Train2Game News YouTube Fall Guys Tournament

YouTube has announced a live charity gaming tournament featuring an all-star gaming creator lineup competing in Fall Guys Season 2.

Starting at 11 a.m. PT on Friday, Oct. 9, this two hour celebration will debut the new medieval Season 2 content, including new costumes, emotes, levels and more.

The winners of the tournament will receive a $100,000 donation to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) on their behalf as well as a custom YouTube Gaming Fall Guys crown.
The tournament will be live streamed on the official Fall Guys YouTube Channel and feature prominent creators AyChristine, CouRage, ItsFunneh, JeromeASF, Jazzyguns, KreekCraft, Logdotzip, and more. Creators will compete in teams of two and accumulate points over a set number of matches for a shot at the Grand Finals, with the top two teams squaring off to see who takes the crown and charity donation.
“The explosive growth Fall Guys has seen on YouTube has been nothing short of jaw-dropping. In less than one month, Fall Guys related content on YouTube has seen over 1.3B views and over 650,000 videos uploaded alone,” said Ryan Wyatt, head of gaming, YouTube. “I love seeing our amazing community of creators come together to support UNICEF and its great cause. I look forward to seeing which creators take the crown!”
This tournament is a part of YouTube’s commitment to provide high quality and competitive live stream content for gaming fans globally while bringing awareness to important causes. YouTube Gaming is a gaming destination that gives gamers endless ways to enjoy the games they care about and connect with creators and communities that share their same passion. Viewers can find personalized gaming content, the top live games, gaming creators on the rise and trending videos all in one place

Train2Game News Alfie Deyes at Insomnia63

Insomnia Gaming Festival, the UK’s biggest gaming festival, proudly announces that YouTube sensation Alfie Deyes will headline this year’s Insomnia63, leading a line-up of stars that more than doubles Insomnia62’s social media special guests.

Alfie, who runs the hugely popular ‘PointlessBlog’ will also be joined by WillNE and JMX for their debut Insomnia appearances, as well as dozens of stars including the likes of Syndicate, Ashens, ImAllexx, FazeKay, Yammy, (plus a few as yet unannounced stars!)

“Combined, the viewing figures of the YouTube stars attending Insomnia63 reaches an incredible 118.2 million views.” said Sarah Whittaker, Head of Events & Franchise for Insomnia. “As we continue to cement our place as the world’s greatest gaming festival, it’s amazing to see so many incredible content creators coming along for the ride. Gaming generated over £4B last year for the UK economy, and is Europe’s largest market, so we’re incredibly proud that Insomnia and the supremely talented content creators that work with us are all contributing to the games industry as a whole.”

Insomnia63 is going to be the biggest and best yet – watch this space for more announcements in the next few weeks!

More information can be found here, whilst tickets for Insomnia63 are available by clicking here.

Insomnia63 takes place between 24th and 27th of August.

Train2Game News YouTuber gets record

​Youtube gamer Dan TDM (Daniel Middleton) features in the new Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition having  the title for Most views for a dedicated Minecraft video channel with an incredible 7,943,141,552 views as of August 2016.
In an exclusive video Dan TDM discusses his record breaking achievement as part of  Guinness World Records ‘Meet the Record Breakers’ series on youtube.

The young YouTuber’s popularity has rocketed in just a few years among young gamers with his gentle, funny and personal videos – that have made not only him a star but his two pugs too! He recently sold out a 17 date nationwide ‘Dan TDM Tour’ of UK theatres, ending in December at the Hammersmith Apollo. He also has an popular clothing line, gifts and has released an graphic novel in time for Christmas. 

Since Dan TDM’s channel launch in July 2012, he has captured the attention of the UGC-gaming community with his fun and engaging videos while playing and commentating on his Minecraft world.  With over 2,082 videos uploaded, Dan’s viewership has the highest number of views for any dedicated Minecraft video channel.

Dan credits his brother to introducing him to Minecraft five years ago, which he’s played on every day since. While working at a supermarket part time and studying for a degree at university, he created his earliest Minecraft videos. Once he was able to monetize his channel, he then moved to making them full time.

