Train2Game News Jobs for Devs in Denmark


Employment opportunities in Denmark at major companies and indie developers.

The Train2Game team is always on the lookout for employment openings for students and possible job opportunities in the future. We’ve recently been in touch with Copenhagen Capacity, an employment drive for jobs in Denmark and heard about the incredible opportunities available to IT and gaming professionals.

We spoke with Anders Peter Kierbye Johansen about job opportunities in Denmark and his role as HR Director for Unity. We also managed to get our hands on a video that shows Australian Wayne Johnson talking about his experiences working as an Indie Developer in Denmark.

”My name is Anders Peter Kierbye Johansen, I am 40 years old and an HR Director for Unity. I am currently responsible for HR in Europe.  In my role I organize the HR team in Europe which consists of six employees and six recruiters. I studied Psychology, worked as a Psychologist, then went into Recruitment, Business support and then heading up HR for Unity.”

“I ensure we solve the key challenges which Unity needs to get right, concerning:”

“Recruitment:  We need to hire 200+ people before end of the year. So recruitment of highly technical talent is a difficult challenge and we aim to hire some of the best we can.”

“Onboarding: Ensuring all new employees are introduced to the company and the way we work; methods, best practice and a clear definition of their job, so they can become productive asap.”

“Data Quality: When we grow as rapidly as we do (50% growth per year in employees) it is critical that the basic data is in place. Otherwise the organisation will become messy and this will affect everyone in the company. So we need to get it right the first time around.”

“Talent Management: Making sure we know the talents of our employees and that we provide the right challenges for them, while ensuring there is never a chance they will consider leaving us!”

“Performance Management: Making sure our employees receive the feedback and support they need to become successful in their jobs. This requires clear goals and constant feedback so any employee at any time will know exactly if the work he or she delivers is what it should be.”

“Organisational development: Ensuring flexible structures which are continuously adapted to fit the current state of the organisation. Reviewing how to best organise teams and work so the company is able to grow while being able to deliver results.”

“It is rare you get an opportunity to be part of a company with a mission that makes complete sense. Unity Technologies wants to democratise games development. This purpose is still as valid today as when it was decided almost ten years ago. Unity is actually fulfilling its mission and is making a difference for people all over the world, both people who are building games but also people that are playing games, for example; playing Hearthstone on various platforms against each other.”

“It is exciting to be in a company which is going through a hyper growth phase. This is very challenging as we are hiring highly talented employees that need to be hired and relocated from all over the world, at the same time managing a complex organization which needs to absorb these new people while at the same time remaining productive.”

“We recruit for all areas. Software Engineers are always welcome and people who have tried building games, we will always be interested in. We are at any time ready to do some opportunistic hires. Meaning when we meet great people we are ready to hire them even though the right job may not be immediately available. However we are able to offer so many hard problems to solve that we can absorb every talented engineer we encounter.”

“I have been in the Games industry for two years now. It is an exciting industry, filled with small independent entrepreneurs and start-ups. It is exciting to work with people who truly have a passion for what they do. Of course people are people and what Software Developers need to be empowered is only slightly different from how you need to support other types of professions.”
“In general Denmark is an easy place to live. You basically only have to pay your rent and other than that everything else is paid for. It is a safe and truly pleasant place to live. In Copenhagen there are many quiet and meditative places to relax and hang out and the quality of life is high. Almost all developers which we have working here enjoy their life here and the attrition is close to zero so we must be doing something right, both in Unity but also in Copenhagen. Also, industry statistics say that Games Development is growing here.”

“At Unity we look for people with an inherent passion. People who prefer to spend their evenings hacking away on their pet projects. We most often see these people as successful at Unity. So when they apply they can often attach a nice portfolio which is a testament to their skills and achievements and also show us what they could do for us in regards to some of the hard problems we are trying to solve.”

Interview with games developer Wayne Johnson, living and working in Denmark

For more information and to apply for jobs in Denmark, visit:

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Train2Game News Nintendo at E3 2015


In an hour long show reel Nintendo showed off their late 2015 and early 2016 games lineup.

With the publisher previously announcing that Zelda on Wii U would be delayed until 2016, it did not feature in the event at all.

