Train2Game News: Sony’s big announcement revealed!

PS4 Controller

Last night Sony made their big announcement that gamers around the world were waiting for with baited breath. Their big announcement was the reveal of… a controller.

Sony have not yet given a look at the next console but they have stated it will be called the PlayStation 4 and they unveiled some of the specifications for it. Their new console has 8GB of unified memory so the PS4 can do a lot more at once. The CPU behind that is the x86 which should be more than powerful enough to keep that 8GB of unified memory running nicely.

There was no mention of a disc drive in the machine. This may mean that their isn’t one and it will be all digital but what Sony did confirm is that it WON’T be backwards compatible but it WILL play second hand games. This could be proof there is actually a disk drive.

Older games may eventually reach the Cloud. Despite that, while browsing the store, Sony said that with the hit of the “X” button, you’ll be able to play games before you purchase them. The way they insinuated the concept, it sounds similar to going to the library and reading the books right there in the building. Any cloud services that they are talking about will be rolled out in phases, so it doesn’t sound like this will be fully functional at launch.

Sony did reveal they have a vision for an online world. It is very ambitious and staying connected with friends is a priority. As they demonstrated during an animation in one of their videos, they want you walking the streets staring into your smartphone and tablet keeping up with whatever’s happening with your friends on PSN. Those friends can don their real names and faces, too. The ability to keep your reverent online alias is still a possibility. This is a rather funny choice from Sony, considering they had the worst breach of online security in recent memory and are probably still paying for it.

In addition to this Sony have also added a “Share” button to the new controller they revealed. This will work in the same way as Facebook’s share button to share any video clips of your games if you are particularly proud of something. When you hit the Share button it will take you to a mini video editor letting you clip your video to what you want before displaying it on Facebook and Twitter. You’ll also be able to stream yourself live through Ustream and people can interact with you and your game to the point you’ll be able to let players take over your game and play for you. It’s remote access on your console.

There is also an option called Remote Play that will be available. It’s similar to the PS3 and Vita’s cross-play except that it acts more like the Wii U’s Gamepad functionality. As marketed, the compatibility can take a game from the PS4 and put it on the Vita with “full” functionality – meaning full graphic capability. The game they demo was a more cartoony game than something heavy like Crysis or Watch Dogs and it’s probably not going to work with every game, nor did they say it would. It’d be highly unlikely that a future Crysis game would fair well at the same graphical capability on the Vita but Sony may suprise us yet.

Finally let’s get to the new controller they unveiled. The controller will keep its inventive and memorable name, just like the console: DualShock 4. The changes in its design are immediately apparent, but not terribly ugly. It might take getting used to for some. The edges aren’t as rounded and it certainly looks curvier. One of the biggest change is the touch pad in the middle which I can imagine will be used in games in the same way the Vita utilises it. Flanking the pad at the top of the controller is also the “Share” button I mentioned earlier and an “Options” button. There is also an addition of a headphone jack. The size of the jack has not yet been confirmed however.

There is also a light bar that sits on the back portion of the controller that gives a “simpler, more friendly way to identify players.” The controller also acts as the old Sixaxis should have except that the DualShock 4 can read depth in front of the controller and the light bar helps read its position in space in conjunction with a stereo camera.

There was absolutely no sign of the console and no mention of a price during the event but Sony did announce that the PlayStation 4 will be available for Christmas this year.

If you would like to watch the two hour announcement, you can do so by going to—english-2

Train2Game News: Train2Game Student’s game on Kickstarter

ScavengersTrain2Game Student, Robert Ramsay, has been working on a game with London games studio, Boss Level. You can now support the game and your fellow student on Kickstarter.

Boss Level, a digital gaming startup, based in the Dalston area of London, today announced their Kickstarter campaign to fund the beta phase of their upcoming title Scavengers. Scavengers is a turn-based strategy game in the style of X-Com, playable directly through a web browser across PCs, mobiles, tablets and Smart TVs without plug-ins. However, what truly distinguishes Scavengers is that despite playing across these myriad platforms with their different screen sizes and input methods, players will be playing exactly the same game, no matter where they are. This true cross-platform functionality is highlighted by the ability of players on different platforms to play against each other at the same time, a feat not yet achieved by any other games on the market.