“My way of relaxing was through making videos because that’s what I really enjoyed doing. I put them on YouTube for other people to see and then it took off,” Dan TDM explained in his Guinness World Records Meet the Record Breakers video. “I started off showing mods and stuff you can do in the game. Then, I started adding in the element of stories and characters which people really latched on to. ”

His current channel was not his first. In fact, he initially had a dedicated Pokémon channel. “In Minecraft, it’s fun to play and people make content for it so you can enjoy their content. And you can make your own, so the creativity is endless,” added Dan.  

“Being a Guinness World Records title holder means the world! It’s crazy to think that you’re #1 officially in the world at something,” Dan excitedly said. “I remember getting the Guinness World Records book every year for Christmas. It helped you learn about the world and it feels amazing to be in one!”

Stephen Daultrey, Editor for the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition, chimed in, ““DanTDM’s viewership is extraordinary and indicative of his success in creating videos that Minecraft users want to watch. When you see him at live events, I imagine it’s close to what Beatlemania used to look like in the 60s! We’re happy to add his record to this list of awesome gaming records in this year’s Gamer’s Edition.”

The ‘Meet the Record Breakers’ series reveals exclusive video interviews of Guinness World Records amazing record holders.

A must-have for all gamers the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS Gamer’s Edition 2017 out now, £9.99 RRP

Train2game News Joystick App


Coming soon to iOS and Android, Joystick is an incredible new app set to revolutionise the way gamers can consume news in the future!

Joystick is the World’s First one-stop destination where they can watch all live gaming tournaments across Youtube, Twitch & Azubu.

Joystick will also allow users to create a bespoke personalised news feeds in which they can follow their favourite pro-gamers across all social media and keep up with all different types of gaming news plus watch entertaining game shows.

The Joystick GUI is slick, intuitive and a bespoke news feed can be created in seconds. The user will select their choice of platform, genre and topic before being presented with their personally crafted news feed.

The Joystick trailer is available to watch:

Joystick You’re In Control…

Train2Game News Dietrich Online Services


Cody Dietrich announces his new company Dietrich Online Services is open and ready for business.

Dietrich Online Services, or DOS, is a “Content Creation Liaison” that brings exposure to games from Publishers and Developers to content creators that might not otherwise know the existence of, or have access to their titles. By personally vetting each source, game providers know that their games are being presented to actual content creators eager to try out new games.

After a soft launch in 2015, Dietrich Online Services has been fostering an ever-growing list of relationships with Content Creators on YouTube, Twitch and other popular media sites as well as Publishers and Developers looking to gain exposure for their titles.

What developers and publishers have had to say about Dietrich Online Services:

“Dietrich Online Services has been a valuable resource in getting our games distributed to the YouTube gaming community. I’ve been able to engage with and get content created by a fabulous network of excited YouTubers. I would definitely work with Dietrich Online Services again.”
–          Raghav Mathur, Chief Marketing Officer of Black Shell Media

“In a time where YouTube and Twitch are becoming more popular with gamers and how it helps gives exposure to indie developers, Dietrich Online Services couldn’t have come at a better time. Cody has kept me in the loop about my review keys every step of the way and I know he can be trusted to handle any future releases we have.”
–          Rafal Kokosza, Founder of GrabTheGames

To this point, DOS also provides a living Scammer List on their site. It is unfortunate the number of people out there that pose as journalists and content creators to scam free games. Since a lot of the studios involved are small, they just do not have the time or resources to vet each new request that comes in.

Check out the DOS Scammer List Here:

“ DOS was started because I grew tired of seeing tweets about how developers were getting scammed by gamers claiming to be reviewers and/or content creators. Instead of helping these new and upcoming games get some much needed (and very appreciated) exposure, these frauds take these review keys just to end up leaving without a trace, or worse, putting it on a resell site to earn a profit. This has put a stigma on legitimate content creators who may not have a big public following such as famous YouTubers PewDiePie and Markiplier, and in turn causes developers and publishers to shy away from unknown and unproven outlets.