Instead, we were treated to a lengthy gameplay trailer for Starfox Zero on Wii U with transforming vehicles and dual screen gamepad controls to add additional gameplay mechanics to the well loved franchise.

The theme of the event was ‘transformation’ and to highlight the change in how the company handles their IP, Nintendo announced a partnership with Activision for Skylanders SuperChargers – exclusive characters and vechicles for the Wii U version of the game that act as both Skylanders characters and amiibo with a twist of the base.

With the game already released in Japan, it was highly expected that Xenoblade Chronicles X would get some new gameplay footage and a western release date, and Nintendo did not disappoint in that department. In a new and exciting trailer showing off combat, mech warfare and planet surface exploration, it ended with a 4th Dec 15 release date.

Among the other new highlights was The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heores, Hyrule Warriors Legends, Yo-Kai Watch and Fire Emblem Fates, all on 3DS, Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival on Wii U.

Train2Game News Handheld Steam


SMACH Zero will be the first handheld console that runs Steam OS, offering a new way of playing Steam games everywhere.

The final specs of SMACH Zero are the following:

– AMD embedded G-Series SoC “Steppe Eagle” with Jaguar-based CPU and GCN-based Radeon graphics.
– 4 GB RAM memory
– 32GB internal memory and SD Card Slot
– 5-inch Touch screen with 720p resolution
– Configurable tactile gamepads
– HDMI video output connection
– Wi-Fi conectivity
– Bluetooth connectivity
– 4G mobile network connectivity (PRO model only)

The hardware specification offers a balance between performance and cost, that will permit to play more than 1,000 games in Steam from the day one.

The console keys scheme will be similar to the latest version of the official Steam Controller, making use of two touch pads, a control stick, 7 buttons on the front face and 6 in the rear.

SMACH Zero is expected to be launched in 2016. More information about price and availability will be given during the next Gamescom, in August 2015.

SMACH is a third party, not developed by Valve Corporation. SMACH Zero is officially the new name for Steamboy Project.

Train2Game News Sony at E3 2015


Sony ended its string of E3 2015 press conferences with an assortment of game news and announcements.

The company’s conference started off with a bang with a new trailer for The Last Guardian. It then followed up with tons of new trailers and footage for Street Fighter V, No Man’s Sky, and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. But there were also announcements for brand new games like the next Hitman game, Guerrilla Games’ new IP Horizon: Zero Dawn, and a remake of Final Fantasy VII.

Here’s a roundup of all the biggest news from Sony’s E3 2015 press conference.

Previously Announced Games With New Info:

    Sony began the press conference with a new gameplay demonstration for The Last Guardian, which confirmed that the long awaited Sony title is still alive and well. The game is being directed by Fumito Ueda and will release in 2016.

    A new trailer for Street Fighter V revealed classic series characters Cammy and Birdie for the roster.

    Hello Games gave an all-new gameplay demonstration of No Man’s Sky. It featured a glimpse of space combat and a planet generated on the fly.

    Media Molecule came up to give more information on their newest IP called Dreams. The developer also showed some of the interactive animated sequences that players can create.

    Santo’s humorous Firewatch was announced to be getting a release on the PS4.

    A new trailer announced the newest Destiny expansion called The Taken King.

    PS4 will be getting a Devolver Digital bundle of indie titles.

    Sony showed the other side of Assassin Syndicate with some gameplay of Evie Frye, the twin sister of Jacob Frye. The game will be getting content exclusive to the PS4.

    Sony showed off a cinematic trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight that covers the first moments of the upcoming open world game.

    Activision took to the stage to reveal Call of Duty: Black Ops III’s co-op campaign gameplay and a multiplayer gameplay trailer. It was also announced that PS4 users will be getting exclusive map packs and access to online betas.

    John Vignocchi appeared on to the Sony stage to show a new trailer of Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition, which adds Star Wars characters to the roster. The game is expected to launch this fall.

    DICE debuted new gameplay for Star Wars: Battlefront for the game’s survival mode. It had players fighting off waves of enemies while completing objectives.