Nick Brown, CEO of Boss Level, said “We’re really excited about finally bringing Scavengers to the wider public, both for them to play it, but even more importantly, for them to contribute to it. Scavengers really is a world first in that no matter where you play the game and on what platform, you will be able to play exactly the SAME game with everybody else in the world at the same time. We hope that this Kickstarter campaign is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to working with our players as collectively we build a massively fun and engaging shared experience that is open to all.”

The crowd-funding approach of Kickstarter perfectly incorporates the ethos of Scavengers as being “open-to-all” whether it be via contributing or playing. The Kickstarter “rewards” on offer thank pledgers by enabling them to design large aspects of the game and the Boss Level team are excited to see the level of creativity they expect this to release. In addition, the successful conclusion of the beta stage will see the release of the Editor through which players will be able to freely mod large sections of the game’s graphic, audio and map assets and then distribute these assets via social media. Finally Scavengers is also entirely free-to-play further ensuring one of the most open player bases ever, requiring as it does no up-front purchases of hardware, software or licences to access the game.

Robert Ramsay, from Paisley, has been working at the studio for 10 months as a Graphics Artist. He got the position when he showed the studio his impressive art and the speed and skill he utilised when making 3D models, which proved that he would be confident in the position. When Robert was asked about working on the game he said “I can see how I would approach this game, I know what styles to research and what my job would entail. Talking to Nick, the Boss, we agreed upon various aspects of the sprites and scenery, the angles that things would be viewed at and the types of colouring and tones that would make the game stand out.”

Robert was also asked to implement a workflow for creating and importing the assets because this being a new technology, nobody had really done this before. This was challenging but ultimately fun and really allowed him to draw on the diverse skills he’d picked up over the lifetime of the course.

You can support Robert and Boss Level in their creation of Scavengers by donating to the Kickstarter which you can find, here:

If you want to find out more about the game, go to:

Train2Game News: Microsoft offers points for Windows Store apps

W8CompThis is another great opportunity for Train2Game students who have a game idea and just want an excuse to get working on it! From now until 30 April, Microsoft will give you points towards a prize of your choice for every app you upload to the Windows Store.

Who is eligible to participate in the UK App Builder Reward Programme?

Open to individuals who are eighteen years or over at the date of entry and who have the applicable UK Windows Store and/or Windows Phone Developer Account.

What is the timeframe of the UK App Builder Reward Programme?

The programme is open for apps that are published between Monday 4th Feb 2013 to Tuesday 30th April 2013. App builders will have up to Sunday 19th May 2013 to claim points for their app(s) (see the “How Do I Claim My Points” section). The points must be redeemed for rewards by Tuesday 31st May 2013 (see the “Redeeming Points For Rewards” section).

What apps are eligible for the UK App Builder Reward Programme?

Windows Store and Windows Phone apps published between Monday 4th Feb and Tuesday 30th April 2013 are eligible for the programme. Furthermore, in order to earn points for your app, it must certain requirements. Click here for full details.

How do I earn the additional bonus point by incorporating Windows Azure Services:

  • Compute – Web/Worker Role, Azure Mobile Services and Azure Media Services.
  • Storage – Blobs, Tables, Queries.
  • Database – Windows Azure SQL Database

To validate that you are using one of the Windows Azure Services, please provide your Windows Azure Subscription ID and Live ID so this can be verified when you are claiming your apps for points.

How do I claim my points?

  • Firstly, develop and publish your Windows Store and/or Windows Phone app.
  • Secondly, register and sign in to the UK App Builder Reward Programme
  • Then, submit your app in the ‘claim points’ section. Be sure to include the name, URL of your app. In order to claim bonus points, be sure to include your Windows Azure details and/or existing Windows Phone or Windows Store app details if ported.