I wanted to create a service for these game developers where they knew the key was going to someone that was vetted and would be updated on what a channel is doing with their review key. If one were accepted for a copy of a game and didn’t follow through, that channel would be banned from the mailing list and placed on the scammer list. Thankfully I haven’t had to do that since DOS’s conception, but I plan on being very transparent when it happens based on a key sent to me in good faith. ”

–       Richard “Cody” Dietrich, Founder of Dietrich Online Services

Dietrich Online Services is available now to video game publishers, developers, YouTubers, Twitch streamers and all other content creators.


Train2Game News Legends of Gaming Live


Legends of gaming live is being held in London in September giving gamers a chance to meet some of the biggest YouTube stars.

Visitors to Legends of the Gaming Live, London’s biggest gaming event taking place at Alexandra Palace on 4-6 September, will have the chance become Guinness World Records title holders in the newly-announced Syndicate and Ali-A Zones.

The Syndicate Guinness World Records Zone will give visitors the chance to attempt a new world record (title to be announced). Popular YouTuber and Twitch streamer Syndicate will attempt to achieve the minimum score and over the course of the weekend gamers can try and beat this.

Those at the top of the leader board will be invited back at the end of the session to be officially adjudicated by Guinness World Records and possibly walk away as the new world record holder.

Specialising in Call of Duty and Minecraft, Syndicate has 8.5 million subscribers and has racked up over 1.5 billion views to his channel.

The Ali-A Guinness World Records Zone is also offering gamers the chance to take on Ali-A’s new Minecraft record which is one of the ten new and exclusive Minecraft challenges that appear in the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition 2016 (out September 10).

Visitors can attempt ‘Most wood collected in one minute’ and those who find themselves at the top of the leaderboard will be invited back at the end of each session for an official attempt.

Also specialising in Call of Duty and Minecraft, Ali-A has 5.5 million subscribers and over 1 billion views.

Event organisers will release more details about the challenges ahead closer to the show giving gamers plenty of time to hone their skills. Keep up to date by signing up to the mailing list or keep an eye on the event website:

Guinness World Records will also have a stand at the show, letting lucky gamers have a sneak preview of the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition 2016 and enjoy an exclusive pre-order offer. The world-leading record experts will be on stage at the event, supervising gameplay between YouTube stars to make sure no potential new world records go missed.

“We’re thrilled to be part of a show involving so much awesome talent,” said Stephen Daultrey, Editor of the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition. “On top of that we’re really looking forward to gamers being able to take on their favourite YouTubers and become part of gaming history – anyone can get involved, we welcome all comers to try and claim their place in the next edition of the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition!”

At the inaugural show, top gaming personalities from YouTube including Syndicate, Wroetoshaw, Calfreezy, Dan TDM, AshleyMarieeGaming and Ali-A will be taking each other on in epic head-to-head matchups as well as meeting and greeting fans, all alongside a number of exclusive first plays and special event discounts.

A range of amazing titles will be playable on the show floor, with exhibitors so far including Nintendo, 2K Games, Konami, GAME, Razer, ASUS, YoYo Tech, GT Omega and Turtle Beach. A whole host of awesome giveaways, competitions and tournaments will also be taking place throughout the weekend.

For their chance to be part of gaming history and meet their ultimate YouTube stars, gamers can buy tickets at

Train2Game News Legends of gaming live


Tickets to London’s biggest gaming extravaganza of the year are now on sale as Upper Street Events and Endemol release the first batch of tickets for Legends of Gaming Live at Alexandra Palace.

Public days are Friday 4th – Sunday 6th September 2015 and tickets are now available for morning (9.00am – 2:30pm) or afternoon sessions (4:00pm – 9:30pm), priced at £21.99 per person per session.

Each ticket allows access to the vast expo hall, which will feature the latest games from some of the biggest names in the industry, in addition to the Legends of Gaming Arena – a 5,000 capacity hall which will feature live competitions, on-stage demonstrations and appearances from some of the UK’s most popular gaming YouTubers.

