Train2Game News: Mid-week Round up – 8.11.12

Curiosity: What’s inside the cube? was released for iOS and Android on Tuesday and already the first layer has been tapped away. There has been so many people trying to satisfy their curiosity that there has been some server issues but Peter Molyneux and 22Cans are working to fix that.

Peter Molyneux has said that the big game that 22Cans is leading to will be the last game he makes. He revealed the information in an interview 24 hours after the launch of Curiosity. Mr Molyneux has also revealed that the next experience could be “kind of” live on Friday.

Total Film has revealed that a reboot of Mortal Kombat will be coming soon. The original film based on the video game is one I always enjoyed so I am really hoping they do a good job. Kevin Tancharoen has been named as likely director of the film, who previously worked on the digital series released in anticipation of Mortal Kombat 9.

This month, if you play the Halo 4 multiplayer Microsoft are giving you points to spend. You do have to clock some serious hours to earn points. 35 hours earns you a whopping 100 points. Over 70 hours and you’ll receive 300. Playing 140 hours earns you 600 MS points. It is all part of the Microsoft Rewards Scheme.

Several sources aware of plans within Microsoft’s Redmond HQ have said that initial hardware planning for an Xbox Surface has begun. Specifications for an Xbox Surface 7-inch tablet computer leaked back in June ahead of Microsoft’s Surface announcement. The news outlet says the final implementation of new Xbox tablet is being worked on now.

Resident Evil developer and publisher Capcom is looking to hire 1,000 developers over the next ten years, the company has claimed. Capcom, which currently houses around 1,500 developers, also said that it wanted to increase the number of employees at the company to create a larger percentage of its games internally.

Finally Angry Birds: Star Wars has hit iOS, Android and Windows Phones today. You can see the trailer for the game, here.

Train2Game News: Mid-week round up – 31.10.11

Possibly the biggest news this week is that Disney has purchased LucasArts for $4.05 billion. In doing so Disney now has the rights to everything in the Star Wars vaults. The plan is to release Star Wars episode VII in a couple of years time. LucasArts also makes some of the games in the Star Wars universe so this could mean changes in future games from the company. We will have to wait and see.

Grand Theft Auto V has finally had a release date confirmed. The highly anticipated fifth part of the saga will be coming to PS3 and Xbox360 in Spring 2013. There has been no mention of a PC release as of yet but it is common for Rockstar to release their PC versions several months later.

Another release date has been announced this time for Peter Molyneux’s Curiosity: What’s inside the cube. The release date has been given as November 7 for iOS and Android. The app will be free to download and play.

One of my most favourite games of this year is Borderlands 2 and it has just surpassed five million sales. The sales include retail and digital sales. Take-Two said it has become “one of the most successful releases in [subsidiary] 2K’s history”. In addition Borderlands Legends has been released for iOS today.

The Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 trailer hit the world on Monday. The trailer was directed by Guy Ritchie and has a cameo from Robert Downey Jr. You can watch the trailer here.

Kickstarter, the most popular vehicle for crowdfunding games development projects, is now available in the UK. Previously UK-based developers could only pledge, but not create projects, now they can seek funding on the platform.

A sequel to the terrifying Amnesia: Dark Descent has been announced with a creepy trailer to get you in the Halloween spirit. Frictional games have always asked for fans to record screams, whimpers and blood curdling shrieks to be put in to the game. You can email your screams to The trailer can be seen here.

Lastly in more worrying news the terrible storm, Hurricane Sandy, that has hit the US has knocked out Activisions data centers and shut down online play for a number of games including Call Of Duty and Guitar Hero. My best wishes go out to all those affected by the storm.

Train2Game News: Train2Game student gets big chance

James Valaitis, a Train2Game student taking part in the Game Jam was rewarded with an apprenticeship at 22Cans following his hard work at The Gadget Show Live earlier this year.

James, 19, lives in Essex and has been a student on the developer course from Train2Game for just over 2 years. He has been involved in every Game Jam that Train2Game have hosted and his hard work is now paying off.

At last years Game Jam he was a part of Team Gandalf which went on to become Digital Mage. The team would go on to be one of the winning teams that year. Winning that Game Jam meant James and his team had 6 months to design and develop a game based on the Fighting Fantasy game books written by Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson. The end goal was to display the games at The Gadget Show Live at the Birmingham NEC to several industry icons. It was here that James met Peter Molyneux, CEO of 22Cans.

James was the presenter for Digital Mage, as well as one of the developers. He would show the game to an audience and a games industry icon. Mr Molyneux was one of these icons. James did an incredible job of presenting to him and Mr Molyneux immediately saw his potential.

James said “Without Train2Game I would of never been in an opportunity where I got to meet so many legends at last years game jam.

“Going to the studio was an experience I’ll never forget and I think the best decision I have ever made is signing up for Train2Game.”