    To end it off, Naughty Dog revealed new gameplay for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

Newly Announced Games:

    Killzone studio Guerrilla Games announced their newest IP called Horizon: Zero Dawn. A gameplay demonstration was shown that had a tribal protagonist fighting off robotic dinosaur-like creatures.

    A trailer was revealed ahead of the Square Enix press conference for the new Hitman game, which simply titled Hitman. The game will release on other platforms but will feature content exclusive to the PS4.

    Square Enix debuted a trailer for a new game in the Final Fantasy franchise called World of Final Fantasy. It will release for PS4 and PS Vita in 2016.

    Square Enix also announces a remake of Final Fantasy VII. It will be coming to PS4 first.

    Sony announces the launch of a Kickstarter for Shenmue 3.

Other Sony News:

    The company announced more details about its cloud-based TV service called PlayStation Vue. The service will now be rolling into Los Angeles and San Francisco. According to Sony’s Andrew House, PlayStion Vue users can subscribe to individual channels instead of having to subscribe to multi-channel packages. PlayStation Plus members are also able to get discounted rates.

Train2Game News Student games portal official partner ofWorld Weaver


A new arrangement will allow Plasis Games to officially link with popular games developer.

Sean Brady’s games portal Plasis Games has been granted permission to officially partner with World Weaver. Sean has been in touch with World Weaver since working with DxStudio, a highly respected game engine.

He reached out to World Weaver now as he has developed his own website and games portal, Plasis Games, where he publishes and distributes games.

The partnership means that Plasis Games has an agreement with a well-established UK software development/IT company that has a proven track record and a huge following in the games industry. For now official logos will go up on the Plasis site and the two companies
are discussing potential future opportunities.

World Weaver is an IT consultancy that produces Games and Apps. The company is well known for its versatility and high production values. It has a great reputation for producing games and IT resources.

Plasis Games hosts and distributes titles, and although relatively
new, has already started to attract an audience.

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Train2Game News Be on Train2Game TV


Train2Game Students do you want to advertise yourself whilst supporting Train2Game? The newly launched Train2Game.TV will give you the opportunity to do just that. is looking for some students with good quality webcams or video recording equipment to record a short video of yourself, maximum ten minutes, advertising yourself to future employers who may come looking.

As some of you know the best way to break into the games industry is to get yourself out there and be noticed by those who you admire. This will give you the perfect opportunity to do just that and will help support Train2Game at the same time.

If you are interested, please send your video via to

Train2Game News Microsoft at E3 2015


This morning at the Xbox E3 briefing, Microsoft Corp. showcased an extraordinary lineup of Xbox One-exclusive titles and announced backward compatibility, fueling the greatest games lineup in Xbox history, this holiday and beyond.

Microsoft also shared how it is making Xbox Live, the world’s premier gaming community, get even better, while giving fans an early look at how advanced technology can take their gaming further with the new Xbox Elite Controller and Microsoft HoloLens.

The Xbox E3 keynote packed numerous world gameplay debuts, premieres and trailers into an action-packed 90-minute spectacle for fans, including news from gaming’s biggest franchises.

The show opened with a bang as world premiere gameplay of “Halo 5: Guardians” included the reveal of the all-new massive scale multiplayer mode, Warzone, where up to 24 players battle with friendly and enemy AI characters joining in the fight.

The all-new Ford GT supercar, debuting exclusively in “Forza Motorsport 6,” made a dramatic entrance by descending from the rafters into the Galen arena with an appearance by Henry Ford III and the world gameplay premiere of the title.

Microsoft Studios, in partnership with legendary Japanese game designer Keiji Inafune, Mark Pacini and the teams at Comcept and Armature Studio (creators of the “Metroid Prime” franchise), debuted the all-new Xbox One exclusive “ReCore.”

Developer Mojang AB demonstrated a fully-featured version of “Minecraft” for Microsoft HoloLens that allows players see the “Minecraft” world in an entirely different way.

Electronic Arts’ Peter Moore took the stage to share his excitement for EA Access, which enables members to play first, play more and play for less only on Xbox One, and announced that the EA Access Vault now includes “Titanfall.” In addition, the EA Access Vault will be open to all Xbox Live Gold members to play the best of EA for free during the week of E3.