What happens to the points that I don’t use?

Any unused and remaining points earned in this reward programme that are not used before Friday 31st May cannot be carried forward to any future reward programmes and will, therefore, be lost. So, make sure you use your points before the programme finishes. App builders will have up to Sunday 14th April 2013 to claim points for their app(s). The points must be redeemed for rewards by Sunday 28th April 2013.

How do I ensure the points I claim are updated on the UK App Builder Reward Programme?

To ensure that your points are allocated effectively and efficiently, please ensure that you accurately input your Windows Store and/or Windows Phone developer details (publisher details, full name, and email according to the developer account).

When will I receive my points once I have claimed them on the website?

Please note that processing time is not immediate and not in real time. Points will be awarded after 5-10 working days. We will do our best to turn this around as soon as possible. But please bear with us and only contact us if you have not received your points after 10 working days you have claimed your point online. As outlined before, you can help by ensuring your publisher name, for the Windows Store and/or Windows Phone details are correct.

What is the maximum number of points I can earn?

There is no maximum in the number of points you can earn but all points earned must be redeemed by 31st May, and, there is a maximum number of points we have on offer for each point category. See below for the maximum of points we will allocate to each category.

General Points for Apps
Publish a Windows Store App 50 Points
Maximum of 60,000 points available across the whole rewards programme.
Publish a Windows Phone App 25 Points
Maximum of 12,500 points available across the whole rewards programme.
Bonus Points
Your Windows Store or Phone App incorporate one or more Windows Azure Services 25 Points
Maximum of 12,500 points available across the whole rewards programme.
Your app Windows Store app is ported from Windows Phone or Windows Phone app is ported from Windows Store. 25 Points
Maximum of 12,500 bonus points available across the whole rewards programme for WP>W8.
Maximum of 6,250 bonus points available across the whole rewards programme for W8>WP.

When will I receive my reward once I have redeemed my points?

You will receive your reward within 6 weeks of redeeming your points

What if I am a Windows Store or Windows Phone developer residing outside of the UK?

Sorry, but this programme is available to residents in the UK only (Northern Ireland excluded).

Is there a discussion forum I can join?

Yes, join us on the UK App Builder LinkedIn group here

I have more questions, who can I ask?

Please email us on

Train2Game News: Icey Monty visits Yippee! Entertainment

Icey Monty and Yippee! EntertainmentThis week the guys at Icey Monty had the privilege of heading over to Yippee! Entertainment as part of a Train2Game scheme to connect students with established games makers.

Yippee! Entertainment are the creators of Chimpact, the monkey-swinging title which hit number one on the Windows Store. Veterans of the UK’s gaming industry, members of the Yippee! team have worked on games such as: FIFA, Mario Artist Paint Studio, The Simpsons and The Rugrats.

The Train2Game student studio, made up of Lee Sainsbury, Nick Walker and John Esslemont, were taken on the visit to get an insight into the Yippee! team’s experiences as a start-up studio, take a look behind the scenes at Chimpact, see the team’s latest project in development and be given advice on video game design and development.

The visit

Icey Monty sat down with Steve Ruddy, Technical Director at Yippee! Entertainment, to discuss the tech they use for their titles. The Icey Monty boys were blown away by some of the things they were shown, and it really gave them an insight into how professional studios develop tech to manage time scales and repetitive tasks, and how to use tech to really polish a game.

They then met with Kevin Green, Lead Artist at Yippee! Entertainment. Icey Monty then discussed the importance of documentation, how to decide on the best design to proceed with and how to go about creating an interesting and innovative GUI. They learnt a lot about how to make the correct design decisions and talked about making an overall enjoyable title.

Icey Monty, were asked to show a short demonstration of Tamarex, their first title for mobile which is yet to be released. It was well received by the Yippee! Team and they got some great feedback on how to improve the game.