22Cans are soon to release there first product, the social experiment app, Curiosity – What’s in the cube?.

Good Luck to James in everything he does. I have no doubts that he will go very far indeed.

Train2Game News: 22Cans wants you for curious beta

Peter Molyneux, CEO of 22Cans sent out a post on the company’s Facebook asking for beta testers for its mysterious new game.

This is the first game to be released by 22Cans and Mr Molyneux since he left Lionhead to create the company. Mr Molyneux attended this year’s Gadget Show Live and gave very valuable advice to those participating in the Make Something Unreal Live contest.

The game is on iOS devices and is called Curiosity – What’s inside the cube. It was previously known as just Curiosity until NASA had them change it for having the same name as the Mars Rover.

The social experiment game gets you to tap on a cube with other players causing it to fracture until it breaks open revealing, to the last person who tapped it, the unknown wonders inside.

The post asks for people to have an hour free between 4 and 5pm any day this week. You’re asked to give your name, email, location and device type, as well as your reason for participating when you sign up to the beta.

The site states “As we get nearer to releasing our first app “Curiosity – What’s inside the Cube”, we are looking for some feedback.

“We are asking for a few kind people to participate in trying out our first experiment. Hopefully these people will give honest feedback on what Curiosity is like, and spot some of the flaws in this totally unique experience.”

The game was scheduled for release in August but has been rescheduled to later this month.

You can register for the beta via the 22Cans Facebook page.

Train2Game News: “This is the most exciting time in this industry” says Peter Molyneux

Peter Molyneux believes we’re currently going through the most exciting time there’s been in the games industry. The veteran game designer made the comments during his hugely popular developer session at PC and indie gaming show Rezzed.

Molyneux told the packed room at The Brighton Centre, suggesting that while AAA titles like Call of Duty provide a feature film experience, the most exciting, innovative games are released for PC or mobile phones.

Indeed, Molyneux is extremely enthusiastic about the rise of mobile apps allowing almost anyone to produce a hit, multimillion selling game.

“You could go home and work on a game that could reach one hundred million people. How f**king cool is that?” he said.

Molyneux also spoke about how his enthusiasm for developing video games as he did when he started making them almost 30 years ago.

“I truly love what I do as much as I do when I wrote my first game.” he said.

Peter Molyneux is currently working on Curiosity, the first game from his new 22 Cans Studio. It’ll be released for free on iPhone and Androud on 22nd August, with the option to buy items including a $50,000 diamond chisel, which Molyneux says he’ll be shocked if anyone actually buys.

There’s more Peter Molyneux news here on The Train2Game Blog.

Do you agree that this is the most exciting time for the games industry? And what are your thoughts on Molyneux’s continued enthusiasm for development?

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Train2Game News: Peter Molyneux to give developer session at Rezzed

 Peter Molyneux will host a developer session at PC and Indie gaming show Rezzed at 4pm on Friday 6th July.

The veteran game designer – who mentored Train2Game students during Make Something Unreal Live – will discuss his start-up studio 22 Cans and their first title, Curiosity.

Curiosity will see players tapping away at a single cube, with its contents only being accessible to a single player after an unspecified number of taps.  It’ll feature a one-off DLC item, a diamond chisel that costs £50,000, with Molyneux previously stating he’d he “shocked” if anyone bought it.

Of course, Peter Molyneux’s developer session also provides a great opportunity for Train2Game students to probe the mind of an industry legend.  Tickets for Rezzed are available on the official website.

Day Z creator Dean “Rocket” Hall, The Indie Stone,  Introversion SoftwareThe Creative AssemblySplash Damage CEO Paul Wedgwood and Gearbox Software’s Randy Pitchford are among those giving talks during the two day Brighton event, while a variety of games are available to play on the show floor.

Not only that, but everyone who buys a ticket for Rezzed gets a free DOTA 2 beta key.

We’ll be sure to keep you up to date with the latest news as the show approaches and more speakers are announced.

What’s your reaction to Peter Molyneux being added to the Rezzed line-up? Has it encouraged you to go?

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Train2Game News: Peter Molyneux will be “shocked” if anyone buys “amazing cheat” £50,000 diamond chisel

Peter Molyneux would be “shocked” if someone buys the £50,000 diamond chisel for his upcoming ‘experiment’ Curiosity.  The game designer made the comments while speaking at BAFTA’s Games Industry Question Time.

As previously reported by The Train2Game Blog, Curiosity, the first game from Molyneux’s 22 Cans studio, sees players chiselling away at one black cube, with the chiselling of every other player available to see. The cube will open to just one player after a certain number of taps.

However, one player will be able to buy a £50,000 diamond chisel which speeds up mining the cube by 100,000 times.

“There’s only one diamond chisel and it’s an amazing cheat” said Molyneux, revealing that there are already groups of people trying to club together in order to purchase the diamond chisel.