The company also announced Game Preview on Xbox One — a new way for our fans to purchase work-in-progress digital titles and participate in the development process by giving feedback to developers as they continue to update their games. Game Preview is coming to Xbox One as a pilot program starting this week.

This holiday, “Halo 5: Guardians” headlines the best games lineup in Xbox history, alongside blockbuster exclusives like “Forza Motorsport 6,” “Rise of the Tomb Raider,” “Gears of War: Ultimate Edition,” “Fable Legends” and “Rare Replay.”

On stage, Microsoft announced a variety of games launching in 2015 and beyond for Xbox One and Windows 10, including a mix of exclusives, blockbusters and independent games through the ID@Xbox program.

The biggest news announced is that this holiday, Xbox One will be the only console to support backward compatibility natively for select Xbox 360 games, for free, and all with Xbox One features including screenshots, broadcasting and GameDVR. Backward compatibility is one of the most-requested fan features, and more than 100 classic Xbox 360 games will be available at launch, with more to come.

While not all Xbox 360 titles will be available at launch, fans can submit what titles they’d like to see added via Xbox Feedback, and Xbox will work with game publishers to continue to release new titles regularly.

More details about Xbox One, Xbox One games and the latest Xbox news at E3 can be found at

Train2Game News Games Development skills in demand


Serial Entrepreneur says Games Development expertise are needed in his companies

Koldo Garcia is co-founder and BizDev Director at Madpixel, creator of Madgazine  and also co-founder and CEO at The Mad Video. We spoke to him to hear from this successful Creative about his career in areas similar to games development and to gain an understanding of transferrable skills. It was also a great chance to hear about his personal history and the incredible projects he is currently working on.

What is your personal working history?

“Although I have a degree in business administration early I changed my mind and re-oriented my career towards design. I worked as a freelance designer for years in several areas (graphic design, corporate identity, etc.) until I started to work as web designer around 1998. In 1999 I founded Madpixel with my colleague Iñaki Arredondo, with the idea of combining design and technology. There, I specialized in UI Design and UX. I also played the CEO role. In 2011 I founded The Mad Video, a start-up focused on interactive video, where I’m the CEO. But I still actively collaborate with Madpixel as BizDev Director and Product Strategy Advisor.”

What experiences shaped your development as person and your ideas?

Working with colleagues with strong ethics it’s been definitively very important in my life. Also my experience these three last years with my other project, The Mad Video, it has been very important. I lived for three years in San Francisco, as many other startups from everywhere, and this was challenging and also demystifying. And from the personal point of view, living in a completely different culture was very enriching too.

How did you get into what you do now?

“At the beginning, at Madpixel we were focused on any kind of multimedia projects, but in the last years we began to develop our own products, specially focused on providing digital solutions for Museums and Cultural Institutions. Why this sector? We developed several tailor-made projects for clients in this area which were really successful. This gave us the opportunity to detect some areas where we could offer innovative solutions for them, and we decided to jump into it. Now we commercialize three products/services for this sector: ArtGigapixel (super-high resolution images), SecondCanvas (app/widgets builder for Museums), and Madgazine (platform to build digital magazines).”

Do you find there are transferrable skills from Video Games to what you do?

“Well, I have to say that in our past activity in Madpixel, we developed several online games, and this experience was for sure something worthy for our next projects. But talking more specifically about our present activity, I think there are several areas where Video Games could have a fit with us: 3D environments combined with our gigapixel publishing technology could be something interesting, for instance. And of course, all the gamification techniques are very interesting to offer museums new experiences for their audiences, especially for the younger ones.”

Can you tell us a little bit about Madgazine?

“Madgazine is an online platform which allows any kind of user to build their own digital and multimedia publications, magazine-style. Its CMS allows you to create the content once, and automatically get different outputs adapted to different devices and platforms: web, mobile devices (iOS and Android, both in HTML5 and as native apps).”

How does technology enhance an experience?

“There are so many ways I can’t say just one example. Think of technological companies such as Tesla, Über, Next, Airbnb, and so many more, that are disrupting and innovating through technology so many different aspects of our lives. It’s not only about getting info but about taking actions and interacting with our environment, the closer one and the remote one. I feel like we are living right now a really trascendental change in our world through technology.”
Interaction is a theme, is leaping off the screen into a person’s world important?

“Definitively. Interactions combining both the digital and the real world are more and more important. It’s not the future, it’s the present, and is changing our relation with everything. There are so much opportunities in so many areas that I can’t imagine in the next year’s a single thing where interaction between both worlds doesn’t make sense. Being able to explore artworks that way, makes a big change on how we see, enjoy and understand Art. This definitively gives you a better context of the painting and the painter from several points of view: history, technique, or just curiosities. All of this together allows you to better understand and enjoy Art.”

And Second Canvas, how are you modernising the exhibition experience?

“First at all, we are providing the museums with tools to make easier the process of going digital. And that’s important because museums are facing a big challenge about its own essence, where the digital museum is becoming as important as the physical one: universal and remote access to content, enriched and curated experience, etc. Second Canvas Modules makes this process not only easier, but also affordable for any kind of museum.”

“In this context, some of the modules Second Canvas offers allow visitors (both physical and virtual) enjoy this content in new ways that complement and sometimes enhance the traditional visit: ability to explore artworks with your fingers in your mobile device, zooming in the areas you want to explore until the smallest details, or getting stories about the different elements in a painting, are some of the features we offer. But also the possibility of interacting with beacons during the visit, having experiences combined with wearable gadgets, or changing the way art can be taught at schools and universities. The experience has been really welcomed. Audiences are asking us for more and more artworks in these innovative formats, and that’s incentivising museums to create more Second Canvas-style content.”

Madpixel, please tell us more?

“Madpixel is the company developing our three products/services. I didn’t tell you anything about one of them, ArtGigapixel, yet. ArtGigapixel is a team within Madpixel, specialized in very high resolution images captures. We have developed the software and hardware required for this kind of projects, and we are right now the company leader in this technology, working with hundreds of museums all around the world. Madpixel has given me the opportunity of experiencing art as never before. And as designer, I really love this. To be able to explore these artworks, zooming on details, and see the painter technique, and the evolution of techniques along the years, it’s been really wonderful for me.”

What would you say to a student, wanting to get ahead in the world?

“Don’t be afraid of changing your mind. Follow your instinct and do what you makes you feel great. And work hard, but don’t forget that life is greater than projects.”

To hear more about Koldo’s work or speak to him about future projects, contact the Train2Game blog at Mark Kington (

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Train2Game News


As the global gaming masses gear up for this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, has launched with the mission to give each fan an outlet for their enthusiasm and the opportunity to make their opinion matter.

This centralized source of user-driven content empowers the worldwide gaming community to truly answer the question, “What are the industry’s most anticipated games?”

Powered by the fast-growing on-site engagement platform Favslist and pulling from a user-created database of over 117,000 items, provides real-time results from user rankings while constantly adding new titles as soon as they are announced. In addition, sophisticated stat tracking provides insight into how each new game trailer, news item, or major announcement impacts the standings amongst the global list of most anticipated games.

“Our goal is simple – to be THE source for determining the world’s most anticipated videogames,” said creator and co-founder Daniel Kayser. “While individual websites poll their audiences frequently, this definitive list provides a centralized source for gamers to make their opinions known. Plus, the ability to brand and embed our tool on any website means we can calculate each individual community’s input while having them contribute to the global conversation at the same time. As E3 fast approaches, watching fan feedback impact the list has already been a lot of fun!”

Currently, there are over 900 users who have participated and nearly 500 games to choose from with new titles being added as soon as they are announced.

Train2Game News UK Top 20 – 15.06.15

elder-scrolls-online-logoThe charts sees two new games sitting on top this week knocking The Witcher 3 down to third. The number two slot goes to the movie tie in lego game, Lego Jurrasic World and the number one spot is The Elder Scrolls Online. The final new edition to the charts is Payday 2: Crimewave edition which is number four.

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Week ending 13 June 2015

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These charts cannot be reproduced either in print or online without obtaining permission from Ukie. If you wish to reproduce the charts in print or online, please contact for the appropriate license.