It was a pleasure for Icey Monty to meet the Yippee! team and get to see how a professional studio operates, to see what top mobile developers are currently working on. The students are incredibly grateful and wanted to thank Yippee! for giving up their time.

Special thanks to Lorraine Starr, Commercial Director at Yippee! Entertainment, for additionally giving the team a tour of media city and making sure they were well looked after.

Train2Game News: Injustice: Gods Among Us choose your winner! – Week 2

AquamanTrain2Game brings you the results of the second week of the Injustice: Gods Among Us in game battles!

Last week we showed you a video with celebrity insights and asked you to choose who would win in a fight between some of the DC Universes biggest names! All the action was then played out in the up coming game Injustice: Gods Among Us.

In the first match the fastest man alive, The Flash faced the mysterious Shazam in an epic battle of speed versus strength. You can view the results of the match in the game play video below:

In the second battle it was a battle of the insane minds when The Joker and Lex Luthor faced off. You can be sure to see a lot of dirty handed tricks in this grudge match of the biggest villains!

This week’s pair of matches pit clever, gadget-laden specialists against brute force challengers, as the cunning Aquaman summons the powers of the deep to take on tech-heavy Cyborg, while intergalactic-traveling Green Lantern faces off against the brutish undead strength of Solomon Grundy.

You ca view these all-new Injustice Battle Arena videos below, analyzing each contender’s strengths, offering celebrity commentary on the matches, and posing the question – who would win?

Remember for participating in these show-downs, fans in the UK will be rewarded with an Injustice avatar item when they register on the site and an exciting piece of DLC content when they first vote. Voice your opinion via Facebook, YouTube or Twitter and join the debate!

You can learn more and vote at

Train2Game News: Games Industry Jobs – 20.02.13

Train2Game is again bringing you jobs from all across the games industry in the hopes that you will take that all important first step in to the industry.


Job Title Tools Programmer – Runescape MMO
Job Category Programming
Skills Required Tools
Location Cambridge, UK & Europe
Job Description Jagex Ltd, the UK’s leading independent online games studio, is looking for bright and passionate programmers who want to work with cutting edge technology to join our Tools Department. Joining the Jagex Technologies team, you would be developing new in-house tools to support our content development and graphics teams while also working with our code libraries, scripting language and game engine.

Key Duties Include:

  • Develop and maintain bespoke content creation tools using Java to the highest standards
  • Enhance and improve the game engine
  • Research new technology, platforms, techniques and ideas
  • Enhance both the tools team libraries and the game engine libraries
  • Act as lead on project, overseeing design and development

Essential Requirements:

  • High level knowledge of Java, C++ and object orientated programming techniques
  • Strong understanding of computer graphics or computer animation technologies
  • Strong understanding and appreciation of code design philosophies
  • Strong academic background at degree level or equivalent
  • Good industry track record, which may include previously published products, or tools development experience
  • The ability to think creatively to solve coding problems and to demonstrate a high degree of initiative, determination and flexibility

Desirable Requirements:

  • Knowledge of other platforms including, but not limited to, Mac OS, Linux, WII, PS3 and Xbox
  • Good understanding of GUIs and tools
  • Experience of working on network and MMO games
  • Experience as a lead programmer

You can apply, here.


Game Designer – UX (Runescape)

Jagex Ltd, the UK’s largest developer and publisher of online games, is looking for an exceptional individual to play a major role in shaping the world renowned RuneScape.

The successful candidate will be responsible for the UX design of key game features; guiding the production of their systems and content from original concept, to creation & prototyping, through final polish and community feedback.

This amazing opportunity to be a key contributor to a world class MMO from a successful and stable developer/publisher demands high levels of expertise, experience, passion and commitment.