A very limited number of VIP tickets are also available for each session which, among other things, offer access to a private lounge, a special VIP viewing area and the opportunity to meet and greet some of the YouTubers in attendance. Full details are available on the Legends of Gaming website.

Legends of Gaming Live will feature a number of first UK appearances from some of the year’s hottest games. Exhibitors confirmed so far include GAME, Nintendo, Asus, Konami, 2K Games, Intel, Cooler Master, GT Omega, Mattessons, Emerge and Roto VR.

Legends of Gaming Live is powered by GAME, the UK’s largest videogame retailer.

Details of the trade event will be revealed soon.

Tickets are available now from:

Train2Game News GDC Next survey results

GDC NextThe Game Developers Conference (GDC) Next 2014 has released the results of the first annual Game Discovery Survey, which has uncovered emerging trends and attitudes from a pool of game industry professionals on launching and popularizing games.

Among the many trends revealed in the survey is the finding that first party platform holders and YouTube personalities are seen as the most effective forms of publicity among participating developers.

The GDC Next 2014 Game Discovery Survey was created by UBM Tech Game Network, organizers of the Game Developers Conference, to better understand the contemporary game industry before the start of GDC Next 2014.

Platform gatekeepers and popular YouTubers are seen to be the most effective publicity for games. YouTube has long been viewed as a powerful tool in publicizing new releases, and the survey now reveals that developers view YouTube personalities, along with first party platform holders, as the most effective avenues for publicity.

Specifically, being featured on digital storefronts like Steam or PlayStation Network, coupled with extensive video playthroughs on YouTube were seen as most positively affecting product visibility. 36.6% of respondents seeing platform holders as the most effective publicity, with popular YouTube personalities capturing 24.8% of responses. By comparison, community engagement and being featured on a popular video game website received 15.6% and 14.5% of responses, respectively.

Elsewhere, the majority of participating developers (73.4%) agreed with the statement “platform holders aren’t doing enough to improve discoverability on digital storefronts.” These results suggest that platform holders can do more to meet the needs of game makers, potentially finding more personalized recommendation methods for consumers.

Developers are largely split between traditional press and YouTube personalities as most trustworthy however. Despite an increasing priority towards prominent YouTube video features, developers surveyed were found to be largely split when asked whose opinion on games they trusted the most, YouTubers or traditional press/media. YouTube personalities narrowly won out with 55.75% of votes versus the traditional press, which received 44.25% of responses.

Is it the game, the promotion, or both that makes a title shine commercially? 69.3% of developers agreed that good promotion and making a good game were equally important to success, with 23% responding that making a good game was more important to success than promoting it well. Only 7.7% of respondents felt that good promotion is more important than game quality when it comes to achieving commercial success.

The GDC Next 2014 Game Discovery Survey tabulates the responses and observations of more than 300 game industry professionals/

For more information on GDC Next, please visit

Train2Game News YouTube to buy Twitch

TwitchThe Twitch broadcasting service is reportedly being bought by YouTube for for than $1 Billion according to a report.

Twitch is a popular video streaming platform that allows players to broadcast themselves and their gameplay over the internet. The company has seen massive success over the past few years, with Sony and Microsoft opting to integrate Twitch streaming and viewing functionality natively into the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

In its first week of streaming the Xbox One Twitch app hosted over 108,000 unique broadcasters, accounted for 22 per cent of the game streaming service’s total broadcaster base. In December 2013, following the PlayStation 4’s launch, 20 per cent of all Twitch streamers were broadcasting from PS4 systems.

In May 2013, Twitch reported its unique monthly viewership was over 34 million users. In addition to platform holders, the company has entered into partnerships with a number of the industry’s biggest publishers including Ubisoft, EA, Activision and Sony Online Entertainment.

Speaking to Variety, sources familiar with the deal have suggested the Google subsidiary will purchase Twitch “all-cash” and that the announcement is expected to be made imminently.

Source: CVG