The veteran game designer wouldn’t be drawn on what’s actually inside the cube, or when it’ll open but believes “the most amazing thing” is at the centre, and it’ll be up to the one person who finds it to decide if they want to tell the world or not.

During the BAFTA event, Molyneux revealed that 22 Cans are still hiring, and urged anyone interested to get in touch. The former Lionhead man was one of a number of high profile industry figures who mentored Train2Game students at Make Something Unreal Live.

There’s more Peter Molyneux news here on The Train2Game Blog.

What are your thoughts on his comments about Curiosity and its diamond chisel?

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Train2Game News: BAFTA offering prizes for best Games Question Time questions

BAFTA want your questions for industry professionals including Peter Molyneux and Ian Livingstone when they take part in BAFTA Games Question Time next Tuesday 12th June. It’s the perfect opportunity for Train2Game students to quiz some of the most respected figures in gaming.

Submitting a question to be used at the event is now the only way you can attend Games Question Time which has now sold out. If that isn’t enough incentive for you, BAFTA are offering prizes for what the panel judge as the three best questions of the night. Send your questions to or #BAFTAgamesQT, or leave them here for us to forward on your behalf.

If you’re unable to attend BAFTA Games Question Time, the full event will be streamed live  from 7p.m. on Tuesday here.

The full panel will involve Peter Molyneux OBE, Ian Livingstone OBE, Alice Taylor and David Bailey, with more information about all of them here.

There’s more BAFTA news here on The Train2Game Blog.

Are you going to BAFTA Games Question Time next week? What would you live to ask the panel?

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Train2Game News: Peter Molyneux’s £50,000 DLC experiment ‘Curiosity’

Peter Molyneux’s upcoming game has DLC that costs £50,000. The former Microsoft and Lionhead man told New Scientist that it forms part of an experiment to explore the minds of social media users, he told New Scientist.

Curiosity, the first game from Molynex’s new 22 Cans studio sees the player in a virtual room that contains just one black cube. As players attempt to chisel away at the cube, fractures will appear and you’ll also be able to see all of those left by others.  After a certain, unspecified amount of taps the cube will open, revealing its contents, but only to the player that performs the final tap.

Players will be able to buy a limited chisels in order to speed up their mining, with the cheapest at 59p improving progress by over ten times. A special one of a kind diamond chisel speeds up mining by 100,000 times, but costs £50,000.

“It’s an insane amount of money,” said Molyneux. “This is not a money-making exercise; it is a test about the psychology of monetisation.” Will one person buy the chisel, or will players club together to share its power?”

Curiosity is will be available for PC and mobiles, and is expected to arrive within the next six weeks.

Of course, Peter Molyneux was one of a number of high profile games industry figures who mentored Train2Game students taking part in Make Something Unreal Live. You can see Molyneux giving advice to Train2Game students here.  He’s also going to be taking part in next week’s  BAFTA Games Question Time.

What are your thoughts on Peter Molyneux’s Curiosity experiment?

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Train2Game News: Molyneux and Livingstone on next BAFTA Games Question Time panel

Peter Molyneux BAFTA Train2Game blog image

BAFTA Games Question Time returns on Tuesday 12th June, with the free event offering Train2Game students the chance to ask a panel of experts about the games industry.  The BAFTA panel will include Peter Molyneux OBE, Ian Livingstone OBE, Alice Taylor and David Bailey.

Peter Molyneux founded Lionhead and Bullfrog productions and was until recently Creative Director of Microsoft Games Europe.  He left to form startup 22 Cans. He recently appeared at Train2Game and Epic’s Make Something Unreal Live, mentoring Train2Game students as they built games.

As co-author of the Fighting Fantasy series, Ian Livingstone also played a huge part in Make Something Unreal Live, something he was “delighted” to have taken part in. He’s also Life President of Eidos, Vice Chairman of UKIE and co-chair of their Next Gen Skills Campaign.

Alice Taylor was previously VP Digital for BBC Worldwide, and commissioner of Channel 4 Education games, apps and web TV shows, Alice is the founder of MakieLab, a new company producing customisable, 3D-printed, game-enabled toys.

Dave Bailey  is co-founder of Mediatonic, a studio based in central London whose team of around 40 design high quality social and mobile games in partnership with media giants such as Disney, EA, Time Warner and Sony.

The event will be chaired by games industry journalist Johnny Minkley.

BAFTA Games Question time takes place on Tuesday 12th June from 18:30p.m. For more information, or to book free tickets for the event, visit the BAFTA website.

You can also submit questions for the event in advance, the hashtag #baftagamesQT .  It offers a great opportunity for Train2Game students to get advice from some of the best in the UK games industry.

There’s more BAFTA news here on The Train2Game Blog.

Will you attend BAFTA Games Question Time? What would you like to ask the panel?

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