Key Duties Include:

  • Channel the lead designer’s creative vision and management’s product strategy into everyday project development.
  • Support the creative process by producing UX design deliverables (wireframes, mockups, prototypes) of varying fidelity, used to communicate the desired experience
  • Use of industry best practice, heuristics and user testing to evaluate to relative usability of products
  • Set aims, use collaborative design and give feedback to ensure all projects achieve the best quality, stay within scope and are coherent with the wider game.
  • Design experiences, structural features and creative processes. Create and maintain high quality documentation.
  • Lead the creation of large, complex or multi-part features. Coordinate across development disciplines to prototype, implement and refine game content.
  • Be an expert on design practice and maintain awareness of the games industry and the online games market.
  • Be a mentor by giving support and guidance to the wider team

Essential Requirements:

  • Proven and demonstrable expertise in game systems design, including creativity, technical aptitude, commercial awareness and MMO genre knowledge.
  • Must have sound creative judgment and a solid understanding of broad UX design principles including interface design, usability, balancing and analytics.
  • Demonstrate exemplary UX design skills and knowledge
  • Strong communication & people skills. Able to work effectively with a diverse team, to give insightful feedback, to be able to write design specifications to high standard and able to verbally articulate ideas with passion, clarity and confidence.
  • A good general technical proficiency with game construction. Experience in game scripting, coding or development tools is also very beneficial.
  • Driven, organized and reliable. A positive attitude, steady under pressure, adapts to constructive feedback. Works in a thorough, timely and considerate manner.
  • A love of games & design, a broad knowledge of gameplay styles and an expansive yet insightful understanding of game mechanics.

You can apply, here.


Job Title 2D Artist for Smartphone Games – London
Job Category Art / Animation
Skills Required 2D / Concept / Texture Artist
Location Hammersmith, London, UK & Europe
Job Description Capcom, Beeline is currently seeking a talented 2D graphic designer and animator to join our London studio. The successful candidate will work with the Lead Graphic Designer and Producer to design, create and animate graphical content for freemium social games.

Required Skills:

  • Ability to design appealing and original 2D game content.
  • Highly skilled in 2D animation.
  • High proficiency with Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator (or similar software).
  • Experience with isometric perspective.

Desired Skills

  • Adobe/Macromedia Flash.
  • Previous experience with graphics for mobile devices.
  • Previous experience working with a game development team or similar.
  • Audio experience; proficient with audio editing software.
  • 3D modelling/animation skills: Maya or Blender.


  • High creativity and attention to detail.
  • Strong background in sketching, drawing and illustration.
  • Ability to work within a schedule.
  • Genuine passion for the video games industry, design and animation.
  • Team player with strong social and communication skills.
  • Willing to learn, cooperate with the developers and open to feedback.
  • Good English language skills.

Applicants must be able to start ASAP and will work from our studio in Hammersmith.

Please send applications with your portfolio to



Job Title QA Functional Tester
Job Category QA / Localisation
Skills Required QA Tester
Location UK & Europe
Job Description Pole To Win Europe Ltd. – Functional QA Testers wanted for video game testing!

Pole To Win Europe Ltd. is looking for motivated and responsible people to join us as Functional QA Testers.

Ideal candidates will have a very strong knowledge of video games, ranging from consoles, handheld consoles and mobile devices. The video games industry is a fast paced industry; the candidate should have knowledge of video games history, having experience on previous generation of hardware as well as understanding the current status of the industry and its future development.

As a Functional QA Tester you will be responsible for finding bugs in the video game that you are testing. You will be making sure that all bugs that you find are written and tracked in a bug database, which the development team will receive and then fix the issues that are present. You will then have to verify that the fix has been successful in a new build, or sent the issue back to the developers in order to ensure the correct fix has been made.

The Pole To Win group is a leading company in providing quality services to the games industry with over 18 years of experience. Our West London Studio opened in April 2012 and has been expanding ever since! This is an excellent opportunity to join our passionate team and pursue a career in the videogames industry with opportunities to move up within the company.

The position is open to any person based in or around London. Contract will be based on the length of the projects.

