fantasy novel, Warlock of Firetop Mountain which was written by Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson.

The studio, which consists of Cat Forsyth, Martyn Whittel, Tom Chipchase, Jonny Robinson, Ashley Taylor, Adam Sherratt, Aaron Reeve, Andrew Smallwood, Tom Constable and Ezekiel Morris, have been working on the game since the beginning of 2012.

The students won the competition after demonstrating their game to a number of industry professionals, including Peter Molyneux, Cliff Bleszinski and Jon Hare. The final descision was that of Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson who decided Commando Kiwi’s game best captured the essence of Fighting Fantasy.

The game is a third person action game which puts you in the shoes of the adventurer who is travelling through the deadly Firetop Mountain in search of the fabled treasure of the all-powerful Warlock. The game features enemies and locations from the classic book with a battle system based on the system from the book its self. The unique combat system based uses skill and luck combinations made famous by the series of novels in an intuitive Active Time Battle System.

The game is available for free to download now from the app store.

You can re-live the Commando Kiwi story in the video below: