Train2Game News World of Tanks on PS4


World of Tanks continues its dominance as Wargaming today announced that their wildly popular World of Tanks will make its way to Sony’s PlayStation®4, including platform specific features and exclusive bonuses only for PlayStation gamers.

With over 150 million registered players across PC, console and mobile around the globe, the next target for World of Tanks is PlayStation®4, bringing a slew of new features to the battle. Complete DUALSHOCK®4 functionality means players will feel, hear and touch the battle like never before by incorporating light bar and controller speaker capabilities, as well as touchpad support.

World of Tanks on PlayStation®4 will also support other key platform features, including Share Play and PlayStation®Vita Remote Play, as well as revamped controls designed to optimize the handheld experience. Exclusive to the PlayStation®4, for a limited time only, are two new maps.

Most excitingly, World of Tanks on PlayStation®4 is free to all PlayStation® account holders with no PlayStation®Plus membership needed in order to play. Gamers who have PS Plus membership, however, will gain access to a number of exclusive benefits and items, including a free premium tank with exclusive camouflage, three days of Premium Account time and special discounts on other purchases.

For more information about World of Tanks on PlayStation®4, visit:

Train2Game News Wargaming supports Tank Museum


Helped by donations from Wargaming, the Education Center at Bovington’s Tank Museum has seen some huge benefits since opening in 2012. The Education Center has allowed the Museum to welcome over 15,000 school children and community groups to take part in educational workshops.

The donation from Wargaming has allowed the Museum to offer a high quality facility to schools. It also taps into the popularity of the game World of Tanks with pupils. Pupils that play the game often have a high level of knowledge of armoured vehicles. The game is a catalyst that sparks their engagement with the subject, and when they visit the Museum they are instantly engaged with the collection.

In the Education Room pupils can learn about the history of tanks and be inspired by the science behind some iconic armored vehicles. The First World War centenary that occurred in 2014 has also seen huge interest from schools looking to study World War I, in which tanks played a vital role.

A group of Year 9 students from Blandford School recently had the chance to meet the TV historian Dan Snow in the Education Centre.

“It’s been fantastic to be able to use this facility to talk to such enthusiastic students studying this important period in world history,” said Dan Snow, a Trustee of The Museum.

Wargaming is committed to the preservation of modern history, and the Education Room is part of that,” said Rinaldo Andreolli, General Manager of Wargaming Europe. “Before the room was built, the children used to have group time and lessons within the halls of the Museum. As exciting it is to be surrounded by tanks, what they really needed was a proper space with a whiteboard, computers and desks to enhance their learning experience. Our objective was to create such an environment, and we are proud today to see we have succeeded beyond our expectations.”

All workshops conducted by the Museum’s Education Team are designed to support the National Curriculum, an essential factor in attracting schools to visit. Recent workshops for secondary schools included an examination of Nazi ideology and the role of Churchill tanks in the liberation of Belsen concentration camp.
The room is also home to Blackjack, a ‘real’ full size cavalry horse, who helps younger children understand what life was like for animals during the First World War. On the run up to the festive season, the center was decorated in an Edwardian Christmas theme as students explored the Christmas Truce that took place 100 years ago.

The facility has also been used to deliver workshops and projects to community groups, such as Moore Activity Day Care who created a piece of art work for the Museum’s War Horse to Horsepower Exhibition.

“Many of the pupils that visit us have a keen interest in playing World of Tanks,” said Felicity Wood, Education Officer. “The game is a stepping stone to discovering more about history. Having this Education Room allows us to deepen pupils engagement with the history of armoured warfare. Pupils who have played the game visit us and are incredibly excited to see the ‘real thing’.”

In the future, Wargaming will continue its dedication to supporting historical endeavors all across the world and promote the importance of education.

Train2Game News: Mid-week round up

Five months since its release, Minecraft on the Xbox 360 is still selling 27,000 units daily. That’s an estimated 4 million copies sold, further solidifying the games legacy.

Valve’s Steam distribution service now sells software as well as games. The software is for games development. The products currently available on the store are ArtRage Studio Pro, CameraBag 2, GameMaker: Studio, 3D-Coat, 3DMark Vantage, 3DMark 11 and of course, Source Film-maker.

Halo 4 won’t be getting Kinect controls, says 343 Industries’ Frank O’Connor. His opinion is that while the motion sensor has its uses when it comes to the UI, controlling a core game is not what it’s for. Kinect will be used for Halo Waypoint however, which can be launched from in the game.

Reportedly, Arkane studios’ Dishonored will take over twenty hours to complete playing stealthily with killing no one. A brutal play through, killing anyone in your path, will take between 12 to 14 hours but that’s without exploring every nook and cranny, and knowing the solution to everything beforehand. It should take more thorough or inexperienced players longer than that.

PlayStation Europe is offering a month long internship to who ever can make the best game on LittleBigPlanet for the PS Vita. The best submission, as voted by a PlayStation judging panel, will be rewarded with a month-long internship at Swedish studio Tarsier. Games will be judged on gameplay, originality, and commercial appeal. The winner will eventually help work on official DLC for the game. To register an interest, go here.

A new mod has been developed for Crysis. The mod, StarCry, sees many different hit sci-fi shows making their way into the new user made campaign for the game. Franchises such as Stargate SG1 and Star Wars are featured in the mod.

Chasing Aurora developer, Martin Pichlmair, says that Nintendo is working hard to make the Wii U eShop friendly and open for independent developers. This opens up a whole new market with a new innovative console to work with.

World of Tanks official site,, say that registration numbers have passed the 40 million mark. Players have been pouring into servers to check out the big 8.0 update, which overhauled WoT’s visuals and added proper physics. World of Tanks is one of the biggest free to play games in the world.

Cliff Bleszinski has announced he is leaving Epic. After two decades with the company he is moving on to expand his career. Whilst with the company he was responsible for games such as Jazzy Jackrabbit and the highly acclaimed Gears Of War series.

Bad Piggies, the Angry Birds spin-off from Rovio, shot to the top spot on the US iTunes App Store within three hours of launch. The firm said the game was the fastest chart-topper in the company’s history. The game is the third from the Finnish studio this year to hit the top spot within it’s first day of release. The other titles were Amazing Alex and of course, Angry Birds Space.