Required Skills

  • Excellent knowledge of the video games industry
  • Experience in playing video games on a variety of consoles
  • High level of written and spoken English
  • Ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines
  • Good communication skills and able to work as part of a team

Preferred Skills

  • Excellent MS Office Skills
  • Previous experience with using Bug Databases
  • Understanding of games and game terminology
  • Understanding the roles of other areas of the industry
  • Previous experience of Functional Testing, although training will be given on site

Due to the number of applications we are only able to contact candidates who have successfully passed on to the interview stage, thank you for your understanding

You can apply by emailing


Train2Game News: Train2Game radio talks to Terri Mardel

Terri MardelI got the pleasure of talking to Terri Mardel last week about her work with Road Hog Games. She tells me about how her love of gaming grew from being a young child and the work she does with Road Hog.

You can listen to the interview here:

Or read the transcript below

Hello my name’s Terri Mardel, I’m on the Designer course and I’m from St Albans.

Hiya Terri, how you doing?
I’m OK thank you

Good! So what’s your story? What are the past experiences that have shaped your life to who you are now?
Well I have been a gamer since my Dad introduced me to games, say from about the age of 6. 5, 6, 7 maybe. I have very early memories of a sports game on a Spectrum which involved wiggling a joystick really fast. I think from there I’ve always played games. I had a Master System in my bedroom and I used to love playing Sonic and stuff like that, so I’d say it’s something I’ve grown up with and at the moment I work in Blockbuster so I’m constantly trying all the news games out and I’ve just loved games my whole life! Then a couple of years ago, I saw an advert in the paper about Train2Game and I was like “Yeah, why don’t I make games?”

Excellent! So you are quite a fan of the old classic games then?
Yeah, yeah as I say, I have very good memories of childhood, spent in my bedroom playing on Sonic and Alex Kidd and various other games like that!

So you’re now part of Road Hog Games, how did you get involved with that?
Well me, Gareth and Izzi all met at the Game Jam. I’d actually been talking to Gareth before hand, we met over the forums and stuff but the three of us met face to face at the Game Jam and we decided we work together so well that we were going to carry on afterwards and so its just grown from there really!

So What is it you do for Road Hog Games?
I’m the design director, that’s my official title, and basically myself and with Gareth’s input as well we basically design the games and come up with the story lines and all the attributes and features that we want to have. Then communicate that to Izzi the developer and Amy the artist and then it all comes together to make a game!

With Road Hog Games, you are working on Little Green Dude, what was the idea behind that?
It actually came out of wanting to make a game quick sharp and Gareth came up with the idea of doing like a Pong style game and then from there I suggested elements of other games that we could then bring in to make it more interesting, instead of just a single Pong game and its grown from there!

So it was quite a lot of influence from all those classic games you used to play then?
Yeah, yeah! There’s quite a few games I’ve designed through the course and for other things which are based on mechanics in games which I used to love as a kid.

So I know that Road Hog Games has input from an industry veteran, what’s it like working with him?
It’s really good! Just the wealth  of experience and knowledge that he has and that he is willing to impart that on us, it’s just amazing!  

You’re learning a lot from him then?

What is your greatest ambition in your personal career?
Wow, uh, one of several! I guess I’d like to create the next million dollar franchise, character and story behind it. I’d like Road Hog to take off and make something of ourselves that way. There’s tons of dreams!

Always good to dream big! Well I think that’s all we have time for today Terri, so thank you very much!
Ok then!

Train2Game News: Top 20 UK Games Chart – 18.02.13

Aliens: Colonial MarinesTrain2Game brings you the Top 20 UK Games Chart with another new number one this week! Aliens: Colonial Marines has taken the top spot, pushing Dead Space 3 down to number 2. At the other end of the chart, Dishonored has made another appearance coming back at number nineteen and Grand Theft Auto IV has re-appeared at number 20!

All formats

Week ending 16 February 2013


Leisure software charts compiled by Chart Track, (C)2013 UKIE Ltd

Train2Game News: Train2Game Radio talks to Lee Sainsbury

Lee SainsburyEarlier this week I got the pleasure of talking to Lee Sainsbury, Game Designer of Icey Monty who are hoping to release there first title, Tamarex, this Sunday, Lee talks about how Train2Game has helped him and how the idea behind Tamarex was formed.

You can listen to the interview, here:

Or read the transcript below:

Hi I’m Lee Sainsbury, I am 24 from Manchester and I am studying the Game Design course.

Hi Lee, how you doing?
I’m not to bad Mark, how are you?

I’m very well ta buddy! So tell me a bit about yourself, how did you get to where you are now?
Well I started the Train2Game Course in 2009, I really wanted to study Game Design all my life. I’ve always been a gamer and Train2Game just popped up and it was a perfect opportunity to study in my own time and yeah really give me the opportunity to grow.

What sort of things are you doing with it now?
Well since I’ve been on the Train2Game course for so long, I’ve made a lot of contacts, worked on a few personal projects and recently I’ve just joined Icey Monty, where we developed Tamarex.

How did the idea for Tamarex come about?
Well, before we worked on a project that ran into some circumstances and we had to stop. So really we wanted to come up with a really easy fun idea that we could just sit down and work on. The idea for a Tamagotchi game came around and of course, my generation, everyone had a Tamagotchi! I thought it would be fun to make a fresh take on the Tamagotchi genre. That’s where the idea for Tamarex came around.

So what’s the idea behind Tamarex?
Ah, the idea behind Tamarex. OK well, the idea behind Tamarex is that you take care of a pet Dinosaur. We didn’t really want to go for the usual Cats and Dogs. We found that the Dinosaur was a bit funny, a bit quirky. So yeah you have to take care of a pet Dinosaur, you can feed it, you have to wash it, you have to clean up after it, you can play with and yeah that’s it.

Were you a big fan of the Tamagotchi when you were younger then?
Oh definitely! I think every kid my age, at the time, had a Tamagotchi and we all used to palm it off on our parents when we went to school.

Yeah I remember doing the same thing! So how’s the course helping you get to making the game?
Well there’s no bounds, it’s helped me massively! Just understanding game design and game development was a help too. I think that if I hadn’t done the course, I wouldn’t be where I am now. It’s just helped me so much, it’s unbelievable!

Is that where you met the other members of Icey Monty?
Yes! John and Nick, both Train2Game students and they’re both programmers. We met through the forums, we did a couple of projects together and then decided we would go for a commercial release eventually, which was Tamarex!

Where can people find out more about the studio?
We’ve got a website which is we also have a Facebook page at IceyMonty. Or you can come and chat to us on the forums at we are all on there.

Excellent, so it’s all going pretty well then?
Yeah, it’s going fabulous actually!

When is the game going to be out?
We have scheduled the release for this Sunday! If everything goes well with Apple, and they decide the game’s going to be released then it should be this Sunday, hopefully, fingers crossed! It will be on the Android store as well.

Excellent, brilliant news! Thank you very much Lee
Thank you very much Mark

And good luck with everything

Train2Game News: Chimpact in The Sun

Chimpact in The Sun

Earlier this year, Train2Game covered the story of the Windows 8 game, Chimpact. This morning the national paper, The Sun have reviewed and covered the same game.

The Sun ran the article this morning alongside a review for Sega’s Aliens: Colonial Marines. Chimpact was the second biggest review on the page with a huge rating of 4 out 5 where as Aliens: Colonial Marines only got 3 out of 5.

The review in The Sun says: “Though the iPhone and iPad, understandably have a stranglehold on the market, some games are actually better on other platforms. Chimpact is an example of that.”

The whole review was very positive and ended by saying: “Chimpact is mega-addictive, delivered with impressive graphics and spot-on gameplay.”

This is excellent news for anyone else thinking of developing for Windows 8 as it shows you can get recognition on the platform from some of the top news distributors.

It also shows the Train2Game blog keeps you one step ahead of the rest with us getting to this great game first!

If you want to find out more about the game you can go to